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CyberSlice Press Release



Powered by WebObjects, CyberSlice's Innovative Commerce Site Integrates
Diverse Technologies Demonstrating NeXT's Technical Versatility

Redwood City, Calif. -- December 3, 1996 -- NeXT Software today announced that CyberSlice, an online pizza ordering service, has used WebObjects(TM) Enterprise software to build its inaugural web site. The ground-breaking WebObjects application, at www.cyberslice.com, integrates geographical information systems (GIS) from MapQuest with telephony software from APEX to let consumers order pizza via the Internet from all registered pizza restaurants in their respective areas.

For Internet consumers, CyberSlice provides dynamic and customized service. Unlike other Internet-based restaurant services, CyberSlice uses WebObjects to select in real time all neighborhood pizzerias that are both ready and willing to deliver at the time of a consumer's inquiry. For merchants, CyberSlice enables any restaurant with a telephone to tap into the emerging Internet market without a computer. CyberSlice offers merchants their own web pages with menus stored in its centralized database -- free of charge!

"CyberSlice has enabled any small or large pizza provider to get online," said Steven P. Jobs, Chairman and CEO of NeXT Software. "NeXT is excited to provide the enabling technology to CyberSlice, which combines fun with an innovative business concept. The success of CyberSlice shows the versatility of WebObjects in creating and deploying consumer web applications that are both sophisticated and original."

CyberSlice customers first select from a choice of interfaces, ranging from a purely streamlined view to a more entertaining "Little Italy" theme. From the moment a customer enters his/her address, WebObjects helps to customize the interface. WebObjects uses MapQuest interactive mapping data to cross-reference a customer's address with the geographic delivery preferences and business hours of all the merchants in the customer's selected area. The result is a web site that lists select restaurants willing and able to deliver fresh, hot pizza.

"Millions of people order pizza every day; we're about to change that whole experience," said Tim Glass, President and co-founder of CyberSlice. "Have you ever flipped through the phone book for your favorite pizzeria only to find it's closed, doesn't deliver or the staff is too hurried to discuss the menu? The WebObjects technology behind CyberSlice helped us take the guess work out of ordering. It contacts the databases, integrates maps, and initiates a program that calls the pizzeria for you. CyberSlice and NeXT make ordering pizza as easy as pie."

Value to Internet Customers
Since each pizzeria has its own URL, the Internet customer can access this URL directly or choose it from the customized list of available vendors in his/her area. Presented with both regular menu items and "Internet Specials," the Internet customer can quickly and easily make best-value selections.

Value to Merchants
Most pizzerias do not have networked computers; however, every pizzeria has a telephone. CyberSlice's WebObjects application prompts an interactive voice response system, provided by APEX Voice Communications, to relay orders directly to each pizzeria. The merchant accepts and processes the order, at which point a notification is sent to the customer that the delivery is on its way.

To date, CyberSlice customers can order from more than 1,000 pizzerias in the Boston, New York, San Francisco and Seattle metropolitan areas. CyberSlice will extend its WebObjects application to accommodate every major metropolitan area in the US by the second quarter of 1997.

The award-winning WebObjects Enterprise application server allows developers to rapidly create dynamic web applications while enabling access to existing corporate data and applications. WebObjects offers a cross-platform, language-independent development environment for delivering interactive, scalable, server-based web applications. The development environment includes many pre-built client and server components which can extend traditional client/server systems to the Web.

CyberSlice, Inc.
CyberSlice, is the only site on the Web that maintains a comprehensive listing of pizza parlors across the country with complete interactive menus and discount specials. CyberSlice serves up localized information for immediacy, convenience and value to the individual Internet consumer. For more information on CyberSlice, go to www.cyberslice.com, or call 206-282-9330.

NeXT Software, Inc.
NeXT delivers an open development environment for building custom applications for both the World Wide Web and the Enterprise. NeXT's development software adds value to today's business by shortening the development cycle, working with an organization's existing technology, supporting current and emerging standards, and enabling organizations to grow and change with ease. Providing its customers with a combination of award-winning software and professional services, NeXT delivers real-world solutions.

NeXT Software, Inc. is headquartered in Redwood City, California, and has offices in North America, London, Paris, Munich, and Tokyo.

For more information call 1-800-TRY-NeXT.

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