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Watching the world grow up. Or fall apart.

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Panic in Pandemic 2022-06-14
Fuck Bill. Don't take unnecessary chances.

Bigger Than Jeopardy! 2021-12-24
Stupidity is destructive.

Sneaky Sneaky! 2021-12-21
No other program on Apple's wobbly platform could carry that off. None.

Practices in Programming 2021-09-29
Open source is the way to go?

Tim Cook's Ivory Hecker Moment 2021-07-29
'I hope they don't get rid of curl.'

1918 2021-05-15
They didn't know anything about viruses back then.

The Age of Literacy 2021-04-05
Where was Tracker?

Apple Make You Paranoid Yet? 2021-04-03
Jeffrey seems to have a forgiving nature. Do you?

Baywatch Time 2021-03-21
They have to make do.

Apple Simple 2021-03-15
It's that kind of world.

Why We Don't Upgrade to Big Sur 2021-03-14
Déjà vu all over again.

The Resistance 2021-02-23
For now we have one priority.

For Katharina, Wherever We May Find Her 2021-02-09
She wrote once and we wrote back. Now she's gone.

Demonitise Google 2021-02-04
They're murderers.

Epitaph 2020-12-15
Good fish.

Apple: Fight the Rot 2020-11-29
No one likes Apple anymore.

Pushers & Hookers 2020-11-28
Kick back. Enjoy the show.

Apple Suicide Fanboys 2020-11-19
Off the cliff.

Apple Mercenaries 2020-09-09
Despite the media hype, Apple's cryptographic seals are not secure.

The Six-Hour Binge 2020-08-21
If you write it they will come.

The End of Civilisation 2020-08-10
As we know it - welcome to the Brave New World.

A Support System 2020-07-19
Everything leads underground.

Big Sur Morlocks 2020-06-30
'Don't stand there like fatted cattle - answer me!'

The Road Ends in Mojave 2020-06-30
It doesn't go to Big Sur.

#FuckCorona 2020-03-28
'I'm standing here, holding a man who can't breathe.'

A Murderous System 2020-03-14
There'd have been no case.

Your Morning Marmalade 2019-11-06
What side do you put your marmelade on?

Don't Bet Against IBM 2019-11-03
Big Blue forked over $34 billion.

Bilyana Martinovsky Released 2019-10-18
'They humiliated me.'

Apple's Truman Show 2019-09-17
'There's no more truth out there than there is in the world I created for you.'

One Word 2019-09-11
Or perhaps two.

Reflections on Woodstock's 50 2019-08-15
You just need the opportunity.

A Gucci Attaché 2019-08-11
How Apple would have fared better.

Cruz Grills Google 2019-07-20
This could be an interrogation of Vito Corleone.

Crenshaw Grills Google 2019-07-20
Five minutes of one ginormous soundbite.

Svensk strävan 2019-07-07
Vilhelm Moberg, 1941.

Lekeberg 2019-07-01
Words can't.

Louis Flips Grandma the Bird - Twice 2019-06-19
Somebody got owned.

Locked in the Garden 2019-06-02
Here comes the WWDC.

WhatsUp With WhatsApp 2019-05-16
So far it's not enough.

An OS Vendor 2019-05-03
Something Apple will never accept, even begrudgingly.

We Want Back Our Sensible Sweden 2019-04-28
By Katerina Janouch. Translated by this site.

Hello from Finland 2019-04-27
A greeting to Sweden found on YouTube.

Too Much Cook Spoils the Mac? 2019-04-03
'He came from Compaq, after all.'

Kindergartens 2019-03-07
Because people are stupid. And sheeple.

What is the Radix? 2019-02-09
The age of the mobile.

Who to Trust 2018-08-10
And who not to.

Palace Square 2017-09-07
Time to party.

From Stockholm to Prague 2017-06-24
Where is Per Albin? Where is Tage? Where is OLOF?

Sweden's Dangerous Minds 2017-06-23
Pfeiffer wouldn't know what hit her.

Morality Police & Gossip-Mongers 2017-04-05
Translated from the original by Kaziva Sadafi.

Να με Προσέχεις 2017-01-06
Rick and Rachel would have been here. This would have been their first stop.

Time to Move On? 2016-12-18
Apple have had it. Posted to the forum.

Doug & Jony 2016-12-12
Clean clicks and thin machines.

Fake News for Monday 28 November 2016 2016-11-28
Sleep is one way out.

We're Living in an Increasingly Dangerous World 2016-08-11
Translated from the original.

Vi lever i en allt farligare värld 2016-08-11
From Skånska Dagbladet. For Swedish visitors.

#ChilcotEve 2016-07-05
Never forget, never forgive.

What Was it Steve Jobs Used to Say? 2015-07-23
He said it many times. Remember?

Slow Death of Flash 2015-07-14
Small steps. So very very slowly.

RIP IE 2015-03-18
Not a day too soon. But will anything change?

Takeaway from Ballmer's WSJ 2013-11-17
Correcting rewritten history.

CryptoLocker's Cruel Joke 2013-11-02
But will the Windows eejits get it?

Killing Off Vicious Evil Windows Malware Part 1,000,001 2013-04-05
Shame. Originally published at Radsoft.

Apple & The Grey 2013-02-19
It's time to add some colour.

Yahoo! SQL Injections! Don't Expose Passwords! 2012-07-12
Somebody needs to pay for this.

#Embed2012 2012-04-24
What's it all about? Watch the clip.

'I Hate Apple' 2011-08-02
Apple haters are worse than Apple fanboys.

Microsoft's Rustock Reward Doesn't Spin 2011-07-25
Redmond propaganda provides no protection from the truth.

Re: Apple's 10.7 Distribution 2011-06-09
And in no particular order. By Mack Diesel. From the forum.

The Spotify Bait 'n' Switch 2011-04-16
But has Daniel Ek really gone over to the Dark Side?

A Lowest Common Denominator 2010-10-21
Can you guess my name?

The Steve Gambit 2010-10-20
As predicted.

The In-Laws 2010-10-10
When everything comes together.

Ten Years, Millions of Attacks, Billions of Dollars in Damages - And Nothing Learnt 2010-09-11
The ten-year puberty of the world wide web in the New Millennium has been a costly fiasco.

Secure the Internet? 2010-09-07
Mack Diesel levels off against TPTB.

Political Prisoner Terry Childs 2010-08-07
They shoot horses, don't they?

Tall Apple Syndrome 2010-07-25
'There's a shitstorm coming. You'll see it coming soon.'

In the Line of Fire 2010-07-20
Duck. And diversify.

Censorship Fracas Inside the Walled Garden 2010-07-14
'Consumer Reports', 'class action lawsuit': fighting words.

The Times 2010-07-03
Going down the drain.

Microsoft's Next of Kin 2010-06-22
Can they be fully off track again?

Freedom 2010-06-15
When something you think you own actually owns you instead.

Papier Mâché Revolutionary 2010-06-14
Changing the world?

Thoughts on D8 2010-06-10
And on Steve Jobs' interview.

Steve Jobs Is Right Again 2010-06-10
Frame it.

Back Burner 2010-06-09
A pretty cool place to be.

Under the Bus 2010-06-08
Where to find OS X.

Ten Years After 2010-06-01
Now watch the Windows fanboys try to wiggle out of this one.

Google Moving to Mac OS X 2010-06-01
Or Linux. 'Linux is open source and we feel good about it. Microsoft we don't feel so good about.'

Those Unproductive Mac Blogs 2010-05-27
A colossal waste of time.

Steve Wrote to Me!!one! 2010-05-25
And I have proof!!one!

iMetro 2010-05-25
iPhenomenally ignorant.

The Pirate Gambit 2010-05-21
Sweden's Pirate Party starting to turn a corrupt political system inside out.

What Happened to Facebook? 2010-05-05
And what happens to Facebook users? Do they care? Nah!

What Happens to OS X? 2010-05-03
The future of Apple's computer OS grows more uncertain.

Jobs: Thoughts on Flash 2010-04-29
Bye bye Adobe?

The Microsoft VFAT Patent 2010-04-24
A sign of disintegration.

Steve Jobs is Right 2010-04-17
It's not just Adobe's Flash that sucks.

Safe Browsing for googlecontent.com 2010-04-12
Teh Googles hosting malware, infecting Windows sites? Nasty.

Dear Mr Foo 2010-04-12
'I'm part of the solution.'

Live CD Makes Mainstream 2010-03-26
Can this be possible?

Troyak Struggles for Life 2010-03-19
So does Internet. But Bill and his orcs don't care, do they?

Google Sponsor Internet Freedom Award 2010-03-16
Don't remind them you're doing evil.

The Difference 2010-03-12
They know they've failed but they're still too thick to know what works.

Rick Falkvinge OSCON 2007 2010-03-11
Summing up the digital debate in fifteen minutes is quite the achievement.

Lower Merion Fallout 2010-03-06
'Where are you right now?'

The Road Ahead 2010-03-04
The road is dark and dreary. Someone's blocking the light.

The iSEC Aurora Report 2010-03-01
Tough news for Windows shops.

The Right to Know 2010-02-24
Nobody's telling.

Keep the Customer Confused 2010-01-26
Someone was asleep the last half year.

It's the System, Stupid 2010-01-26
It's not the browser.

Your Weakest Link 2010-01-25
Fill in the blank yourself.

The Internet Should Be a Quiet Place 2010-01-15
Time for neighbourhood watch?

Zuckerberg Doesn't Want Privacy 2010-01-12
Only for himself.

Apple Can Cancel 2010-01-08
The tables seem to have turned. Apple fanboys chill out and Microsoft fanboys are suddenly terrified the sky is falling.

A Patented Golf Putting Method 2010-01-04
Tiger Woods is in trouble even if he does come back.

This Book May Not Be Read Aloud 2010-01-04
Alice getting screwed by Adobe.

USPTO: Method of Swinging on a Swing (6368227) 2010-01-04
Licences available from the inventor on request.

Patents Kill 2010-01-03
So where do they go?

The New Year's McAfee Scare 2009-12-31
They never miss an opportunity.

The Failure of the iPhone's Success 2009-12-18
A line in the sand?

Dear Steve Jobs 2009-12-18
Gone too far.

Apple as the Gestapo? 2009-12-18
A delectable confection for the holiday season.

Artist Revenues Increase with Weaker Copyright 2009-12-16
The record industry is irrelevant. By Rick Falkvinge.

Schneier on Schmidt 2009-12-15
Putting the little Schmidt in its place.

Mother Constriction 2009-12-08
It's nothing new.

The Problem with Music 2009-12-07
Some of your friends are probably already this fucked.

Orwell Didn't Know Shit 2009-12-07
And they call themselves christians.

Apple's Mistake 2009-11-24
Apple as evil? One thing leads to another.

WW3 2009-11-08
The week started well.

Shatterblast From the Past: A Windows Achilles Heel 2009-11-05
A matter of national security?

Broken Promises 2009-10-29
Waiting for the other one billion shoes to drop.

The Day the Earth Stood Still 2009-10-21
Windows 7 is Windows XP with the Windows Vista cosmetics.

Secure Computing with Windows 2009-10-20
It's getting to the point where it's no fun anymore.

Mere Conduit 2009-10-03
Required reading.

Don't Shoot the ISPs! 2009-09-30
They already have an impossible task.

Nothing to Recommend? 2009-09-30
Charlie Brooker doesn't like anything.

The Walled Garden 2009-09-19
Of hackers and Apple.

CEO Gadget 2009-08-10
Steve Jobs doesn't go for market share. He'd have to be a player to do that. By Tony 'Tokyo' Rhoades.

Apple Being Apple 2009-07-30
Right now they can't much get away from being dirt.

Watch out AAPL, MSFT: GOOG are taking over 2009-07-30
Apple are grass and Google are the lawnmower.

What's Your Price? 2009-07-28
The price is never right. Never.

No More Excuses for Anti-Pirates 2009-07-15
We've given them a solution. By Peter Sunde.

All Quiet on the Windows Front? 2009-07-08
Yeah things are really quiet over there.

Windows Se7en: Crappiest Graphics in the Industry 2009-06-30
Where does all the money go? By Tony 'Tokyo' Rhoades.

Hey MSFT Guys! 2009-06-29
First in a series. By Tony 'Tokyo' Rhoades.

Two Travesties, One Day 2009-06-26
Corruption and judicial decay. By Rick Falkvinge.

A Bad Thursday 2009-06-26
Things could have been worse.

How Lucky Do You Feel? 2009-06-20
Do you have enough money? By Mack Diesel.

A French Preview 2009-05-14
Coming soon to a theatre near you. By Rick Falkvinge.

K Versus the Machine 2009-05-14
A dystopian nightmare by Franz Orwell.

The NeXT Generation of Application Icons 2009-05-10
From placeholder to work of art.

Form or Function 2009-05-05
Why OO works and the others fail.

The New Open Sauce Desktops 2009-05-05
Who was it said form was over function?

My Speech 2009-04-18
Saturday 18 April 2009. By Rick Falkvinge.


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