The NeXTonian


NeXT had two basic computer units: the NeXTcube and the NeXTstation. The NeXTcube was first to market. Later versions of the NeXTstation had colour screens capable of rendering 4,096 colours - 'near photographic quality'.

The NeXTcube


The NeXTcube was first previewed on 12 October 1988; its official release came on 18 September 1990, along with NeXTSTEP 2.0 and the NeXTstation. Tim Berners-Lee invented the Web on a NeXTcube.

The NeXTstation


The NeXTstation was a 'slab' which fit under the computer monitor. Later models sported a dazzling colour graphic interface.



Inside the NeXTcube and the NeXTstation. Click on either image for a full-screen shot.

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