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Pigs to the slaughter.

Finally. A forever after the tsunami catastrophe Sweden's constitution committee finally condemned the incumbent Persson and his cabinet for their notoriously (yet typically) arrogant treatment of the emergency. Former minister Laila Freivalds was forced (by Persson) to resign last week after the criticism became too much for his regime to withstand. Now the committee deliver another long awaited (and appreciated) blow: Sweden doesn't need a Huey Long, never had one before, and doesn't want one again.

The subcommittee unanimously slapped Persson for the following.

  • He saw the news on Sky News but did not even try to get more information.
  • He should have convened an emergency cabinet meeting but did not. Too much holiday partying. Too many millions to spend with Miss Piggy Anitra Steen.
  • He should have made it immediately clear there were no financial restrictions on emergency aid.
  • He is the one who is ultimately responsible for the ability of all government departments to handle emergencies.
  • He should have kept the government in a state of preparedness, organised rehearsals for emergency situations, etc.
  • He should have contacted the fucking king.
Chairman of the subcommittee Göran Lennmarker says: 'Our criticism is very serious. Persson says he takes responsibility but what we are looking for but do not find is genuine ambition to fix things and improve them after what happened.'

Worst out is of course the redoubtable Laila Freivalds who at the time the news reached Sweden was in her theatre box. She got a call on her cellphone giving her the basic outline and extent of the catastrophe and her reaction was classic: she waited three months to see this play so she wasn't going anywhere. The tsunami would have to wait. And in fact waited while she stayed home for a few more days undeserved rest and did not contact her office or let them again contact her for over forty eight hours.

The subcommittee had this to say about her.
  • As head of the foreign department she was responsible for information not being disseminated as it should.
  • Her department were not prepared for a catastrophe involving Swedes abroad.
  • She did not seek more information despite the alarming call she received while sitting on her obscenely plump buttocks in the theatre. She made no further enquiries whatsoever.
  • She didn't instigate an emergency meeting of the government and make a decision on the financing of emergency aid.
  • Her department did not have support systems to strengthen contacts with the public, the embassy in Bangkok, or the consulate in Phuket.
  • She was personally responsible for the difficulties encountered when trying to evacuate Swedes from the area and organise transport for them to medical facilities.
  • She didn't have her department rehearse a catastrophe scenario.
  • She was one of those responsible for the poor interplay between the government departments involved in the scandal.
Four additional cabinet members were condemned in the committee's decision. Defence minister Leni Björklund was home sick when the tsunami hit but was fit enough to watch the news on television and keep well informed yet made no effort to spread information to others in her department. And illness or no, she was the one ultimately responsible for the preparedness of her department in times of crisis.

Foreign aid minister Carin Jämtin (yes they're all women) should have alerted Mister Pig and Theatre Lover but didn't bother. She should also have hurried the efforts of the emergency services to and in Thailand but again didn't bother.

Medicare minister Ylva Johansson should have remained on duty for the entire duration of the emergency action but instead, fully aware of the crisis evolving, opted instead to continue with her plans for a holiday in the Canary Islands [sic] a full THREE DAYS after she'd been informed of the catastrophe.

Johansson should also have actively helped Laila's foreign department with medical support - which again she did not. (But admittedly it's difficult to do this if you're already lying on a beach in Gran Canaria soaking up the sun.)

Finally minister of finance Pär Nuder (pronounced 'neuter' because that's what he is, especially with his pretentiously spelled name) should have worked for a decision on the financing of emergency services - and like all the others did absolutely nothing.

The opposition parties are now considering a vote of confidence against Piggie. One thing is certain: Persson and his hoods long ago lost the confidence of the Swedish people.

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