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Psystar's Cyber Monday 2008-12-05
Steve Jobs and many of his coworkers may never sleep well again but the world at large certainly will.

Help Steve's New Buds 2008-12-02
Be nice to them - they need to make a living too.

O'Melveny & Myers 2008-12-02
Circumventing anti-circumvention technology. Helping Steve share his banana.

ACP Portable 1.9 2008-12-01
New release 1 December.

WideTube 2008-11-25
YouTube move to 16/9.

Lunix 2008-11-15
Who else would do this?

Dismissing the News 2008-11-11
For 11 November 2008.

CLIX 1.8.1g Features 2008-12-17
Rereleased today with Bloat Warfare Workshop Second Edition.

A Groovy Kind of Hack 2008-11-11
Why do they persist?

Congenital Google Idiots 2008-11-03
Screwing those who deserve to be screwed because they're so congenitally stupid.

携帯 ACP (ACP Portable) 2008-11-01
It's here.

Testa Datorn 2008-10-29
Good advice.

More on ACP Portable 2008-10-25
Available 1 November 2008.

ACP Portable 2008-10-23
Coming soon.

A file or folder with the same name 2008-10-23
From stupid gaffe to pseudo-standard.

Apple's New Notebooks: Fallout 2008-10-15
Not many proclaiming they're happy campers.

H/T Ive 2008-10-14
He's done it again. They've done it again.

CLIX 1.8.1g Features 2008-12-17
Rereleased today with Bloat Warfare Workshop Second Edition.

JimmyHurl 2008-10-12
JerryLeeCooper's shaking in his boots.

Test Drive Xfile 2.0.1! 2008-10-09
Completely new build with new applications.

Woz: Goodbye iPod, Wassup iPhone 2008-10-08
The one's dying, the other's being strangled says Apple cofounder.

Bildt Goes Mac 2008-10-06
'A new world.'

WebKit & Acid3: 100/100 2008-10-03
First ever to pass.

Go On Then Jump! 2008-10-01
How far can you bounce?

Dismissing the News 2008-09-30
For 30 September 2008.

Windows Users Are Stupid: Proof! 2008-09-24
Be grateful they don't get their hands on good systems.

Official: Steve Jobs is an Asshole 2008-09-24
Breaking news.

Get a PC with Photoshop for Macintosh 2008-09-22
But they got caught with not one but both thumbs in the pie.

Premier Election Solutions 2008-09-17
The black art of never admitting culpability or incompetence.

State of the Cloud 2008-09-15
It's pervasive but it's not trusted.

FY09 Strategic Update 2008-09-15
'Our opportunities to change the world have never been greater.'

An Uneasy Silence 2008-09-12
It's his party but will the guests still come?

New Family 2008-09-12
Seinfeld steps into the second ring.

iTunes 8 2008-09-10
It all started innocently enough.

I am wait your reply 2008-09-09
Do this now!!!

Bevan on McKinnon 2008-09-05
Gary McKinnon can face extradition to the US any day. Certainly his own people have let him down time and again. What awaits is trial by rednecks - most likely in Virginia where people believe anything born or grown outside the US is evil and must be bombed and invaded.

Google's Little Shop of Horrors 2008-09-05
News Google would be introducing their own web browser - dubbed 'Chrome' - was met with furrowed brows and healthy suspicion. Never mind the crippled non-native AJAX code - what about the Google's point of highest notoriety - its insatiable hunger for data, data, and more data?

Ad Circus 2008-09-05
Seinfeld steps into the first ring.

Sucking on Media Players 2008-08-31
'Now you feel our pain.' 'I think I should talk with Jobs.'

Web Fraud 2.0 2008-08-28
On the Security Fix series.

The Objective-C Buzz 2008-08-28
Buzz buzz. Buzz buzz buzz.

Viruses in Space! 2008-08-27
NASA admit way more than they realise.

;DECLARE @S CHAR(4000); 2008-08-22
There comes a time when people just get sick of the shit and pestilence that's Windows.

iPhone 3G Firmware Update Bombs 2008-08-21
Can you hear them now?

iPhone: It Burns! 2008-08-19
iPhone explosions next?

The Malware Ruse 2008-08-18
How effective is it? Who gets tricked?

The Microsoft Ghetto 2008-08-18
Aren't we afraid of cockroaches?

They Think It's OK 2008-08-17
Reflections on Wsnpoem and other typical Windows disasters.

Nancy's Nightmare Over? 2008-08-15
Steve's way of thanking twenty years unswerving loyalty.

iPhone 3G Connectivity 2008-08-15
It's OK. It' s not OK. It's OK. It's not OK. No comment.

Wsnpoem 2008-08-14
Nostalgia isn't what it used to be.

CLIX 1.8.1d2 2008-08-12
Get your free copy while supplies last.

Boston T Party 2008-08-12
The hackers are coming!

Kill Switch 2008-08-11
Steve Jobs reveals Apple have one for their iPhone.

The Case Against Gary McKinnon 2008-08-06
Now it's up to the ECHR.

Mac Users of the World Unite! 2008-08-01
CLIX is here again and this time with - gasp - file sharing.

Apple Pull Out of Black Hat 2008-08-01
Marketing don't approve.

Security Update 2008-005 2008-08-01
A patch for the rest of them.

Bias 2008-07-31
The Kaminsky DNS flaw is all but completely patched. Around the globe. With one company conspicuous in their absence. And it's a good thing they chose to focus on their four simultaneous product rollouts instead - otherwise something could have gone terribly wrong.

UNmobileme.com 2008-07-26
A message from the 1%.

Dear MobileMe Member 2008-07-26
Time to learn from one's mistakes?

Hack out of the Bag 2008-07-25
Kaminsky's hole at Metasploit.

Steve 2008-07-24
Some rush to find the exits; others rearrange the deck chairs.

Shuttleworth 2008-07-24
Some people never learn; some don't want to learn; some want to learn the wrong things.

The Creativity of Spammers 2008-07-24
They always use current events to social engineer people but this is ridiculous.

Perspicacity of Worms 2008-07-23
'If you find yourself in a hole the first thing to do is stop digging.'

MobileMess™ 2008-07-23
'Like watching a train wreck in slow motion.'

Tough Times for Bill 2008-07-19
Nuts on an open fire?

Walking into an Apple Store 2008-07-15
Strange things can await.

iPhone 3G Rollout Flops Down 2008-07-12
Orchestrated like a symphony.

Lex Orwell is Scaring IT Companies Away from Sweden 2008-07-11
Swedish CEOs attack Lex Orwell and PM Fredrik Reinfeldt.

Lively Not Ready 2008-07-09
The same old thing.

DNS Cache Poisoning - Are You Safe? 2008-07-09
The patch is out after a half year's research but you can still be vulnerable.

'Why I Still Use Windows Despite the Peer Pressure' 2008-07-03
A descent into mediocre abnormality.

Get Root on 10.5.4 2008-07-02
It's possible to 'root' Apple's latest update of their operating system OS X 'Leopard' without hacking or in any way making an effort. Both Tiger and Leopard have a wide open door: another design flaw.

Are you sure you want to close this tab? 2008-06-27
It's contagious. It's a world conspiracy. The aliens did it.

It's Not New It Starts with 10.2 2008-06-26
It goes back to the beginning and it's a part of most everything you do.

Huge, Crazy, Ridiculous OS X Security Hole 2008-06-25
The ARDAgent hole is a lot bigger than previously believed.

Facebookers Security Risk 2008-06-25
It's contagious. It's a world conspiracy. The aliens did it.

Cracking the Tube 2008-06-24
And cracking lots of other cool things too.

ARD Trojan: Anatomy 2008-06-23
The actual source code analysed.

Finder Thinks Hard Drive Full™ 2008-06-23
Computer science can be tricky shit.

Another Open Sauce Lame-Out 2008-06-22
There's no more sincere form of flattery but shouldn't one avoid flattering the wrong things?

You're Toast, Dude? 2008-06-21
Follow the money.

Expressen 2008-06-20
Out there in the big bad world there's something called ASCII.

You're Root, Dude! 2008-06-20
You're also toast, dude! Apple's Leopard OS has a gaping security hole the size of a crater.

Firefox 3 2008-06-18
Flying out of the ashes.

McKinnon Has No Grounds for Appeal? 2008-06-16
This ridiculous case never ends.

File Merge 2008-06-15
Sometimes there's a very good reason you can't do the most obvious things on Apple's OS. This isn't one of them.

Mi¢ro$oft Internet Explorer Users 2008-06-15
Seriously - what do you do with them?

Learning to Scrawl 2008-06-15
And learning to mail. Introducing RoundCube Webmail/0.1-rc2. Can you find the secret message?

The Petaflop Threshold 2008-06-12
Things are finally on the petascale thanks to IBM's Cell architecture.

One Hand Free 2008-06-12
What better way to idle away these lazy summer months?

Lex Orwell & Intent 2008-06-08
The new voting's on 17 June.

10.6 A Maintenance Update? 2008-06-06
And the codename's 'Snow Leopard'?

It's Massive Disappointment 2008-06-02
That's how Pierre Igot describes OS X 10.5.3.

That Wobbly House That Steve Jobs Built 2008-06-02
In the hysteria to redo everything they've taken on too much.

Weezer Pork and Beans 2008-05-29
Everything about the hit in a single file.

Akamai Report: State of the Internet 2008-05-29
First ever SOTI quarterly.

Latest OS X Update Causing Wireless Problems? 2008-05-25
No one claims Apple Defects have nothing to report; everyone suspects they got an offer they couldn't refuse.

From Under the DRM Cloud 2008-05-25
Suddenly Apple are the odd ones out.

Bodström's Subconscious Writes Book and Movie 2008-05-23
Either that or a television series.

The Price of Bananas 2008-05-18
So much available. Clipothèque works with almost all known formats such as Apple, Break.com, Brightcove, CBS 60 Minutes, Daily Haha, Google Maps, Google Video, graphics, Indiana Jones, NBC, RedLasso, TED, Working Title, YouTube, and ZipperFish. You'll find even more. Run them as is or resize to any dimensions at all including full screen. $17.

Which is the Largest? 2008-05-17
Thank goodness there are lifelines.

goodies.clip 2008-05-14
Clipothèque 1.8.1b adds some stuff.

'Just Throw Them Out in the Trash' 2008-05-10
Latrice gets a clue bat to help in her fight for intelligence.

Clipothèque Standalone Rollout 2008-05-09
Clipothèque's available in the ACP, in the Xfile Test Drive, and now as a standalone product.

Clipothèque Scaleable Vector Graphics Test 2008-05-02
Clipothèque's available in the ACP, in the Xfile Test Drive, and soon as a standalone product.

Truly Sad 2008-04-24
The Hall of Monkeys be getting crowded.

Black Apples 2008-04-22
Not even Charlie believed they'd be this arrogant and irresponsible.

The Partial Relativity of Bullshit 2008-04-12
There are four kinds of lies. Just ask the vast majority.

Four Words for Steve 2008-04-06
You're so loved, Ballmer.

TPB Sued for €1,621,045 2008-03-31
20 music CDs, 9 movies, 4 games.

The Broadband Boomerang's Back 2008-03-31
'It's got to be admitted we've destroyed more investor value than in any other industry ever.'

Outline 2008-03-30
Sometimes things don't turn out so good the first time around.

From 1 to 59 2008-03-28
Things sometimes have a way of sorting themselves out all on their own.

Two Minute Toast 2008-03-28
It was first. It was fast.

The Zero Day Scorecard 2008-03-28
Apple fell behind archrival Microsoft three years ago and still haven't caught back up.

These People Vote 2008-03-25
Because they're stupid.

ACP 2.0.1 Rollout Complete 2008-03-26
Things are looking simply splendid.

Disable a Warning 2008-03-24
Great things seen in small words.

Passed By 2008-03-14
They really don't know why?

Where Are All the NIBs? 2008-03-12
Can I hide my stuff too?

Too Much Work in Cupertino 2008-03-11
It's dirty work - better let someone else do it.

iFree 2008-03-11
Apple lay out their ISV programme for the iPhone.

US Treasury Close Down Website 2008-03-05
It's good for the gander too.

ACP 2.0.1 2008-03-01
Big updates underway.

Invention's Mum 2008-02-24
Talk about improving workflow.

CLIX 1.8.1c 2008-02-12
Another maintenance release.

Barrie Barrington 2008-02-12
When fan turns to rent. Sponsored by Palmolive.

Slider 2008-02-12
Small things can be bigger than bigger things.

Yet Another All Time High 2008-02-08
Or low. You decide. Mister Bill does it again.

Linus on Limb, Fanboys Foaming 2008-02-07
Now we're talkin'!

Linus on Limb, Bohon Falls 2008-02-07
They keep sticking their faces on it.

Windows Still Only Source of Spam 2008-02-06
Hush hush tell no one please.

Linus on Limb, Fanboys Fall 2008-02-06
If Hitler's brown shirts were as stupid as Apple's beige shirts we'd never have had the second world war.

CLIX 1.8.1b 2008-02-04
Another maintenance release.

Opening the Windows Box 2008-02-02
When it comes to certain things like protecting their precious IP Microsoft pull out all the stops but when it comes to uninteresting things like customer safety they simply don't give a shit.

M$ Trying Hostile Takeover of Yahoo! 2008-02-01
The end of the world is nigh.

188458A6D15034DFE386F23B61D43774 2008-02-01
An important key?

Four Defendants 2008-02-01
A last ditch attempt?

It's About Links 2008-01-28
But it's about a lot more. The MPAA and the RIAA go to trial in Sweden.

Kata Chars 2008-01-28
ドヴェン ュメンラュヲ ヴヨメヮ ヹワヵ ヴヨラヮル。

You Banking Blocked! 2008-01-27
This can't be the same species.

Surgery for Dummies Next? 2008-01-26
The ascendance of the Neanderthal. Extraordinary readers comments at Amazon.

ICO to M&S: 'Secure Your Data' 2008-01-26
This wasn't an ordinary breach - this was an M&S breach.

Office 2008 for the 'Executive' 2008-01-24
When 100775 is an unlucky number.

Office 2008, 502 & You 2008-01-21
Every little baby calls 502 its mama.

Without a DTrace 2008-01-21
Apple subvert an open source tool.

Me Sequel 2008-01-18
Making daddy rich.

MacBook Air 2008-01-15
Nothing's thinner. The new status symbol. They do it again.

Jobs Super Thin, IBM Super Win 2008-01-15
Apple are expected to introduce a new super thin laptop that promises to shake up the industry. Simultaneously IBM boom NASDAQ with news of their coming quarterly report.

CLIX 1.8.1a 2008-01-14
A maintenance release.

AVG Free Edition 2008-01-11
Sometimes you can't just not untest things.

8-Core Servers 2008-01-10
New Apple hardware announced before Moscone.

Xfile 2/Tracker 2.0 2008-01-09
Tracker 2.0 now included in the Xfile Test Drive.

The Return of the Boot Sector Attack 2008-01-08
And back to the original PC.

14 CFR Part 25 2008-01-07
Being of people in high places in high tech not on the latest page or even in the same book.

First Post!!1! 2008-01-02
It's delicious all right!

The Return of Jerry Lee 2008-01-01
'A while ago I tried to talk to a bunch of people on another board and they were telling me Linux is not a Windows program. I'm here to prove them wrong.'

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