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From: Twitter International Company 2021-02-26
Twitter lied, so we don't use it much anymore.

Product Profile: Xframe 2021-02-19
Part of the ACP.

Configuring Rixedit 2021-01-03
An overview of a brand new concept. Coming soon.

NEW RELEASE: appleclean 2020-09-07
Come join the movement.

Christjesus Those Apple Engineers Are Stupid 2021-01-02
It's really very very simple but it's still too rocket-science for the engineers at Apple.

Journey 2020-12-07
You should never trust them.

I Want a Gold Mac 2020-11-15
By Brendon C Bleebwart. All rights reserved.

Command-Return 2020-10-29
Doug McIlroy understood.

Gosh PLIST Files! 2020-10-14
Time for some remedial work.

What Happens? 2020-07-19
If you ever consider using an Apple platform.

16384 2020-07-17
Way the F out there.

Why You Need Keymaster 2020-06-17
Techies will get it, for fanboys there's no hope. Guest op-ed by Brendon C Bleebwart.

Firestorm 2020-06-15
Latent benefits.

Zoom Says Apple Sucks 2020-06-01
Not exactly a news flash.

Surviving Apple 2020-02-14
It's possible, but there are limitations.

A #WWDC19 Takeaway 2020-01-08
They reoccur annually.

The OmniFocus Project Revisited 2020-01-06
You've just read about it.

Fighting Back 2019-12-30
Have fun, drive safely.

XNU 2019-12-24
Pick your team wisely and carefully.

Please Mr Jobs 2019-12-10
The old speckled cat. A look back ten years ago.

Don't Visit Your Library 2019-12-02
Steve already pegged it.

The Burbank Diet! 2019-10-23
It's easy! It's painless! No carbs, no tags!

Socially Engineering macOS Catalina 2019-10-23
Don't be engineered. Do the research. Prove them wrong.

macTag: Grey Paper 2019-10-15
A tutorial and a proposal.

Apple and Open Systems 2019-09-21
A rise, a peak, a fall?

Cleaning Seahaven Island 2019-09-20
Cleaning is easy.

Downloaded to Seahaven Island 2019-09-19
More real than reality itself.

The Mouse and the Labyrinth 2019-09-02
With an important update (sort of).

Bulgarian and Romanian Beggars in Sweden 2019-08-29
From 2015.

How and where to choose, how to install and uninstall, how to do it right 2019-08-23
Good teachers are an asset.

10.14.6 Supplemental, Tracked 2019-08-03
A few details.

Why Darwin Failed 2019-07-28
Rob's farewell.

Some Like It Hot 2019-07-08
Ask Cupertino how hot it is. Remember that your Mac is your friend.

Ray Blanchard & Vijaya 2019-05-12
Finally enough to scramble the sheep?

Facebook Again 2019-04-19
These are not mere accidents.

'Why is OSX better than Linux?' 2019-03-30
In all other aspects, Linux and macOS are fully equivalent.

^PkgInfo$ – Do the Math 2019-03-23
Every screen dump tells a story.

While You Were Restarting 2019-03-22
Of things that go bump on the boot.

Ed 2019-03-16

Help Each Other with Knowledge, Not Hype 2019-02-24
Wading through the swamp. Squish squish.

Much Ado About a Trivial App 2019-02-23
The decay of legacy code.

Tracker Standard Sunlight 2019-02-10
Breaking down how Tracker works, and how you use Tracker.

The Lost Story 2019-01-19
What's coming after Mojave?

Hello, Apple 2019-01-03
Some things never change. Others stay the same.

Dog of Son of Bride of .DS_Store 2018-12-19
Back by popular request.

How to Open and Close Your Mac 2018-12-12
The start of an exciting new series.

The Persistence of .DS_Store 2018-12-10
Despite hints otherwise, some things will simply not go away.

The Keys to Keystone 2018-12-09
Just swat it.

Files Folders & Documents: Organisation/Adaptation 2018-12-02
Keep things separate.

Redmond Lemons and Other Fruits 2018-11-25
'I'll buy you a cup of coffee sometime.'

Taps for the Micro 2018-11-18
Be alert. Computing science needs more lerts.

Cookies All Gone? 2018-08-03
Or is it 'some cookies hidden'?

CLIX: defaults-write.com 2018-08-03
A treasure trove dating back to July 2012.

Macintosh Metadata Mania 2018-07-29
It has to stop.

Introduction: What's New in CLIX 2018-04-11
A first look.

An Object Lesson in Object-Based 2018-07-15
One way in, one way out. Three would be a crowd.

Ten to One 2018-05-31
No coincidences.

Twitter's Holy Bug Story 2018-05-03
Quite the story. Lots of holes.

Trial Software for a Tenner a Month? 2018-03-04
But there's room for it, and it wins awards.

Sermon on Security 2018-02-09
Open and secure go hand in hand.

macOS: More Perfection? 2017-12-01
What went wrong? Did something go wrong?

Five Minutes Four Seconds 2017-11-21
There's too much file system activity on macOS High Sierra.

Mac Malware Mania 2017-08-25
Chicken Little works for AV. You're the only problem. Fix the problem.

Personal Storage, Google, Tags 2017-06-22
When hierarchies no longer do it.

Now in the wake of #WannaCry 2017-05-15
A poem, a plea.

Keep a Clean Machine 2017-04-19
'He likes to keep his fire engine clean, it's a clean machine.'

2017 Can Be Your Year 2016-12-30
Yes, there's a shift.

Sierra: A Walk in the Park 2016-12-02
Graphics rendered for 72 dpi.

Sweden in Plain Sight 2016-11-22
Don't pay heed to the quack of the ducks around you.

Sierra Storage Management 2016-10-16
Apple's macOS 10.12 helps you remove unwanted files.

EasyDoc Questions 2016-07-07
The journos don't ask the questions, only the users do.

Nothing is real, nothing to get hung about 2015-08-25
A look at virtual memory methodology and other things.

'A program for those who like keyboards' 2015-08-23
Where's Joe?

OS X Snake Oil 2015-07-28
Stuff you don't need and don't want. Don't buy back what you already own.

That 'Unknown' Feature in OS X 2015-07-17
It's been there all along. It's never been properly used.

Stop Using Facebook 2015-07-12
FFS. For real. Totally. For sure. A PSA from Rixstep.

OR Books: When Google Met WikiLeaks 2014-09-21
'Do you want us to start eating?'

Odd Corruption Launch Error 10.9.4 2014-07-07
As you sow so shall you reap.

Ghostery 2014-01-09
Spy back on them. And block them.

Yahoo Ad Servers Under Attack 2014-01-06
But Apple users aren't affected. Why?

The NSA & iOS 2013-12-30
But of course we live in the best of all possible iWorlds.

Flash Money 2013-12-25
A lot of ugly stuff going on.

Don't Keep Up With Safari 2013-11-14
It's possible to revert, and it seems the good engineers at Apple make sure you can.

Keeping Up With Safari 2013-11-07
It's a dirty job but you got to do it.

Mavericks Clicks 2013-10-02
Tough times need brave solutions. Tough love from the NSA (updated).

The 'sudo' Thing 2013-09-10
You need a new version. There's also a temporary fix.

'Are Macs safe from viruses and hackers?' 2013-09-09
A more nuanced and thorough answer.

Glimmerglass 2013-08-21
Don't be scared!

The Chrome Password: A Really Bad Idea 2013-08-10
You the user need to be aware of the dangers and avoid trusting Chrome (and Firefox) for now.

PRISM: Staying Under the Radar 2013-08-06
Turn yourself into a needle in a stack of needles.

Getting Rid of MacKeeper 2013-06-21
This is an application you should never install. But if you have, there's a way out.

On US Patent 5,937,422 & 'Semantic Forests' 2013-06-14
They told you so. Do you remember?

OS X File System Voodoo 2013-05-24
What was once a brilliantly simple system...

File Management with a ♥ 2013-04-29
Get to know what didn't know you don't know. Tap tap tap.

DeferredInstall 2013-03-24
This time it's for real. The sky is fallng.

XProtectPluginChecker 2013-03-06
A new admin tool. For everyone.

iTunes 11.0.2 Install 2013-02-24
Completely redesigned.

United States v Microsoft Deposition by Bill Gates 2012-12-31
27 August 1998.

How to Design like Apple 2012-12-12
Jobs' maniacal obsession paid off.

App Cleaners Revisited 2012-12-11
There's always one app.

U Need Flash 2012-12-06
The cosy relationship between Adobe, YouTube, and content owners.

'You have the following search engines installed' 2012-11-02
What's wrong with people?

Guerilla CLIX 2012-09-07
A digression with free downloads. Part one of two.

Kick the Meat Habit 2012-07-25
Courtesy Animal Aid UK.

Flashback: What Do You Do When It Strikes Again? 2012-04-18
You didn't think about that, did you?

RxTemplates 2012-03-19
The right way to do it.

The Key to Gatekeeper 2012-03-03
The key to Gatekeeper is in Cupertino.

'TFF' Still Not 'Effed' 2012-03-02
And it's still not Cocoa either.

The Evolution of the Windows Bootkit 2012-01-04
Did you think Windows 7 was safe?

Internet 101 2012-01-02
This should be curriculum in all schools. By yesterday. From 2009.

Chrome 15.0.874.121 2011-12-14
Almost but not quite there.

Spyfiles & You 2011-12-12
You'll be careful, won't you? Of course you will.

Steve Jobs Stanford Commencement Speech 2005 2011-10-05
'You are already naked. Stay hungry. Stay foolish.'

Safe Browsing™ with Microsoft 2011-08-30
Where do you want to get infected today?

Clipothèque on Bora Bora 2011-08-26
Pictures from the fabulous Le Meridien hotel.

CLIX & Lion 2011-08-14
The word's still out on 10.7 but the comments and the commands are coming in.

XaBatch Works Its Magic 2011-07-24
Nearly 6,000 user files cleaned in a matter of a few seconds.

Hide Library? Hide Everything! 2011-07-22
No need to be bored!

Tim Ferriss Facepalms 2011-07-18
How can someone use a Mac for so long and know so little?

Virtual memory and what it does to you 2011-07-05
Nothing is real and nothing to get hung about.

Inside Mac Defender 2011-06-10
The new version. Part one.

CLIX: Legally Hacking II 2011-05-21
You have to jailbreak an iPhone or an iPad to have this much fun.

CLIX: Legally Hacking - Introduction 2011-05-07
It's still possible. On a Mac. You can still enjoy discovery.

Steve Jobs Consolidated 2011-04-21
Prophetic words from D8. Everything is proceeding as planned.

Nothing to Hide - Right? 2011-04-21
'What could possibly go wrong? It always starts with something innocent.'

YouTube: Xframe Demo 2011-04-11
Sniffing your network with the packet sniffer for Mac OS X.

DoubleClick to a Whole New Level 2011-04-05
Apple not only track you - they also know exactly who you are.

Highway -41 Revisited 2011-03-26
Another look at Joel Brunerd's ACL bug discovery.

Privacy: Where We Are Now and What You Can Do (TL;DR) 2011-03-25
'This is going to be a long ass post...' By Mack Diesel.

Joel Bruner's '-41' Test with Xfile 2011-03-24
But we have Cover Flow!!1! And permissions are simple!!1!

Xfile 3D: Drag Drop Display 2011-02-15
Always making things more self-evident.

ACL Perks 2011-03-02
More on the exciting new ACP utility.

Cheap Frills: A Walk Through Windows 7 2011-01-27
Not what one expects.

10.6.6 2010-01-11
For what it's worth.

On File Management (9) 2010-12-28
Part nine. Apple's Achilles heel.

On File Management (8) 2010-12-26
Part eight. Dealing with Apple idiosyncrasies - 'hidden' files.

On File Management (7) 2010-11-09
Part seven. File operations with Xfile.

On File Management (6) 2010-11-06
Part six. Left pane/right pane. No tapping.

On File Management (5) 2010-11-03
Part five. The tutorials continue.

On File Management (4) 2010-11-02
Part four. A collection of bibliographies. Tap tap tap.

Koobface? Boobface? 2010-10-29
Oh noes! The chasm is closing!!1!

On File Management (3) 2010-10-27
Part three.

On File Management (2) 2010-10-26
Part two.

On File Management (1) 2010-10-25
Part one.

Xscan - /Library 2010-10-15
Enumeration + security audit. Fast.

man3 2010-10-14
Xfile enumerating '/usr/share/man/man3' in less than 200 milliseconds (1/5 of a second).

Tracker Test Run: Safari 2010-10-14
Shows how Tracker can track a session of Safari.

Short Links 2010-09-14
Don't make it hard on yourself.

Windows Does Not 'Just Work' 2010-08-11
And it never will. Here's why.

Phunking for a Phone 2010-07-29
There's no problem to write about. That's really funny.

SuperShowAllFiles 2010-07-23
New product, free product, limited supply, act now. Operators are standing by.

An OS Behaving Badly 2010-07-20
A guide between the lines of the US-CERT Stuxnet advisory.

CLIX False Beginners (3) 2010-06-23
Unix shells, commands for system maintenance routines.

CLIX False Beginners (2) 2010-06-21
Looking at ls.

CLIX False Beginners (1) 2010-06-21
Starting out for the first time or simply starting all over.

Opinion Spy: Third Look 2010-06-04
A few clarifications.

Carrying Coals to Cupertino 2010-06-03
The shortest distance between two points lies along an incomplete circle.

Opinion Spy: Second Look 2010-06-01
For those who don't understand much.

Opinion Spy: First Look 2010-06-01
Some Mac developers won't be proud.

Here Comes the Opinion Spy! 2010-06-01
Nice try, guys.

Dictionary Scrollbars 2010-05-26
Who needs them?

QuickTimeX.clix 2010-05-22
Getting at ten hidden settings in Apple's latest QuickTime Player.

Going Going Gone 2010-04-24
File systems and how they work. It's really simple. Really it is.

Files, Ownership, Permissions, Stuff Like That (2) 2010-04-05
It's really simple. Really it is.

Files, Ownership, Permissions, Stuff Like That 2010-04-05
It's really simple. Really it is.

10.6.3: Those Missing Dock Icons 2010-04-01
It's all in the -Caches-.

The Windows Default 2010-03-26
It's easier than you think.

Monoprice 2010-03-16
They're back up!

Get a Live CD 2010-02-24
Secure your banking now.

On Kneber 2010-02-19
Security 101 for the clueless.

Rootkits Roam the World of Windows 2010-02-14
Nothing to do but smile.

New Mac < $100? 2009-12-24
Treat yourself in these recessionary times.

Finder's 'Open With' Touches Modification Times? 2009-12-11
Something doesn't add up here.

Bride of .DS_Store 2009-10-27
And she's an ugly dog alright - even on 10.6.1.

The End of Hierarchy 2009-10-12
It's not a brave new world.

Steve's Nose 2009-09-18
It's not only the internal organs hurting.

Clamping Down on Clampi 2009-09-14
These are the days.

Creator Codes v UTIs 2009-09-09
Something's gotta give?

An Extraordinary Love Affair 2009-09-05
What packet sniffers can do.

FUD: More Windows-Centric Nonsense from Bill's Vassals 2009-08-30
Snow Leopard's new Anti-Stupidity™ feature has the Windows security parasites terrified.

FUD: On Snow Leopard Anti-Malware 2009-08-26
It's coming from the security cottage industry.

Windows: The Next Killer Application on the Internet 2009-08-17
The 1994 Microsoft plan to destroy the Internet.

Microsoft: The Inglourious Basterds of Computer Science 2009-08-17
Vader loves you. Part one of many.

Dear ACP 2009-07-19
That good old 'ευρεκα' feeling in the summer sunshine is hard to beat.

Catch-22 2009-07-26
Coming in October. Don't get caught.

Trimming the Fox 2009-07-22
Well groomed pets make the environment happier.

Google to the Rescue of the Internets? 2009-07-09
Google's announcement of Google Chrome OS changes the battle plans for hegemony over the desktop and potentially changes almost everything associated with computing and the web.

'So much for anonymity these days' 2009-07-04
'You know, this has me thinking.' By Mack Diesel.

Fox Sleeps with the Devil? 2009-07-03
Mozilla's new 'opt-in' system is actually 'opt-out'. Here's how you change that around.

On ACP Web Services 2009-06-19
They're brilliant - as long as you understand them.

On CVE-2009-1700, WebKit, and Safari 4 2009-06-12
It's been fixed and you're safe as long as you're up to date.

More About That Box 2009-06-09
A closer look at the new 15-inch MacBook Pro.

On the Xfile Test Drive 2009-06-06
Rixstep's update to the Xfile Test Drive contains a lot of goodies.

Can't Take a Punch 2009-06-01
Microsoft Windows has a glass jaw.

Life Without Windows™: The Bogus Backstory 2009-05-25
And every word is true.

Java Should Be Fun 2009-05-25
So why isn't it fun?

Linux for Human Beings? 2009-05-25
Forks of open sauce forks getting forked like amoebas. Fork fork.

Hotspots: Safari 4: A Privacy Nightmare 2009-05-24
Alfred's back designing applications in Cupertino again? Includes new CLIX command file to help thwart the worst.

Apple Users: Turn Java Off 2009-05-20
Then wait for the fix. And be patient.

Hotspots: Epic Fail for Apple's Launch Services 2009-05-19
Can it be exploited?

Life Without Windows™ 2009-05-15
The resource page.

Between the Confickers 2009-05-02
Another look at the morbid world of Windows 'security'.

Uninstalling Microsoft 2009-04-29
What happened to 'thank you please call again'?

Open Report 2009-04-29
From Rixstep to Apple on the 4th anniversary of Tiger.

Ode To S3 2009-04-27
How to keep the spam crawlers away.

Self-Defence 2009-04-26
Don't take chances. Don't trust the next guy to be as careful as you.

The Graf They Forgot 2009-04-20
Except they didn't really forget it.

More About File Attributes 2009-04-18
Computers within computers.

Managing File Attributes 2009-04-15
A look at all the things your Finder doesn't know how to show you.

Xfile Express 2009-04-15
The Xfile Test Drive has been released in a new super user-friendly format.

Son of Input Manager 2009-04-15
It's not as dangerous as the original but it's still not something you want.

AWS 2.0 Starter Kit 2009-04-07
The world at your fingertips.

AWS: Can You Do It Yourself? 2009-04-02
Yes you can. Of course you can! One more time with feeling: how to create AWS resources.

A Gullible's Travels 2009-03-29
Parts Zero - Four.

Microsoft: The Truth and the Consequences 2009-03-26
As bad as it gets.

Miller-Naraine 2009-03-22
Can you see what's wrong with this picture?

Windows: Give It Up, Dude! 2009-03-18
The BBC report on Conficker and this time they - gasp - mention Windows.

1st Time Clipothèque? 2009-03-16
A tutorial that coincides with the upcoming Clipothèque release.

Autocoding Clipothèque 2009-03-16
You can make this program do almost anything you want.

Uze Vuze Luze 2009-03-11
AlphaMack tries out the new BitTorrent client. Cautiously.

TPB Trial YouTube Clipbook™ 2009-03-04
Shots from inside and outside the courthouse. And lots of fun.

A Lesson Learned 2009-02-11
'There's something here for everyone. Even us.'

1st Time Tracker? 2009-02-04
It's always possible. It's never too difficult. Tracker makes it even easier.

1st Time CLIX? 2009-02-04
A tutorial that coincides with the upcoming CLIX release.

Tying Their Hands Behind Their Backs 2009-01-28
Self-defence on the Mac - is it possible?

iTrojan.clix 2009-01-26
The following 1892 byte download will rid your system of both the iWorksServices trojan and the DivX trojan without your having to fumble with Terminal and the command line.

iWorksServices.clix 2009-01-23
The following 1198 byte download will rid your system of the iWorksServices trojan without your having to fumble with Terminal and the command line.

Leopard Nonstop Bugfest: Shafting the Admins 2009-01-18
If you sell it - then support it. If you don't want to support it anymore - then say so.

Windows Se7en: No News Here, Move On 2009-01-12
So be it. Don't encourage the whimper of a stir this non-event will cause.

The Goal of All Good Design 2009-01-12
FOSS can get really ugly. When it comes to ugly and unusable FOSS are head and shoulders above everyone. And they wonder why their platforms and applications never achieve widespread popularity?

Clipification! 2009-01-11
Clipothèque and Spotify.

Simple Brilliant - and Free 2009-01-11
'The most important thing used to be to have clean knickers in hospital - today it's a clean iPod free of embarrassing songs.'

What a Way... 2009-01-09
To start the day.

SOTOS 2009 2009-01-01
State of the operating system. The personal one that is.

Apple Year in Review 2008-12-31
From a programmer's perspective.

Simple Toolbar 2008-12-26
Looking at sample code.

A Windows Carol 2008-12-24
Competition was dead: to begin with. There is no doubt whatever about that. The register of its demise was signed by the IRS, the DOJ, NASDAQ, and the White House. Gates signed it. And Gates' name was good upon 'Change, for anything he chose to put his hand to. Competition was as dead as a Windows BSOD screen.

#3 Killer App 2008-12-24
They continue to amaze.

Conspicuously Absent 2008-12-21
Don't they exist?

Bad Dreams 2008-12-19
Toxins do funky things.

Bloat Warfare Workshop Second Edition 2008-12-17
A clean machine is a happy machine. Own your Mac. Really own it.

NSDefensiveCoding 2008-12-16
There used to be no other way.

/System/Library/Extensions 2008-12-16
Steve's trojan horse?

Fellating Bill Gates 2008-12-08
'Everything's set, everything's fine, you just gotta stand in line.'

Life Without Walls 2008-12-07
Here foot, object #1. Here mouth, object #2. Place object #1 in object #2.

Really Deleting Mail 2008-12-06
It might not be gone when you think it is.

Ghost of index.dat 2008-11-19
Be prepared for a shocker.

Android Antivirus and You 2008-11-09
You don't need it.

A Document Being Saved on 10.4 2008-11-05
Digging deeper. How far back does this behaviour go?

(A Document Being Saved By Rixedit)/CocoaDocument-Based.rtx 2008-11-05
Small Scale Data Loss™ © Apple Inc.

WWDC Quotes 2008-11-04
Dedicated to the programmer wannabe who denies denying anything.

(A Document Being Saved By Rixedit)/Untitled 2008-11-04
One wonders if they realise it's not Unix - or intelligent - anymore.

Privacy Alert Firefox 2008-11-02
The following pertains to Firefox for OS X but most likely applies to all platforms.

Smartmon, Seagate, and the Load Cycle Count 2008-11-01
Something's really berserk somewhere.

Taking a Peek in the Bulk Mail Folder 2008-10-30
You'll never be safe on Windows. Get over it, cut your losses, and move on. You're only about ten years behind the rest of the world. And it's never too late.

That Summabitch Document Controller Again 2008-10-29
Does the acronym stand for 'hysterical file system'?

Windows Windows Everywhere 2008-10-23
The Moz people make a port but they don't really understand the platform.

(When) Will Apple Jump the Shark? 2008-10-15
The need for innovation's never been greater.

Writing Safe Code 2008-10-15
Some do it all the time; others haven't even heard of it.

The Nvidia Blame Game 2008-10-14
Their chips are hot. Literally.

NSTableView Revisited 2008-09-28
There's something really wrong with this control.

Xcode 3.1.1 2008-09-27
It swallows iTunes8 whole.

Of Sticky Bits & Preferences 2008-09-23
So what can you do with a vulnerable directory?

iTunes8 2008-09-22
'We stood before it and began to freeze inside from the exertion. We questioned the application, berated it, made love to it, prayed to it: we called it mother, called it whore and slut, called it our beloved, called it iTunes.'

Why Things Don't Happen 2008-09-19
'It's time people, including Apple, wake up to a lot of these issues or there will be a rude awakening reminiscent of the Microsoft of five years ago. It took Microsoft years to pull out of that and it's still a work in progress.'

Stupid Simple Root Exploit Remains in Mac OS X 10.5.5 2008-09-19
For those who feel a need to think they're better than the hundreds of millions of victimised Windows users out there: forget it. As long as this hole remains no Apple computer in the world is safe.

10.5.5 2008-09-19
Lots of security fixes.

Those Shoes Are Too Big 2008-09-12
The continuing saga.

Innocents in the Enterprise 2008-08-26
Or why a university startup decided to not go with Apple server hardware.

Fighting Malware on Windows 2008-08-19
Why it doesn't work. Why it only costs you more money and heartbreak.

A Leopard Cleanup Script 2008-08-10
Or two. A first look at why 10.5 deserves special attention.

Red Pill 2008-08-09
Certain things should never be seen and certain things should never be released.

Code Sign of the Times 2008-08-09
Twenty eight years later than when initially anticipated.

Weaving One's Way 2008-07-30
Through a Unix file system.

Steve Jobs' Happiness 2008-07-28
Does anybody care?

無駄な膨張と闘う (Bloat Warfare) 2008-07-24
Sometimes you have to take matters in your own hands.

Proactive Mac Security 2008-07-18
Apple might not care what happens to your computers but they will care what happens to their own.

Rooting Apple Can Be So Much Fun 2008-07-18
And oh so much fun it is!

SLIPOC – Root Exploit of Mac OS X 2008-07-18
The system login items proof of concept. It can't get more obvious than this.

Apple's UI Hall of Shame 2008-07-08
Five choice gumdrops to start you off.

ARDAgent on Snow Leopard 2008-07-08
The best way to fix design flaws that result in really dumb root exploits is not to ignore them.

Clipothèque's 'Smart Drop' 2008-07-07
Some call it revolutionary but it's only a hack.

Two Words for Switchers 2008-07-04
Build on the concepts and the details will come.

Toppling Governments 2008-07-04
Today it's almost inevitable.

Rooting 10.5.4 2008-07-02
This wasn't exactly news. Rooting Apple's Leopard 10.5.4 isn't exactly rocket science. The design flaw has been there for years. It just keeps shifting shapes is all.

ARGAgent: Finishing Up? 2008-07-01
The 10.5.4 update didn't patch the ARDAgent hole - nothing in the ARDAgent bundle was updated.

10.5.4: Why Bother? 2008-07-01
He's not gone. His spirit lives on.

Despised by Millions 2008-07-01
Missed by none.

A Suggestion 2008-06-27
Use what you got. Tomorrow too.

Read a Book, Take a Course 2008-06-25
New technologies can be tricky. Sometimes you have to take a step back and let things come to you.

The First Real Malware? 2008-06-25
Discount it to inexperience or hysteria but it's not true and most importantly it's not relevant.

Small by Design 2008-06-25
And that's a good thing.

George Carlin 2008-06-23
Two tragedies.

Apple Redefine 'Epic FAIL'? 2008-06-22
Play it by the rules.

Cath and Di, Steve and You 2008-06-21
Pay them a visit. Fly there for free. Right now.

Three Reasons 3/3 2008-06-16
Apple's 'Leopard' OS remains a system punters can and will adopt but Apple are not within reach of the more important professional market.

The Ultimate Cluestick 2008-06-15
Hit them with it. Sue their pants off.

Revisiting the Safari Vulnerability on Windows 2008-06-15
Are things any better on OS X?

Three Reasons 2/3 2008-06-06
Apple's 'Leopard' OS remains a system punters can and will adopt but Apple are not within reach of the more important professional market.

Three Reasons 1/3 2008-06-04
Apple's 'Leopard' OS remains a system punters can and will adopt but Apple are not within reach of the more important professional market.

10.5.3: The Verdict 2008-06-01
The latest version of Fanboy OS is here. Read what it does.

They're Out to Get You, Peter! 2008-05-17
In situations like this the letter of the law means very little.

One Year Safari Response Timeouts? 2008-05-16
'That should be plenty of time for a server-side process to complete!'

Clipothèque G3 2008-05-15
A few tricks.

Shah Jahan Mumtaz Google Maps & Clipothèque 2008-05-12
See things as never before. Not just easy. Too easy.

Perfect Pixel Demo Reel Jan 2007 2008-05-11
Courtesy Jeff Han Brightcove and Clipothèque. Not just easy. Too easy.

Infinite Wisdom 2008-05-11
Or 'Clipothèque: Another 48 Hours'.

Paperback Cliché 2008-05-09
Courtesy Stylo Rouge and Clipothèque.

Clipothèque Part 1: Add a Clip and Share It 2008-05-02
A quick how-to on adding a new clip to the collection and sharing it via e-mail.

Safari Meltdown 2008-04-27
Crash and burn baby!

No Easter Bunny 2008-04-21
It seems he's been delayed.

48 Hours: The Clipothèque™ Beta 2008-04-12
There is none.

Those Apple Inc JavaScript Wizards 2008-04-19
It takes a village to crash a browser.

A Little Goes a Long Way II 2008-04-19
The yardstick's broken. Smashed.

Kraken: The Second Story 2008-04-15
Find it between the lines.

isEqualToString Doesn't Compare 2008-04-03
Not always at any rate.

A Little Goes a Long Way 2008-04-02
Who's the yardstick now?

LEPIX™ 0.9b (Beta) 2008-03-30
An important departure. The dawn of a new era.

Tick in the Box 2008-03-29
Mozilla CEO John Lilly's out pretending there are windmills to be charged.

One Thousand Two Hundred? 2008-03-27
Actually more. One thousand two hundred ten currently. And counting. And here's how to use them.

.XcodeSCMTemp 2008-03-24
Speed mountains remain.

The Text Encoding Quagmire 2008-03-20
Why leave it simple when you can successfully complicate it? And how complicated is it really?

Thank You for the Music 2008-03-20
By Björn Ulvaeus.

All's Well That Ends (Mostly) Well 2008-03-19
Safari 3.1 brings improvements. Really.

1997-2008 2008-03-15
Everything that has a beginning has an end.

Those Crappy Apple Fonts 2008-03-15
Yeah they're really bad all right.

Microsoft: Fix Your Security 2008-03-14
Microsoft users: switch or get off the net.

NSTableView 2008-03-14
It's obsequious.

What's Bertie Up To? 2008-03-07
How well does Avie's replacement fill the shoes?

Down and Out in Cupertino 2008-03-05
With their stock down 35% Apple are looking for new markets. But are they looking hard enough?

They're Not Coming 2008-02-29
10.5 = 10.4 Apple.

A Litter of Nitwits 2008-02-28
According to the rumour mill Apple hired on a litter of nitwits to complete Leopard. Is this true?

A Road to Daytona 2008-02-26
Start by turning right at N de Anza Blvd.

New CLIX Stuff 2008-02-24 2008-02-24
24 February is a special day for many reasons. It's the one day of the year the world's perhaps finest beer is brewed and it's also time for a new batch of CLIX commands including some of those submitted with CLIX 1.8.1c.

Finder Leading the Lame 2008-02-17
Leopard's attempt to increase 'user friendliness' threatens to undermine the security of the OS X file system.

Rollback 2008-02-15
Trade a bug fix for a feature.

Double Nuts 2008-02-14
Happy Valentine's 10.5.

Rock Solid Foundation 2008-02-12
It's more than Unix.

10.5.2 2008-02-12
The first real release? The first good release?

Safari World's Fastest Browser 2008-02-09
It's not enough to be world's fastest. You also have to be world's best.

Untouchable 2008-02-07
The coming trial of The Pirate Bay in Stockholm could have widespread implications.

-o 2008-02-05
Here we go again.

Artwork by Dali II 2008-02-04
All your screenshot are belong to us.

Philanthropy vs Hypocrisy 2008-02-04
Bringing it all back home.

Tom Petty & the DATs 2008-02-04
No they didn't use DATs but you have to wonder if anything else was genuine.

Digg: Don't Double Dip 2008-02-03
Things to worry about on Super Bowl Sunday.

??? 2008-01-29
How to migrate to a new platform.

Glaring Defects 2008-01-28
Got anything to add to the list? It's unlikely you don't.

Pizza Delivery Man 2008-01-27
Reflections on Dewar/Schonberg.

The Fourth Rule 2008-01-25
It may be mostly unwritten but it's more pervasive than the others.

Just An Ordinary Innocent Little Old Text File 2008-01-24
This can't be intentional. This has to be an accident.

MACLIX 2008-01-24
After a while you don't even see the code anymore. All you see is blonde, brunette, redhead...

Artwork by Dali 2008-01-24
Of Easter eggs and red pill blue pill ruminations.

Silentbanker 2008-01-24
We already know why things like this work.

Red Pill, Blue Pill 2008-01-21
Which one's it going to be?

Industry Friendly Yer Butt 2008-01-15
Record companies plan to use Bezos to destroy Apple and consumer rights.

Apple Buy Adobe? 2008-01-14
Robert X Cringely thinks so.

Reflections on Trusting Trust 2008-01-14
From the CACM August 1984 by Ken Thompson. Courtesy the Wayback Machine.

Javacredibles 2008-01-11
Those with no traction are slipping again.

EWD498 2008-01-11
Dijkstra quotes.

The xargs Speed Boost 2008-01-05
Good stuff for the command line and for CLIX.

Safari: Raising the (Scroll) Bar 2008-01-04
This can't be an accident. This has to be intentional.

The Rock & the Hard Place 2008-01-01
Your choice!

The Russians Aren't Coming 2007-12-30
They're already there, you fools.

The Patriot Act 2007-12-29
For Anya Major wherever she may be.

Holding Web Crawlers to Contracts 2007-12-29
Their world is irrevocably becoming our own.

Free Fallin' 2007-12-27
'It's a long day living in Reseda. There's a freeway runnin' through the yard.'

An Itsy Bitsy Leopard Flaw 2007-12-26
Unexpectedly it's in Finder.

Why Leopard is Better 2007-12-25
And where it's safer. Originally published at the CLIX Exchange.

Apple's Open Source Bait & Switch 2007-12-21
The long term supporters were led down the garden path. Systematically.

The 'Mac' in 'Mac OS X' 2007-12-21
Oh it's there all right.

Apple's Cross-Platform Bait & Switch 2007-12-21
The long term supporters were led down the garden path. Systematically.

A Brody's Brady School 2007-12-19
The School of Beige™ be shaking in its wobbly roots.

Grade A Idiots 2007-12-17
It's their own fault.

Revelations 2007-12-17
Are you back online yet?

Where's the Buttons? 2007-12-17
Things conspicuous in their absence.

Leopard: YMMV 2007-12-14
Apple must still be doing something right.

Errata 2007-12-12
And a few updates.

Tangible Risk for Luser Confusion 2007-12-12
A tangible risk that's very tangible.

Reader Comments 2007-12-12
A smattering.

No. 2007-12-12
Companies all over the world pay monster teams of people to run quality control on their products. Why are these multibillion dollar Fortune 500 people asking their customers who already bought their product in good faith to test it too?

Designers Gone Wild 2007-12-12
5 + 95 > 95 + 5.

/home & /net 2007-12-11
Two new root level directories on Leopard.

launchctl Fun 2007-12-11
'C'mon join the joyride.'

'You have not specified any recipients' 2007-12-11
How many Apple programmer brains fit on the head of a pin?

Leo Takes a Leak 2007-12-10
Dear Steve, We'd really like to run your new Leopard. But the old cats got better bladder control.

Dul Boot 2007-12-09
It's cool. But right now it's also a necessity.

Another Bug, Another Revelation 2007-12-08
Secrets lurk behind crashes.

Clearly Legal 2007-12-07
Putting any object on a pasteboard is fully legal. Even if it's an empty string. Now someone has to get someone else in Cupertino to understand this.

designable.nib 2007-12-06
This is the way it works.

Y.G.B.K. 2007-12-05

Leopard Isn't V*STA 2007-12-05
No way.

People to Meet (2) 2007-12-04
It's a big 64-bit leap.

Leopard: OS Xhumation 2007-12-03
Old bugs see the light of day.

People to Meet (1) 2007-12-03
It's a long line.

Second Day of Leopard (2) 2007-12-02
Your worst nightmare?

Second Day of Leopard (1) 2007-12-02
Getting high on believing?

First Day of Leopard 2007-12-02
Ougachaka ougachaka ouga ouga ougachaka.

Tom Gives Steve Early Holiday Gift 2007-11-29
He's giving you a gift too.

CNET UK: V*STA Top Ten Suckiest All Time 2007-11-27
Why didn't they improve what they already had? Clue: they did - this was it.

A Genuine Destruction of Culture 2007-11-26
Neither a way to make money nor a way to make friends.

A Country You Didn't See In SICKO 2007-11-25
And it's only one of many.

Malcor Loses It 2007-11-24
And already after but two defacements. That's not a good sign.

CTGradient and the Landed Gentry of Mac Development™ 2007-11-21
It's all about CTGradient but it's not about CTGradient at all.

Why Spatiality is Nonsense 2007-11-15
Today's complex systems demand navigation by hierarchy.

Cocoa Bloat: How You Get Rid of It 2007-11-14
Dissecting the Trimmit script. It helps understanding what you're doing.

Wallsaver 1.3.6 2007-11-12
'A 126 byte command line turned into a 1.7 megabyte AppleScript app promoted by a 51 megabyte video. This might be a new record.'

performFileOperation: 2007-11-06
Apple Cocoa file system APIs fail...

Why Cocoa Bloat is Nonsense 2007-11-03
This is for 'developers' who still don't have a clue but it's primarily for you, end user. Read on.

Two Things 2007-11-02
Cross your fingers, hold your thumbs, and knock on wood: they're on the right track.

Apple Peelcock 2007-11-02
HP is such a pain.

Leopard Firewall: What a Turnoff!!1! 2007-11-02
Shock and horror hits the blogosphere.

A Reek of Quality 2007-11-01
The fanboys might not like it but the suits do.

Don't Let APE Monkey with Your System 2007-10-28
Computers and humans: it's a layered approach.

Seriously Demented 2007-10-26
It's almost over.

The Perfect Crime 2007-10-26
Why doesn't Linus react?

Field of Dreams 2007-10-26
Ray Kinsella believes.

Deploying Frameworks 2007-10-22
If Arnold knew he'd be royally pissed.

Secure Your Mac the Mac Way 2007-10-19
Get out your metal detector.

They Don't Give a Shit 2007-10-18
'Apple Sweden? Comments?'

Quote of the Century 2007-10-17
A case of where computer science shouldn't be rocket science. If not for the rest of us at least for the most of us.

The Story of Mel 2007-10-15
Posted by Ed Nather (<nather@astro.as.utexas.edu> / utastro!nather) to Usenet 21 May 1983.

Real Programmers Don't Use Pascal 2007-10-15
Submitted to Datamation volume 29 number 7 July 1983 by Ed Post of Tektronix Wilsonville Oregon US.

SCO II: Steve Ballmer's Intellectual Property Interoperability Framework 2007-10-14
'So in July one Microsoft executive arrives; then as of October 1 there is the second - a patent guy. October 9 IP Innovation, a subsidiary, sue Red Hat. And Novell. So much for being Microsoft's little buddy.'

Trends in Bullware 2007 2007-10-11
Google sponsored StopBadware are proud to release their 2007 update on the state of badware. Good for them.

The Fatal Trap 2007-10-08
There is no escape.

Yo Yer Paths II 2007-10-06
The promised followup to the original article.

It's one thing to run your own forums like a totalitarian but it's quite another to try to run everyone else's forums too.

Apple, 陰陽, and the Power of Love 2007-10-02

Last Vendor Standing 2007-10-01
Brace yourself already today - just in case.

Document Specific Extended Attributes 2007-09-29
User friendlier at no cost to anyone.

Not a Good Starting Point 2007-09-29
Apple's Tiger combo boxes don't know when to butt out.

Apple's Wi-Fi Fallout 2007-09-25
Think about it next time you sit down to a latte at Starbucks.

OneSpamDay 2007-09-22
There's a day to celebrate the web but there's no day to celebrate spam.

trim-app 2007-09-21
If you can't keep a tidy house hire professional cleaners.

Scottie's Follies 2007-09-12
Eight one hundredths of an inch: shape up, Apple!

Oh Where Oh Where Did My Resource Fork Go? 2007-09-09
Oh where can my Finder info be?

Secure is User Friendly 2007-09-03
It's the #1 feature of them all.

Getting Around HFS+ Private Data 2007-09-03
Passion is the enemy of precision.

GDE Screenshots 2007-09-03
The art is in the whys: the ability to read between the crumbs, not to mix metaphors.

GDE-FAQ 2007-09-02
A few words on looking for things.

The Leopard You Don't Yet See 2007-08-29
Does the name '\342\220\200\342\220\200\342\220\200\342\220\200HFS+ Private Data' ring a bell?

The Hackers Handbook — Afterword 2007-08-24
It was easy to write a nasty worm for OS X. Last of many parts.

The Hackers Handbook — Penetration 2007-08-17
It's easy to write a nasty worm for OS X. Here's how. Third of many parts.

Screaming Apple Fanboy Idiots 2007-08-16
There's good and bad.

The Hackers Handbook — Propagation 2007-08-15
It's easy to write a nasty worm for OS X. Here's how. Second of many parts.

Wormtongues 2007-08-14
Feedback on the Hackers Handbook series.

Apple >= Everybody Else 2007-08-14
Time to discuss common strategies?

The Hackers Handbook — Foreword 2007-08-10
It's easy to write a nasty worm for OS X. Here's how. First of many parts.

iPhone security concerns 'exaggerated' 2007-08-06
'Overblown' is another word that may come to mind.

Opening the iPhone 2007-08-05
NerveGas has the spirit.

Wooden Leg 2007-08-04
Even Steve Jobs doesn't like it.

Hacking the iPhone 2007-08-03
Never before has the calamity of giving in to fanboys been more apparent.

Lanci Doesn't ♥ M$ 2007-07-30
Gianfranco Lanci doesn't see the current dip as something ephemeral. No no, it's going to keep on going, says Gianfranco Lanci - thereby demonstrating he's capable of divining what every two-bit pundit has already seen.

Tracker Fact Sheet 2007-07-30
With increasing awareness simple 'uninstallers' like AppZapper just don't do it there's a need to explain exactly what Tracker does and why.

Something to Talk About 2007-07-18
Ask yourself this: has the world of computing changed for you in the past year or two? Do you notice anything different?

HFS: The Good & The Bad 2007-07-18
Is it something to keep?

Yo Yer Paths 2007-07-14
A system's gotta know its limitations.

Masterbater 2007-07-14
The NeXT played with everybody. By definition. The Apple plays with no one but itself.

iPhone and Security 2007-07-12
They were thinking.

Messaging and Middlemen 2007-07-11
Objective-C's a quantum leap - not a fetish.

iPhone Ramdisk 2007-07-10
A archeological look at a few key modules.

iPhone and Full Disclosure 2007-07-09
Are you fat, dumb, and happy?

iPhone and the Media 2007-07-07
Give 'em an inch and they'll take out a full double page spread.

iPhone 2007-07-07
Weakest link?

iPhone OS X System Architecture 2007-07-07
A first look.

iPhone 2007-07-03
Telephony Armageddon?

It's a Way of Thinking 2007-06-25
And it can't be summed up easily.

Script Kiddies 2007-06-23
The world wouldn't be where it is today were it not for the printing press.

Google Desktop Tracked: The Aftermath 2007-06-21
Never attribute to malice what can be adequately explained by stupidity.

Google Desktop Tracked 2007-06-21
Never attribute to malice what can be adequately explained by stupidity.

3662262—2 2007-06-18
Some things change; some stay the same.

Way Too Much Sudo Fun 2007-06-12
Bashing bash again because it's so much fun and above all so easy.

MDItemMarkAsUsedWithPathAndCatInfo 2007-06-10
'The day Linux gives the Mac diagnostic that you can't open a file because you don't have the application is the day Linux becomes non-Unix.'

Take a Stroll with Xfile Part Three 2007-06-08
What do you have on your HDD today?

Take a Stroll with Xfile Part Two 2007-06-08
What do you have on your HDD today?

Take a Stroll with Xfile Part One 2007-06-08
What do you have on your HDD today?

The Headline Syndrome II 2007-06-03
They're at it again - and this time it's the celebrated BBC leading the charge.

SECURE 2007-06-01
Part of the CLIX 1.8.0a package released today.

OO's a Tool - Not a Fetish 2007-05-31
You use what's right in any one given situation - right for the customer that is.

Coding So You Don't Look a Tosser 2007-05-26
Programming is not a wannabe art - it's a science.

Building and Packaging OS X Applications 2007-05-26
The reason for this article should be obvious: too many OS X third party developers do an absolutely terrible job of building and packaging their software.

The Headline Syndrome 2007-05-22
The web is buzzing with reports of Apple foisting substandard displays on consumers. That's what the headlines say at any rate.

'We'll Be There' 2007-05-14
Ten years is a long time and as far as time goes Bill's had his.

A Tale of Woe 2007-05-07
There's a rumour about - again. And when historians refer back to this they'll likely call it 'The 2 May Incident'. An epic drama in three parts.

McCracken's Gone and They Don't Care 2007-05-06
Harry McCracken is an award-winning journalist. He was with the IDG for sixteen years and at PC World for twelve. As editor in chief.

Using CLIX 2007-05-05
Rixstep can offer CLIX; it's up to you to take advantage of it.

When Ignorance < Blissful 2007-04-18
Apple Matters columnist Matthew Bookspan discovered a second 'users' directory on his computer - /usr. Reasoning he already had a 'user' directory - /Users - he deemed it redundant and deleted it. All 10-15,000 files.

Sudos & Sudon'ts 2007-03-20
Systems can offer security; it's up to you to take advantage of it.

Moments of Fright 2007-03-17
Deprogramming. Escapees from all cults deal with this and so must Apple survivors. IT'S ONLY A COMPUTER. IT'S WRONG TO ATTACK YOUR FRIENDS BECAUSE STEVE HURT THEM. Just because the Apple product they bought does not work doesn't mean Apple are trying to hurt them - to ostracise them.

Ready to Go Back 2007-03-16
Apple have a lemon on their hands and there's only one person to blame. And he might have billions in the bank but to his customers $2000 is a big outlay and they can't afford to get entangled in Apple bullshit as he ships them third rate 'made in China' computer hardware and then dances a jig around their misery, deleting forum threads where these issues are discussed, refusing to replace computers defective right out of the box, inciting the Oneistat brothers to riot, and so much more.

From Zero to Twenty Five in 90 Seconds 2007-03-15
It was a slaughter. Over two dozen rapid fire crashes. Uptime all told maybe ninety seconds.

From 14 to 6 to Zero 2007-03-14
That's a first: having to slow down an app to make it work well with the rest of the world.

Microsoft: Not in the Appeasement Business 2007-03-14
But they'd like you to believe they are.

Seriously, Apple 2007-03-12
The journey's just begun.

Summary: Symantec's OS X Threat Landscape Document 2007-03-09
'OS X is not immune to worms and virii. Don't kid yourself.'

CyberSlice Press Release 2007-03-08
'NeXT Software today announced that CyberSlice, an online pizza ordering service, has used WebObjects(TM) Enterprise software to build its inaugural web site. The ground-breaking WebObjects application, at www.cyberslice.com, integrates geographical information systems (GIS) from MapQuest with telephony software from APEX to let consumers order pizza via the Internet from all registered pizza restaurants in their respective areas.'

Apple/NeXT Merger Details 2007-03-08
'Apple will maintain NeXT's commitment to cross-platform and cross-processor support, and will continue to develop, sell, and support products currently available, including those for Windows NT, Solaris, HP-UX, and NEXTSTEP. In addition, we plan to add support with Rhapsody on PowerPC processors. Cross platform support for WebObjects and OpenStep aligns perfectly with Apple's overall strategy of moving core software technologies such as QuickTime cross platform.'

Every Bundle Counts! 2007-03-06
Deploy your software.

Intel, Not Universal! 2007-03-01
OS X users are increasingly protective of their disk free space.

Project Honey Pot 2007-03-01
Any project that can help stop spam is worth getting involved in. Project Honey Pot out of Park City Utah is such a project.

BatChmod 1.37 2007-02-25
To entertain staff your call was monitored.

The Fellowship of the Ring 2007-02-22
The virtual planet is perhaps at long last finally approaching its tipping point and Sauron might be truly shaking in his Made in Mordor™ ActivePleather® Boots®. If not before at least now.

Andrew Myers in Country of Sweden 2007-02-20
Andrew Myers works for the US FBI. See Andrew. See Andrew work. Sometimes Andrew talks. For example, he talked on 11 May last year. He talked about 'Game Piracy: Protecting Your Product'. Andrew talks too much. Sometimes Andrew flies. See Andrew fly. See Andrew fly to foreign countries. See Andrew fly to Sweden.

Consumer Grade: What it Means to You! 2007-02-15
Disgruntled Apple customers sent magnificently substandard computers are getting a crash course in 'consumer grade' quality. Here's how it applies to you and your quality Apple computer!

Rebel Scum: More Attacks on 'Expected Behaviour' 2007-02-12
There's something astir in the Empire. Third party vendors quietly defy Cupertino and help protect OS X users from what Apple officially consider 'expected behaviour'. The Force is strong in some of these insurgents - this rebellion must be crushed before it gets out of hand.

Hosing OS X with Apple's Idea of 'Expected Behaviour' 2007-02-11
A demonstration of how a fully up to date Apple OS X computer can be destroyed.

4893378: 'Expected Behaviour' 2007-02-10
Apple insist their extremely dangerous file system intrinsics are 'expected behaviour'. In such case they have a heady task ahead cleaning their own house and chastising ISVs including Microsoft.

4893378 FAQ 2007-02-08
Pursuant to discoveries of dangerous behaviour in Apple OS X file management a number of bug reports were filed. They've been dismissed by Apple with the worn out mantra 'works as designed'.

Tainted Love: The Apple Maccie Fanboys 2007-02-08
Maccies are a disease for which - as with AIDS - there's no known cure.

Too Much Sudo Fun 2007-02-04
As demonstrated in 'Sudo Fun' it's possible to hijack use of the Unix sudo to obtain less than optimal results. OS X boxes can namely be compromised in a number of ways. What's been further demonstrated at this point is that 'Sudo Fun' also works on 'generic' Unix: Ubuntu's 'Dapper Drake' release has been shown to also be susceptible.

MOAB FAQ 2007-02-02
The Month of Apple Bugs is over but all too many questions remain unanswered. It's now time to tell all. The following interview took place in the studios of Show TV on 1 February 2007. It was translated into English by Tėʼngā Źăvüğkŧn Jr.

Sudo Fun 2007-02-01
Yes there's fun to be had - but whose fun is it?

You Don't Have to Wait for Leopard 2007-01-30
Interest in OS X programming is growing but is it the right kind of interest?

2002 - 1997 = 5 2007-01-29
Apple had a ready and rock solid OS to release in 1997 but they didn't release it. Instead they started tearing it apart only to build it up again and release it five years later. What did Apple do in those years - the five most crucial market years in the history of personal computing - that could ever justify not releasing their OS sooner?

Why Go Through All the Trouble... 2007-01-29
Things would have been so easy, so relatively carefree; passing the buck would have felt as natural as anything.

What the World Needs Now is Fewer Beige Box Idiots 2007-01-26
The following section appears to use a much larger font but in fact does not. It's just that what you're reading's so scary the words seem to leap out at you.

Leet & Leeter, Fanboy & Fanboyer 2007-01-21
As with Steve Jobs, Nancy Heinen, and Fred Anderson, backdating is generally a Bad Idea™.

Oh-Ess-Ten-One-Oh-One 2007-01-18
Here's the official paths directory for OS X. It's embedded in every running OS X system. There's a reason for this.

A Month to Chocolate 2007-01-15
Chocolate Day 14 February 2007 will be a year since OS X users got hit by Oompa Loompa, an OS X way of saying 'ILOVEYOU'. Could things possibly be even worse this time around? Yes they could, according to the security researchers at the Month of Apple Bugs.

What the World Needs Now is More Hackers 2007-01-14
Got a great program? Yes? Will it open Pandora's Box? No? Are you sure? Is it going to bankrupt you to hire someone to find out?

A War Lost Long Ago 2007-01-12
Meet Rick Wesson and Adam Waters. Rick's CEO and Adam's COO of the data gathering company Support Intelligence. They are part of the fight against the increasingly hopeless situation on the Internet with over 900 million catastrophic - and now criminal - Windows computers.

Apple Security 2007-01-09
They're unaware of the threats lurking outside.

A Month of Rixstep Bugs 2007-01-04
It's a win-win proposition.

Hello Switchers 2007-01-02
It's time to unwrap your presents.

2008 2006-12-25
We'll soon see who wins the next round.

Karl-Bertil Jonsson's Christmas Eve 2006-12-24
A translation of the original story.

A Sanity Check for Apple 2006-12-20
There are two ways to manage files: there's the accepted way and then there's Apple's way.

Operating System: Undetected 2006-12-17
Welcome to Zune™, Bill's gift to the world to free you from the repressive monopoly of the iPod and iTunes.

Butch Finnie & the Mingis Kid II 2006-12-16
One long time Windows user and one long time OS X user compare platforms. Sort of.

Butch Finnie & the Mingis Kid 2006-12-16
One long time Windows user and one long time OS X user compare platforms. Sort of.

Spatiality Redux 2006-12-15
Keep up the good fight.

.DS_Store Redux 2006-12-12
One of the most sought after OS X terms in search engines across the planet is and remains .DS_Store. People discover them on their systems, can't understand what they are, and feel powerless to stop their proliferation - so they go searching. And quite a few of them end up at this site.

Free Stuff 2006-11-17
Rixstep have a number of free applications available but they've never before been organised on a single page.

OS X Haunts 2006-11-09
Another installment of another never-ending story.

Good Night and Good Luck 2006-11-07
Those times are back again.

The CLIX Files 2006-11-07
As of 7 November 2006.

Welcome to the Divanis Apollo 2006-10-30
The Internet Governance Forum of the United Nations are meeting this week to discuss openness and freedom of expression. For those of the 1,500 who have not yet arrived, here's a tour of where you will stay.

IE Se7en — The Review 2006-10-22
IE Se7en is here. It's what nobody's been waiting for. Maybe you should take a closer look?

You-Know-Who 2006-09-26
He has no job, he has no car, he has no cellphone - and without a cellphone he'll never get laid. His kingdom is not of this world. Meet You-Know-Who.

The Tipping Point 2006-09-21
A review of iTunes 7 by Mordecai.

The Tipping Point II 2006-09-21
'Make each program do one thing well.'

Fanboy Quotes II 2006-09-16
'I didn't write it for the press - although I knew that was coming. It was more just because I was annoyed with all the fanboys.'

Fanboy Quotes I 2006-09-16
Clearwater, sharpen your pencils! No cult in the world is as rabid - or as stupid - as the Apple Maccie fanboys.

Two Pigs and a Pearl 2006-09-15
How come the world has been feeding and rewarding two filthy, lying, greedy pigs?

BrowserShield 2006-09-05
They're at it again - and you're the loser. Big time.

Defaults 2006-09-01
A collection - and explanation - of the OS X defaults in CLIX.

Apple and the Myth of Unix 2006-08-28
OpenDarwin is no more; OS X has never been POSIX compliant; how much worse can it be?

OS X Text & Services 2006-08-22
A look at the sophisticated OS X text system and how it relates to OS X services.

Democracy Fights Back 2006-08-10
It is possible to crush terrorism. Europeans have done it before and they will do it again. The English police today 10 August 2006 won one of many victories for freedom.

WWDC: Apple's challenge to Microsoft 2006-08-07
Hasta la vista, Vista?

Yet Another War by Proxy 2006-08-05
Translated from the Expressen article by correspondent Mats Larsson.

An Afternoon at the Apple Genius Bar 2006-07-29
Discovering the true market value of the AppleCare programme; a birds eye view of Apple financial policy.

Of Data Mining, Rootkits & Spotlight 2006-07-28
Spotlight's underlying fsevents technology isn't as broad as desired.

Apples & Lemons 2006-07-25
Things certainly have gone south for the Cupertino company in 2006.

The Final Straw 2006-07-22
Alphasubzero discovers manufacturing flaws in Apple's flagship notebooks. And realises they're widespread and as per usual Apple are doing nothing about them.

A Hot Chip Retrospective 2006-07-16
Richard Mendes on the Intel Core Duo rush to market.

Don't Subtract People! 2006-07-15
Richard Mendes on the Intel cutbacks.

I believe in Mark Shuttleworth 2006-07-12
It's hard to believe in anything these godless days.

Of Venn Diagrams 2006-07-11
Of lies, damned lies, and Daring Fireball. The difference between being profound or original and merely famous.

Welcome to Apple Computer 2006-07-03
Word of new flaws in the notebook line of Apple computers won't abate. Rixstep decided to step in and investigate. The following is a transcript of a telephone conversation between representatives of Rixstep and Apple Computer.

RMM & Griffman 2006-07-02
Business buy for millions - or billions - at a time; fanboys buy an iPod nano and screen cleaner.

Windows Vista: The Myth of LUA 2006-06-29
Besieged - humiliated - as they have been for the past seven years by malware attacks, Microsoft have attempted to shore up the defences in their 'standalone' operating system Windows. Perhaps the most significant step they have taken is the implementation of LUA - the 'least privileged user account'. This article will show why Microsoft's efforts are in vain and why Windows is hopeless.

Full Equivalence 2006-06-27
Carbon is just another API.

Apple's All Time Low 2006-06-14
An exclusive interview with Steve Jobs. On the transfer to Intel and other things. By Ian Malcolm.

1,000 Words 2006-06-01
It's probably worth more.

Why John Gruber is Mad 2006-05-31
'I don't care about her - I only want your sausage!'

Who Cares? 2006-05-30
Gee whiz I'm really sorry. Really. Now give me some more money.

The Death of Carbon 2006-05-30
Despite what some die-hards say, Carbon is not native OS X code.

Things That Go Boom 2006-05-25
Such as myths.

Hard Link FAQ 2006-05-24
For the cerebrally challenged or for those of you who just want to get up to speed. You thought flaky paint for $150 was the living end? You thought the all-new Apple toasters were too hot too handle? You discovered you're allergic to computer mayonnaise? You thought that Tom Ferris' fuzzballs were embarrassing? Guess what, loser: you still don't have a file system.

Close it Down 2006-05-17
What does Michael say today?

2006-003 FAQ 2006-05-16
Information about Apple's latest security update.

Page 107 Quotes 2006-05-16
Re the MacBook thermal grease scandal.

Steve's Thermal Grease - FAQ 2006-05-10
Answers to your questions about cooking your breakie in the great outdoors with your new MacBook Pro.

Who's Whining? 2006-05-06
An Apple computer is supposed to be a high quality product; it's expected to have a life time of at least ten years.

Openstep 4.0/Mach 2006-05-05
In 1997 Apple were ready to rule the world. They had the most awesome personal computer operating system on the planet. They had hardware engineers ready to leverage the best personal computers available for any platform. Then something happened.

Oh the Irony! 2006-05-03
Apple have launched a Get a Mac campaign.

Courageous Tree Stump 2006-05-03
Some people don't deserve to use a Mac.

Total Crash - The Test 2006-04-26
If you're going to perform a test on Yannick's POC, it's best if you prepare first.

Ferris Fallout 2006-04-25
Tom Ferris of Security Protocols is an acknowledged security researcher previously employed by eEye Digital Security, Foundstone Corporation, and the United States Department of Defense. He reported seven security holes to Apple at the beginning of this year. After waiting two months for a response and a fix, he went public with the information.

Don't Whine - WINE 2006-04-14
Boot Camp sucks. Get with the program.

Macintosh System 7 2006-04-14
Nostalgia isn't what it used to be.

Saving Apple 2006-04-10
Apple have proved not that Unix security is weak but that Apple security and Apple security procedures are weak. OS X users are left hanging with little or no information and waiting for security fixes that just don't come.

The Mythical Kingdom of Moronia 2006-04-06
It's washed up in the sea. Somewhere below Atlantis. It's washed up.

A Word on Gruber 2006-04-03
Actually more like 5,000. But it's about time.

Still Waiting 2006-04-01
Apple have proved not that Unix security is weak but that Apple security and Apple security procedures are weak. OS X users are left hanging with little or no information and waiting for security fixes that just don't come.

Safety Rules 2006-03-25
The Internet's no good if it's dangerous but acting as if it isn't is stupid.

How to be Popular with Your Boss I 2006-03-21
For programmers. Learning the 'right' way to code to get ahead. First in a series.

How to Sell Successfully in the Shareware Industry 2006-03-21
A practical guide to making your first million. Or billion.

/Library FAQ 2006-03-16
Here's what you need to do to harden your system regardless of OS X version.

It's Not Just Apple It's The Whole Happy Mac Family 2006-03-15
Rabbit holes: they're easy to fall into but they're not easy to climb back out of.

Hacking Unix 101 2006-03-11
An elementary outline of the task of getting root.

Outsourcing Security 2006-03-09
Alphasubzero949 tells an interesting tale.

Of Executables & Icons, Files & Documents 2006-03-08
And how they relate on Windows, Unix, and OS X.

Posted at Macworld 2006-03-08
'How do we get the message to Apple that security trumps everything else?'

Perimeters 2006-03-02
Apple have at long last released a security update which supposedly addresses the three holes found a fortnight ago. Strangely, this update doesn't have everyone feeling all fuzzy inside.

Resetting the Immutables 2006-02-27
How you go about using input managers when you really need to.

The Immutables 2006-02-27
Why - and how - the 'input manager cure' works.

Input Managers - The Cure 2006-02-27
There are a lot of snake oil cures for input managers exploits out there. This isn't one of them.

Oomp-A: Hardening the Arteries Against the Chocolate 2006-02-16
OK: so Apple haven't yet put their file system in the trash bin of oblivion where it belongs - what can you do?

Peeking Inside the Chocolate Tunnel 2006-02-16
Oompa Loompa hits Apple.

Re: Spyware warriors call for action 2006-02-10
A direct challenge to the BBC technology news team.

Windows OneCare Live 2006-02-08
Microsoft's new security product goes on sale in June.

Religions Must Be Challenged 2006-02-05
Here we are rid of the oppressors.

Taking Back the Web 2006-02-04
Got a fat pipe? A really fat one?

You cannot save this document 2006-01-28
The day Linux gives the Mac diagnostic that you can't open a file because you don't have the application is the day Linux becomes non-Unix.

Hacking the AWS 2006-01-23
Adding your own custom crafted ACP web services.

Coopertrue 2006-01-14
Ignorance is strength.

'If you can't type - click.' 2006-01-10
You don't even have to think a lot to be playing it smart.

Business & Freak 2006-01-10
What did they see?

Don't Help Them 2006-01-02
Do yourself a favour. And enjoy the holidays.

Inside the Bundle 2005-12-27
There's a huge difference between software on Windows and OS X.

OS X Server 2005-12-25
'Thank you for buying what is supposed to be small enterprise level software - now, there are some areas of the system you really shouldn't have access to.'

A Christmas Carol:
A Day in the Life of Windows Losers
'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house not a creature was stirring - save two blokes discussing IT and a girl munching macadamia nuts and reading a book.

Arnie's Being Erased 2005-12-21
Nothing much is connecting him anywhere anymore.

Ran Out 2005-12-14
We have his true lies as incontrovertible evidence.

Running Out 2005-12-11
Propriety can be a mother in law.

Don't Do It Arnie 2005-12-09
Show us - the world - what kind of hero you really can be.

YASIYDIY 2005-12-09
Food for thought.

The Zero Time Stamp Timeout 2005-11-19
When only 100% protection is good enough.

4350557 2005-11-19
When unacceptable behaviour is accepted.

Clean Machines 2005-11-15
'We don't use our computer much. It's not infected.'

Forget Message 2005-11-10
Viva la difference: run loops in Windows and OS X.

NSAutoreleasePool 2005-11-09
Memory management Cocoa style.

NCE - The OS X No Code Editor 3 2005-11-08
Do you still think OS X needs text editors for $179?

Why Pascal is Not My Favorite Programming Language 2005-10-27
Reproduced in its entirety.

Weapox 2005-10-17
You have to invite them in.

Windows is a Better Desktop? 2005-10-12
The suits must be in charge of this one.

The Features War 2005-10-03
There is no features war. The media will tell you there is but there is none. Get over it.

Of ThinkPads & Trojans 2005-10-03
Equipped with the XPT and a rocket science knowledge of how Windows works, you can - in theory - survive. But lacking in either you don't stand a chance.

Windows Requires Work Which Hinders Use 2005-09-28
Someone looking for an unusually portable portable gets advice from a family member. This someone already switched to Apple but seems to not have got the punch line yet. Here it comes.

Nitty Gritty 2005-09-26
Nitty gritty. Brass tacks. When it all comes around. At the end of the day.

Wintel Hardware Quality 2005-09-25
Windows isn't enough of an insult: the physical machines have to be junk as well.

About Rob Enderle 2005-09-25
The way to success and riches. Follow his life. Learn.

My Opinion 2005-09-25
Rixstep's new agony aunt column by famous tech analyst Rob Enderle.

Cool Clever Stuff with CLIX III 2005-09-23
A look at sysctl.

Cool Clever Stuff with CLIX II 2005-09-21
A look at netstat.

File Management Macintosh Style 2005-09-19
Sometimes it's easier to just cross the street.

Awards, Knighthoods, Doctor Hats 2005-09-05
A manifesto. Those who are today protective of their fearless leader have abused him worse than anyone in the past. Time does not heal all wounds, nor does it necessarily forgive.

The Sky is Falling 2005-09-05
It's been said Maccies are continually alerting the rest of the world to the fact the sky is falling. Maybe their dream is about to come true.

Fraud Detection and Prevention 2005-09-01
Don't let the wrong merchant unlock your store.

The OPENSTEP Standard 2005-08-28
It's not an operating system but it expects one.

NSDocument 2005-08-27
A look at Cocoa document-based application architecture.

How Windows is @#$%ing You 2005-08-20
Vista won't change a thing.

The Vista Screenshots 2005-08-19
Most likely you'll find nothing.

How to Hack OS X x86 2005-08-18
Those who held out hope Apple were smarter than Microsoft have been crushed.

OS X x86 FAQ 2005-08-16
The questions keep coming in.

Service Pack 3 2005-08-02
Two roads diverged in a Seattle wood.

Oops! 2005-07-28
Shadow is not additive: objects directly in front of one another cast the same shadow, not a darker one.

A Weird Bug 2005-07-25
As so often before, when a 'quirk' rears its head in the futuristic world of Apple's reincarnation of NeXTSTEP, old MacOS and the Maccies lurk around the corner.

G8: What You Need To Do 2005-07-05
Poverty kills.

The OS X Pasteboard 2005-07-02
A look at a few Cocoa internals.

What You Need To Do 2005-07-02
You care about your platform; you want to see it survive; here's what you need to do.

Shooting Flies 2005-06-28
It's been there from the get-go.

A Third Chance 2005-06-14
Don't blow it again.

Where'd It Go II 2005-06-04
An appendix to a David Pogue appendix.

Cookie Tin Tips V 2005-05-30
A heady look at the Unix file system.

Cookie Tin Tips IV 2005-05-30
Where to put new software on your OS X computer.

The Target-Action Paradigm 2005-05-29
Of ad hoc copycats.

Cookie Tin Tips III 2005-05-29
About OS X application architecture.

Cookie Tin Tips II 2005-05-29
A first look at Unix and OS X.

Cookie Tin Tips I 2005-05-29
An history of Unix, Smalltalk, NeXTSTEP, and OS X.

Disable Tiger Features 2005-05-28
It's great stuff! OK, now let's turn it off.

Spotlight on Spotlight 2005-05-23
A brief look at Apple's new search technology.

Losing Control? 2005-05-23
There's no need to.

Top Ten Cleanups 2005-05-23
Go down in the cellar and check up on the hired help.

TTY Tickets 2005-05-21
Close the sudo piggyback hole.

A Stunning Technical Achievement 2005-05-17
Without a doubt, Mac OS X is a stunning technical achievement. But beware its name.

Be Nice With Nice 2005-05-16
About Unix process priorities.

Cocoa & OS X 2005-05-15
Cocoa is mature, consistent, and broad.

Mac Worm X 2005-05-10
'Hi! I found this great Dashboard widget! Try it out!'

Dudley Dursley's Dilemma 2005-05-03
He had no choice.

Binary Property Lists 2005-05-03
MS ActiveUserHostility™ in Tiger? You can get around it - for now.

ACP, AWS, CLIX, & Tiger 2005-05-03
The Apple APIs - the Cocoa AppKit and Foundation - are the result of a lot of serious design thinking and implementation, dating way back to the NeXT years in Redwood City. They're not haphazard and they're extremely well implemented.

Is It Unix? 2005-04-17
What will MDM say?

OS X Bibliography 2005-04-14
It's more than an operating system - it's a way of thinking.

Cowboys and Maccies 2005-03-28
Uncle Steve would grin from ear to ear.

Client Side, Server Side, Dark Side 2005-03-25
Make them do it right.

iPod Therefore iPay 2005-03-21
Something is really missing here.

Windows Workshop 2005-03-19
Answers to frequently asked questions about keeping your MS® system in trim.

A Path to Unix 2005-03-15
Things/have/changed - they're:not:like:they:used:to:be.

Unsane 2005-03-14
Never attribute to malice that which can be explained by outright stupidity.

init 2005-02-14
A brief look at the Unix boot process.

Accessing Web Services Painlessly And Effortlessly 2005-01-03
The web has hundreds of powerful search engines; all you have to do is learn how to access them directly from your desktop - with a compact piece of free software.

Yours Mine & Ours II 2004-11-19
When your perimeter breaks and all you've got to defend you is Finder, you've really got no defence at all.

volfs 2004-11-15
Putting the horse before the cart: too radical an approach?

Cool Clever Stuff With CLIX 2004-11-14
OS X boxes have 900+ Unix programs; all you have to do is access and get acquainted with them.

Gonna Switch? 2004-10-18
Reasons why you should - and perhaps should not - migrate to Apple.

Literacy is a precious thing; AOL should invest more in it.

What They're Good For 2004-09-23
They're already plenty good.

NCE - The OS X No Code Editor 2 2004-08-29
Adding I/O in five minutes or less.

Viva La Difference 2004-08-29
A short look at Objective-C.

NCE - The OS X No Code Editor 1 2004-08-25
All legacy text apps for all versions of MacOS are outdated. Here's why.

Slop 2004-08-16
Bloat is bad. Bloat means bugs, and bugs means vulnerabilities, and vulnerabilities lead to exploits.

Cool vs Cool 2004-08-02
What is 'cool'? Why aren't Microsoft and Windows cool? How cool is Steve Jobs anyway?

Fork-U-2 2004-08-02
A site visitor sends a URL, a quote, and a question.

Yours Mine & Ours 2004-07-25
Personal computing isn't personal anymore, and the personal computer isn't personal either.

3rd Party Software 2004-07-14
What Apple put on your computer is one thing; what 3rd party vendors try to put on it is something else.

Defaults 2004-07-14
Windows users would love to have it so good.

Unix 101 2004-07-12
A walk through classic Unix, a bit of practical info, a lot of OS philosophy.

Unicodification 2004-07-09
It's fun to search for things in Chinese - even if you haven't a clue what you're looking at. The web - and computer science both - are growing up.

ls(c)d 2004-07-04
Time for some mind-blowing experiments. A bit of philosophy and a bit of learning. Work work work, learn learn learn. For Unix n00bs only.

What To Do (To Be Secure) 2004-07-02
Windows is and will always be an insecure standalone system. It is not suitable for Internet use. If you're running Windows, get offline or get Unix before the attackers get you.

Zeroes Are Nice 2004-07-01
Inside .DS_Store.

3662262 2004-06-21
Back to HFS.

The Wizards of OS X 2004-06-19
When it's only smoke and mirrors.

OS X Menus 3 2004-06-01
About ACP Service Manager Pro.

OS X Menus 2 2004-05-19
Aka 'smashing Cocoa for fun and profit part two'.

OS X Menus 1 2004-05-19
Aka 'smashing Cocoa for fun and profit part one'.

Shortcuts 2004-05-10
OS X keyboard secrets.

HFS+ 2003-11-02
Taking a walk in the orchard.

NeXT's Objective-C 2003-08-26
From 'PC Week'.

Cocoa & Cash 2003-04-18
A quick look at a bit of NeXTSTEP's 'Wall St API'.

The Secure Delete Hoax 2003-03-14
Privacy ins & outs - how to not get bamboozled by the rainmakers.

Hidden Files 2003-01-12
Ignorance might be bliss, but knowledge is fun.

Cocoa Books 2002-11-15
Seeing the forest for the weeds.

New Tricks, Old Dogs 2002-10-20
Trekking from Windows to OS X.

An HiSToRY of NeXT 2002-10-20
And a CoOL $429 MiLLiON.

Bundles 2002-10-20
A look at OS X application architecture.

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