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20070316,00 — Ready to Go Back

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Sydney got the deal through to have this piece of shit returned. Last step was to attempt to wipe the drive and do a basic reinstall. Easier said than done.

On the first attempt we weren't careful and accidentally chose install components that had originally been on the box. These required DVD 2. Unfortunately there is also something wrong with the DVD drive in this piece of shit so the box started making loud scary noises; we had to eject; and try again repeatedly only to be forced to eject again; and then do a new complete wipe and reinstall and turn off all optional components. Then we went down to watch a movie.

When the movie was over we returned and saw the box was ready to set up the user account. All went smoothly until the final screen (box). Suddenly when clicking on the final push button the computer froze as before and crashed.

When the system had come back up it was decided: 'this piece of shit is nothing but a piece of shit so let's just shut it down'. But even that proved impossible!

A simple mouse click on the Apple menu sent it spiralling again. And instead of watching it come back up for no good goddamn purpose in this Universe™ we simply held the power button down until it died and died good, once and forever.

It's amazing we were able to use this piece of shit for the two hours we did use it the other day. We managed to port some 50 (fifty) programs to universal and 10.3.9/10.4. But in retrospect that was lucky - or someone in the midst of this adversity was smiling down on us.

There are lessons to be learned here and they all point back to the same individual. An individual who is notorious for not wanting to hear bad news, who demands his management team all dress the same as him, have the same buzz cut he does, have the same two day beard he has, and so forth. People such as these are not about to tell their leader there's something wrong, even when it's as serious as this.

Every production line has lemons but few have the number of grotesque lemons Apple have. And they all point back to the same man. Who in desperation has to find a new CPU supplier and therefore redesign his entire computer fleet, who in absolute hysteria rushes production out the door twice as fast as planned - a full half year ahead of schedule.

A man who is not afraid of 'made in China' and who won't listen when people tell him these new production facilities are JUST NOT UP TO IT.

Some boxes make it out the door in adequate shape; but all too many - ALL too many - do not. Just wander over to appledefects.com if you need more convincing.

Our supplier accepts a full refund - but that's because we (thank heavens) did not buy through Apple. If that had been the case we'd be out the money and out a box we'd already paid for half a year hence. So in that respect we're lucky.

And truly the system itself is dazzlingly beautiful as is the outward appearance of the hardware. And reports are that the desktops are reliable machines.

But not the laptops, not one year and three months after their first introduction, not even in 'rev 2' hardware.

Apple have a lemon on their hands and there's only one person to blame. And he might have billions in the bank but to his customers $2000 is a big outlay and they can't afford to get entangled in Apple bullshit as he ships them third rate 'made in China' computer hardware and then dances a jig around their misery, deleting forum threads where these issues are discussed, refusing to replace computers defective right out of the box, inciting the Oneistat brothers to riot, and so much more.

This person is not a corporate leader; this person is an industry pariah. Don't encourage him as we did.

For that was our big mistake: we were so blinded by the beauty of the technology in his next last company we stuck with it even as he demonstrably started treating his customers worse and worse. Who's to be angry at here? Steve Jobs? Hardly. Steve Jobs is insignificant. He's an insect - a fool. And history will say little about him except that he was an insect and a fool. Instead we have ourselves to blame for despite all being so foolish as to believe his hype and his lies one more time.

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