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20070314,00 — From 14 to 6 to Zero

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Third day with a new box. First day it had a BSOD within two minutes of getting it set up and went on to make two more BSODs, three dozen app crashes, and a walloping 14 (fourteen) random shutdowns. Ugh.

We packed it away, ready to send back. We took it out again and said 'let's make the most of it before we get instructions how to send it back. Sydney took care of the log - and noted six new random shutdowns.

We started to see a pattern - or so we thought: Rosetta. ABIs are suspect even in the best possible cases. If we had to run anything through Rosetta, we rebooted as soon as we were through.

By nightfall we'd mastered the strategy. Sydney collapsed from exhaustion but I worked on - and ported our framework and eight more apps to universal Tiger. With no further shutdowns.

Today we continued and did another 42 Cocoa apps. And sent out the whole thing to our great ACP users. And not a single shutdown.

Xfile is so fast it puts opened documents in the background! We had to put a timer in there to make sure Xfile got control again before the document opened. That's a first: having to slow down an app to make it work well with the rest of the world.

Knock on wood: tomorrow's another day.

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