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Netscape and NeXT Team



Companies to Collaborate on Software for Intranets and Corporate Web Sites

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA, and REDWOOD CITY, CA -- July 17, 1996 -- Netscape Communications Corporation and NeXT Software today announced that they will work together to deliver software solutions that allow corporate customers to create enterprise Intranets and Web sites using products from both companies. The new alliance covers joint marketing, sales, support, and training.

Under the terms of the agreement, Netscape and NeXT will work together to help customers succeed in deploying live, online applications based on software from both companies. The combination of Netscape SuiteSpot(TM) server software for building Intranets, Netscape Navigator Gold(TM) premium client software for Internet publishing and NeXT's WebObjects Enterprise application development environment lays the foundation for corporate customers to develop dynamic Web applications for corporate Intranets and the Internet.

"Netscape and NeXT are two of our strategic partners in creating and delivering successful Web applications and we are delighted that they are working together to provide a total solution," said Bert Ellis, chairman and CEO of IXL (a multimedia company specializing in interactive communications based out of Atlanta, GA). "With Netscape's internet client and server software and NeXT's WebObjects we are leveraging the Web internally and extending it to our customers to reach our business goal of increased marketshare and productivity. We are currently using these combined technologies to produce a major travel related site."

"As a leading developer of Internet tools and technologies, NeXT is a great example of how companies can leverage the Netscape software platform of clients, servers and tools to provide complete Intranet solutions for corporate customers," said Jim Barksdale, president and CEO of Netscape. "Together, Netscape and NeXT are making it easy for customers to leverage the open standards of the Internet to build full service Intranets including the development of online applications for corporate communication, collaboration and data access."

"We are looking forward to continued momentum in the Intranet market with Netscape, an Internet pioneer and success story," said Steven P. Jobs, chairman and CEO of NeXT Software. "NeXT and Netscape are providing proven technology to corporations around the world who are looking to bring their business to the Web."

The WebObjects product line offers a cross-platform and language independent development environment for delivering interactive, scalable, server-based web applications for both the Internet and the enterprise. NeXT's WebObjects Enterprise brings a corporation's entire computing infrastructure to the Web without having to rewrite data and applications. WebObjects is an Intranet application development environment that can easily integrate multiple vendor's databases, legacy mainframe systems, SAP applications, and OLE-based applications into a single Web-based application which can be distributed across multiple servers. WebObjects can also incorporate popular Web technologies such as Java(TM), JavaScript(TM), VRML, and Shockwave. WebObjects is based on proven technology that is enabling customers such as Merrill Lynch, Motorola, Reebok International Ltd, and The Sharper Image to deploy their applications on the Web.

Netscape SuiteSpot is an integrated suite of cross-platform Web server software that brings the open standards of the Internet to corporate Intranets. Netscape SuiteSpot includes the following six components: Netscape Enterprise Server(TM)software industrial-strength Web server software for distributing and managing information throughout an enterprise, Netscape Catalog Server(TM)software for maintaining Internet resources such as documents and electronic mail addresses, Netscape Proxy Server(TM) software for replicating and filtering access to Web-based content, Netscape Mail Server(TM) software for open standards-based Internet messaging, Netscape News Server(TM) software for creating discussion groups, and Netscape LiveWire Pro for managing Web sites and creating live online applications.

Netscape Navigator Gold is the leading client side software for creating, editing and viewing Web-based content. Netscape Navigator Gold 3.0, now available in beta form on the Netscape Internet site, combines the features of the recently introduced Netscape Navigator 3.0 with easy-to-use Internet and Intranet publishing capabilities, enabling WYSIWYG creation of Web documents that can include Live Objects such as Java(TM), JavaScript(TM), audio or video. Netscape Navigator Gold enables users on corporate Intranets and the Internet to easily create interactive documents based on HTML (HyperText Markup Language). The documents can be posted to a company's internal Web or news server, sent as electronic mail or posted on the Internet.

The combined Netscape and NeXT products provide a complete solution for corporations looking to build enterprise applications for Intranets. For optimum performance and scalability, the WebObjects application environment integrates with Netscape's server products through their server APIs (NSAPI) on a variety of server operating systems. Applications are then executed through Netscape Navigator and can also utilize client-enhancing technologies such as Java, JavaScript, audio, and video.

Netscape Communications Corporation is a premier provider of open software for linking people and information over enterprise networks and the Internet. The company offers a full line of clients, servers, development tools and commercial applications to create a complete platform for next-generation, live online applications. Traded on NASDAQ under the symbol"NSCP," Netscape Communications Corporation is based in Mountain View, California.

NeXT Software, Inc.

NeXT delivers an open development environment for building custom applications for both the World Wide Web and the Enterprise. NeXT's development software adds value to today's business by shortening the development cycle, working with an organization's existing technology, supporting current and emerging standards, and enabling organizations to grow and change with ease. Providing its customers with a combination of award-winning software and professional services, NeXT delivers real-world solutions.

NeXT Software, Inc. is headquartered in Redwood City, California, and has offices in North America, London, Paris, Munich, and Tokyo.

For more information call 1-800-TRY-NeXT.

Additional information on Netscape Communications Corporation is available on the Internet at http://home.netscape.com, by sending email to info@netscape.com. Corporate customers can call 415-937-2555 while consumers can call 415-937-3777 for more information.

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