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Linux not standing in wait as Microsoft sinks its own ship.

By Tom Adelstein.


This is a very good article. A VERY good article. Blonde sent the link in. She's done a lot of work for us over the years. You can read contributions by her here, here, here, here, and here.

Her identity is super-secret and will remain so, but it can be said she's spent considerable time in Hollywood and rubbed shoulders with the rich and famous and has been using SuSE almost since it first appeared. She's an open source and Unix advocate like few others. And her perhaps best quote ever is:

'I'd like to take Bill Gates over my lap and give him a good spanking.'

She really understands and hates the little creep like few others and has devoted considerable time to researching him and his sordid company (as seen in her open reply to his infamous 'you steal your software' letter).

Anyway, back to Adelstein. Adelstein has provided us with great quotes. See here and search for his name. But this time he's done his research and sees, as Charlie Demerjian before him, Microsoft going down the drain.

And yet I get the distinct feeling he doesn't take OS X seriously.

Only a few minutes earlier Scott sent a link to a program we'd already seen: Services Scrubber. And as I switched between Adelstein's article and the blurb on Services Scrubber, I wasn't sure I did either.

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