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Krebs on Security 2009-12-31
Brian Krebs leaves WaPo after fifteen years.

Xfile Test Drive 2009-12-29
Available now.

CLIX 2009-12-25
New release with 60+ new commands.

The Facebook Blowup 2009-12-16
They've turned evil? Facebook's great betrayal.

Telia 4G Mobile Broadband World Première 2009-12-15
Swedish national telco raising the bar. AT&T? Can you hear anything now?

FreeBSD Shines, Apple Fails 2009-12-14
'When you dance with the devil, you wait for the song to stop.'

Facebook iPhone Dev Quits Project Over Apple Tyranny 2009-11-16
'My decision to stop iPhone development has had everything to do with Apple's policies.'

File Sharing is Big Business 2009-11-16
Bigger than iTunes.

The Graphs the Record Companies Don't Want You to See 2009-11-16
Fighting for relevance.

Windows 7 Remote Crash 2009-11-12
'No BSOD, you gotta pull the plug.' There went the SDL farm.

Rickrolling iPhones in Australia 2009-11-09
'People are stupid and this is to prove it.'

'When I'm 64' 2009-10-19
Xfile raises the bar again.

Tim Kuik's Dilemma 2009-10-12
Will this criminal be brought to justice?

AWS 64-Bit 2009-10-11

TPB: Swedish Courts Do It Again 2009-10-09
Who says the fix isn't still in?

#fail in .NL 2009-10-08
Will the real criminals be brought to justice?

TPB Move to Cyberbunker 2009-10-06
'The only things that will survive will be cockroaches and The Pirate Bay.'

TPB: Google Removing Links 2009-10-02
K would feel right at home.

FSF Attack MSFT 2009-09-28
Strong letters sent to all but one of the Fortune 500.

Windows Users Open Your Systems 2009-09-07
A wonderful treat awaits those foolish enough to buy Windows again on Catch-22 day.

Sony + Google == YES 2009-09-01
It's Waterloo all over again.

Spotify Goes iPhone 2009-08-28
The new millennium's #1 killer app available now.

Two New 'Get a Mac' Ads 2009-08-25
Marvelously funny and hitting Microsoft where they should.

The Pirate Bay: We Shall Fight on the Beaches! 2009-08-25
And all the other dudes get is a beautiful t-shirt?

TPB Shutdown: The Outrage 2009-08-25
The first time anything like this has happened in Sweden.

TPB: Shutdown! 2009-08-24
At least in some places. At least for a while.

Get Rid of Windows 2009-08-22
Yes seriously get rid of it, says Steven Vaughan-Nichols.

Windoze Se7en: The Cons 2009-08-22
So much easier. Take it seriously.

Windoze Se7en: The Pros 2009-08-22
Take it on the light side.

Kill IE6! 2009-08-22
30 million lusers getting the pitch.

Interview with Hans Pandeya 2009-08-22
The view from the outhouse.

All the Warning Lights are Flashing 2009-08-22
The view from the outhouse.

Brand New MacBook for Only $11.30 2009-08-21
That's the highest auction bid at time of writing.

Big Four Buy World Domination for Chump Change 2009-08-14
And they're not timid about shafting their artists again.

Twitter Down Under DDoS Attack 2009-08-06
Site slowly recovering.

Send in the Gardeners 2009-08-03
Weeds are growing at One Infinite Loop.

iPhone Hacked Again 2009-07-31
The 'heck run it as root' karma boomerang whacking Steve Jobs upside the head. Patch now available.

Spotify Moves in on iPhone 2009-07-28
Now begins the wait.

Google Announce Windows Killer 2009-07-08
News this good doesn't happen every day.

TPB: The New Pirate Bay 2009-07-02
More on the proposed acquisition of The Pirate Bay by Global Gaming Factory.

Rixstep: New AWS, New CLIX, New Xfile 2009-06-15
Three nice upgrades almost at once.

The Great Brick Wall of the Apple App Store 2009-06-15
Travel all the way to the City by the Bay only to get the middle finger?

HADOPI: Epic Fail 2009-06-10
The tide is turning?

Apple & Catch-22 2009-06-08
Cheaper and faster everything. Gates trumped?

Xfile Test Drive 2009-06-04
Tracker back in the fold.

Spotify's Android Client 2009-06-02
Previewed at Google I/O 2009. Blazing.

Hall of Monkeys: Mark Ward & the BBC 2009-05-22
Trusted? Respected?

Big Day in Stockholm 2009-05-19
Everything's happening at once.

Swedish State-Owned Television Ban Pirate Party 2009-05-17
The oldest and dirtiest trick in the world.

Hall of Monkeys: The 'New' Internet 2009-05-16
It's supposed to be illegal to be this stupid.

Xfile Test Drive 2009-05-16
And a new program joins the flock.

10.5.7: Taking Security Seriously 2009-05-14
Some graphical improvements but work on security still abysmally out of date.

TPB: Conflict of Interest Accusations Growing 2009-05-11
So say legal experts after new revelations.

Spotify Movie: Wednesday Morning Breakfast Club 2009-05-05
And a premium cellphone version is coming.

Deposition Disposition 2009-04-30
What's a poor soul to believe? Anything at all?

TPB: Selling Sweden's Supreme Court 2009-04-29
Wee Tommy Norström's got nothing on these guys.

Ian Rampage 2009-04-28
The DMCA was supposed to protect IP - not quell free speech.

TPB: Nawty Tomas Norström 2009-04-27
It's not enough justice is done. Justice must also be seen to be done.

MS ActiveTank™ 2009-04-27
It's not just the recession.

REMISS DS 2001:13 2009-04-24
TPB magistrate Tomas Norström didn't want the EU's opinions. He had his own.

It Started With a Tip 2009-04-24
But a tip from whom? Martin Jönsson isn't saying.

TPB: Dirty Verdict Details II 2009-04-23
'Tis truly a small world.

TPB: Dirty Verdict Details 2009-04-21
Taken from the original document.

Sixteen Minutes 2009-04-20
Monique Wasted enters the Guinness Book of Records. So does Paul McCartney.

TPB Guilty 2009-04-17
No one's surprised, are they?

Welcome to Ipredia 2009-04-16
From the mists and myths of legend.

Henrik Pontén Does It Again 2009-04-09
There are no limits for those with no shame.

Hadopi: le Titanic a Coulé! 2009-04-09
'Sensational' is a mild word. Conservatives stayed at home to not break ranks.

Spotify Release API 2009-04-07
Spotify release their API for x86 Linux.

AWS Standalone v2.0.0.1 2009-04-02
ACP Web Services Standalone v2.0.0.1 is now available. adds to the recent 2.0 update with a completely rebuilt service manager. It's recommended for all AWS users. And yeah it's free. As in beer. Download your copy now while supplies last.

ACP Web Services Standalone 2.0 2009-04-02
ACP Web Services Standalone 2.0 is now available. Download your copy now while supplies last.

XPT Switchers ACP Rebate 2009-03-28
A good time to make the move.

iPhone 3.0, Shortly 2009-03-18
And it's not 'OS X' anymore. Summary in brief.

Clipothèque Media Partners 2009-03-18
Clipothèque plays well. It works with almost every media player of today.

Clipothèque Standalone 2.0 2009-03-16
Clipothèque Standalone 2.0 is now available through this site and through Version Tracker.

CLIX Standalone v2.0.0.3 2009-03-08 adds to the robust system of CLIX 2.0 with additional configurable settings and a new help system. It's recommended for all CLIX users.

AirPort 7.4.1 Bricking Boxes 2009-03-11
Time for another update?

The Independent: Why Sweden Rules the Web 2009-03-11
Tim Walker reporting from the epicentre of the digital world.

EFF: 'Avoid Microsoft Products Where Possible' 2009-03-06
Finally. Hallelujah. It's. About. Time.

Roswall: One Year Prison 2009-03-02
Should he get what he wants?

TPB: Wallis for President 2009-02-26
Swamped in flowers.

Despotify 2009-02-26
The open source Spotify is here.

CLIX Standalone 2.0 2009-02-26
CLIX Standalone 2.0 is now available through this site and through Version Tracker.

TPB Timeline 2009-02-20
Things aren't as unclear as they appear.

The King Kong Defence™ 2009-02-18
Anything else ever spread faster?

FIASCO! 2009-02-18
For Håkan Roswall that is.

The Pirate Bay: 'Political Trial of the Decade' 2009-02-15
Op-ed by Rick Falkvinge.

Pirate Bay Reader 2009-02-15
The trial against The Pirate Bay starts tomorrow.

Spotify 0.3.10 2009-02-06
There's lots going on as per usual.

Shoe Two 2009-01-26
Apple's first malware pandemic?

Liverpool Street Station 15 January 11:00 AM 2009-01-25
The brothers from Baghdad might be gone but the genius lives on.

These Are Not the Trojans You're Looking For 2009-01-21
Trojan masquerades as pirated iWork. CLIX command file for removing it.

Heaps More Spotify Buzz 2009-01-19
'Best app ever' is being heard more and more.

Modding the MoD 2009-01-18
Things are coming along. Aren't they?

Woman Blames Dell for Missing Online Classes 2009-01-16
You can't make this up.

Obama Drops File Sharers 2009-01-12
It must feel terrible to still be living in the last millennium.

Spotify Concept Video 2009-01-08
This explains it. Coming soon to a network near you.

Rafe Needleman 2009-01-07
Techie writers come in but one shape, one size, and one level of incompetence?

Department of Dummies 2009-01-07
Gary McKinnon always suspected the thousands of Windows PCs at the US Department of Dummies directly connected to the Internet could have constituted a ruse. For why else would a major defence organisation leave their networks wide open? Yet revelations published yesterday by the BBC seem to crush that theory completely. The US DoD are truly a Department of Dummies.

No Bang 2009-01-07
Or the best is yet to come? What didn't happen in San Francisco.

The Spotify Bandwagon 2009-01-01
Spotify are the most talked about startup on the Internet. The music portal opened shop in October and users and media sources have been lyrical about the new service. The company are known to be working on ports for both the iPhone and Nokia's Symbian.

Zune's 'Y2K' Glitch a Repeat Performance 2009-01-01
On New Years Eve the 30 GB model from 2006 of Microsoft's disappointing Zune handsets started trying to roll over into 2009 and failed miserably at it. This is not the first time Microsoft have messed up on time changes. The initial release of Windows 95 had a similar bug for returning from daylight savings time.

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