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20070220,00 — Andrew Myers in Country of Sweden

Andrew Myers works for the US FBI. See Andrew. See Andrew work. Sometimes Andrew talks. For example, he talked on 11 May last year. He talked about 'Game Piracy: Protecting Your Product'. Andrew talks too much.

Sometimes Andrew flies. See Andrew fly. See Andrew fly to foreign countries. See Andrew fly to Sweden.

Andrew might pick up a paycheck from the FBI but he also works for the MPAA. See Andrew. See the MPAA dangling their puppet. See the puppet swing. Swing swing, dangle dangle.

Two weeks ago six of Sweden's finest got diplomas. They now officially understand copyright law, the art of file sharing - and basically everything about the Internet and its technology.

See the police at their academy. See how they study and learn.

The lucky six also got a look at 'camcording' (you hold a cam on your shoulder in the theatre - tricky) and 'topsites' - the super-secret file sharing servers no one can find.

Andrew Myers had assistance from two fine upstanding patriotic Swedes: Peter Bergström, well paid lackey for the MPAA in Sweden; and Henrik Pontén, well paid lackey for the MPAA in Sweden.

The seminar took place at the police academy in Sörentorp (Ulriksdal) outside Stockholm on 24 January. Representatives of all Swedish police districts were invited. The attendee list is classified 'TOP SECRET'.

According to Bertil Ramsell, chief of Swedish police education, the purpose of the seminar was to give the invited speakers the chance to explain their operations; but in a report from the International Intellectual Property Alliance (IIPA) it was instead an opportunity for the MPAA to give the version of the file sharing story they're so in love with.

In the IIPA report the seminar is described as 'training and education for the Swedish police'. According to the same report, the IIPA are planning further seminars in Sweden in 2007.

Marianne Hilton (the family name not insignificant) who is in charge of courses and seminars at the police academy defends her decision to invite the MPAA and the FBI.

'I have all confidence in those who've organised this seminar. We're always in contact with other organisations, and if we feel they have something to offer us we'll invite them to our country. It's only about making our police better at their jobs. It's not unusual at all.'

But inviting US lobby organisations to Sweden?

'We often invite volunteer organisations that are related to our work.'

Can foreign lobby organisations be allowed the opportunity to influence the work of the Swedish police?

'They don't influence our work simply by speaking at a seminar! They come with skills and knowledge which they present to us! They don't control our educational process! Holding a seminar means inviting different groups with different perspectives!'

Ah! So you'd consider inviting members of the Pirate Bureau and the Pirate Party?

'No. Not at this time.'

Henrik? Marianne? Peter? You brought foreign powers - foreign commercial and military powers - to Swedish soil. That makes you guilty of treason. Not to speak of crimes against humanity.

Andrew Myers? Get the fuck out of our country. Take your scumbag friends with you.

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