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Apple/NeXT Merger Details

Dear NeXT Customer:

As you know, Apple is in the process of acquiring NeXT Software, Inc.

NeXT Software is in the business of providing application development tools and solutions for enterprises who build client/server, Internet, and intranet-based applications. This letter is to welcome you to becoming a customer of Apple, and to reassure you regarding our intentions to continue to support you. Much of the press surrounding this announcement has focused on its relevance for existing Apple customers. But at the same time, we're firmly committed to you and to NeXT's enterprise solutions. I want to assure you that your continued business with us is important. We intend to continue to offer these product lines and services to you and to other enterprise customers.

Specifically, I want to address questions that NeXT customers, the press, and analysts have had about the effect the acquisition will have on the product plans for the WebObjects product line, OpenStep Enterprise, and NeXT's cross-platform support.

WebObjects We will continue to develop and enhance WebObjects Enterprise and WebObjects Pro in the future. In addition, we plan to continue selling WebObjects to current and future customers in markets where it is being sold now, with the same sales and support resources. Over time, we'll work to tie WebObjects closer to Apple Technologies, incorporating Apple's unique platform offerings. Lastly, we look forward to WebObjects running on Power Macintosh as well.

OpenStep Enterprise We are also committed to continue the development of OpenStep Enterprise and OpenStep Developer, and to enhance them over time. One example is the developer API documentation, which we plan to update and improve. We plan to continue selling OpenStep Enterprise to current and future customers in markets where it is being sold now, with the same sales and support resources. Finally, the OpenStep API and development tools will be a core component of Rhapsody the code name for Apple's next generation operating system. This will increase the installed base of OpenStep many times over, helping ensure its acceptance as a viable and popular development environment.

Cross Platform Support Apple will maintain NeXT's commitment to cross-platform and cross-processor support, and will continue to develop, sell, and support products currently available, including those for Windows NT, Solaris, HP-UX, and NEXTSTEP. In addition, we plan to add support with Rhapsody on PowerPC processors. Cross platform support for WebObjects and OpenStep aligns perfectly with Apple's overall strategy of moving core software technologies such as QuickTime cross platform.

We firmly believe that Apple's acquisition of NeXT will increase the market acceptance for the NeXT technology in which you've invested time, resources, and money. Apple is firmly committed to enhancing, selling, and supporting this technology in the future, and to providing NeXT customers with innovative technology for cross-platform development of mission-critical, enterprise solutions.

Thank you and best regards,

Dr. Gil Amelio
Chief Executive Officer
Apple Computer, Inc.

Last modified 97-01-20. Copyright 1997 NeXT Software, Inc. Proprietary Notices.

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