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Lanci Doesn't ♥ M$

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Gianfranco Lanci isn't exactly happy with Bill Gates. Quite the opposite. His company is tanking thanks to Bill Gates. His company Acer is dependent on M$ market hype just as Dell, Gateway, HP, and all the rest are. And the M$ market hype isn't working anymore. And they're all tanking as a result. And they'll continue to tank until Steve Jobs lets them install OS X.

Apple computer hardware is still outselling all the Wintel OEMs by 300%. Given the starvation profit margins in that market and add in the oppressive Steve Ballmer licence agreements so the OEMs have to pay up front for their licences with no hope of a refund and it's easy to understand Gianfranco's fury.

For Gianfranco Lanci doesn't see the current dip as something ephemeral. No no, it's going to keep on going, says Gianfranco Lanci - thereby demonstrating he's capable of divining what every two-bit pundit has already seen.

Now if only Steve Jobs would let the M$ OEMs bundle OS X instead. How happy they would be.

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