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They Came, They Saw, They Lied

Journos create wars? Empire of Lies, continued.

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What a hangover it's going to be. The people in the west are being force-fed a narrative 180 degrees from the truth.

Russia's 'special military operation' is ongoing. See here for an accurate description of what it's all about.

Russians don't bluff. They don't grasp that in the west. (Their loss.) They play US football and poker in the west. Bullying and bluffing. (Their loss.)

Russians play chess and train judo. They consider every possible countermove for every possible move and they exploit their opponent's strength to their advantage.

Russia's 'special military operation' is a police operation in concept if not in scale. The objective is to rid the country of Nazis (that and demilitarise). This takes time. It's not that ridiculous 'carpet bombing of apartments' or whatever claptrap of the day they're trying to spread in the western MSM.

Mariupol is ready to fall. Actually Mariupol has already fallen. The people there are mostly Russian and have opposed the Nazis way back to WWII. But the Right Sector decided to use their city as a HQ, and now the Nazis are holed up inside the ginormous ghastly Azov steel plants which are a city within a city, going even deep underground.

The Russian/DLNR forces first gave them one day to surrender, then extended the offer one day at a time, now for an additional three days. The Azov Nazis were expected to be stubborn, but do they not realise what awaits them? There's talk of taking the waters of the Sea of Azov and flooding the entire area. What will happen then? There’s no way Russia/DLNR are going to let those Bandera Nazis be.

(See the continuation at the Rixstep Substack.)

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