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Malcor Loses It

And already after but two defacements. That's not a good sign.

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In a carefully crafted post to his blog Maccie website defacer Malcor tries to clear the rubble and muddle about his person and his 'achievements'.

His curiously titled post 'Consequentialism' takes issue with most of the expected - and standard - disclaimers and protests from the Kool-Aid Guzzlers™. Unfortunately Malcor's not convincingly convincing.

Malcor insists he's not a Windows fanboy and puts up a good case which mostly consists of insisting again he's not a Windows fanboy. Take him at his word, dear readers.

Malcor also insists he can deface more than WordPress sites. And defers his case until the next fanboy site goes down. A site which he implies will not be a WordPress site.

The third issue, according to Malcor, is that this campaign of his is just a publicity stunt. Which is actually not the case. What people are saying is that he's an attention whore. So trying to prove it's not a publicity stunt is moot.

And trying to prove he's not an attention whore is pointless: the blog posts are proof enough of that. If all he wanted to do was take down fanboy sites he could do so - without an accompanying blog. Malcor set up the accompanying blog to get attention. If that makes him a whore - you decide.

And hey - he's even set up on Twitter where his one and only post so far is 'just burned my finger while cooking steak dinner, at least the cats are amused :/' posted a mere 'about 6 hours ago' at time of writing.

And he's already got backup blogs set up in case Google ban him. You can find them here, here, and here.

But the biggest and most important sign Malcor is round the bend is when he cites the Rixstep coverage of his activities and claims this site is giving him a 'seeming approval'.

Aside from forty five words of introduction the article in question is a direct quote of Malcor's own posts accompanied by screen shots of his two defacements. That's basically it.

Perhaps Malcor likes to see himself quoted; and perhaps as a product of consequentialism Malcor sees quotes as approval. But they're not. And the fact Malcor as so many of his fellow fanboys obviously can't even read constitutes more than ample evidence he's losing it - or already lost it. Or never had it.

Calling staff at this site or the site itself 'Mac psychopathic' doesn't exactly help his case; admitting a 'seeming approval' that's not there makes his 'skin crawl' puts the nails in the coffin and the wooden spike through his Malcor heart.

Malcor says he's going to strike again - as if anyone really cares. This is not Daniel Lyons - this is not sophisticated wit and humour in the same way. This is only yet another apple gone sour and fanboy gone wild.

It's not somebody reacting in a healthy way to the twisted abnormality of the Beige Box Microcosm™ - it's somebody inside that microcosm, somebody who up until recently felt very comfortable indeed about being in there suddenly being adversely affected by a bizarre chemical reaction and turning on his own ilk.

Malcor's clumsy attempt to sign off with a bit of Blair flair puts ye olde egge right where it belongs.

'See you chaps shorty!'

[Yes he probably meant 'shortly' but so unaccustomed as he was to using the word 'chaps' it probably distracted him. And Malcor, though a good writer, is far from perfect: he can start by learning his Latin singular and plural forms a bit better - especially the feminine ones.]

OK folks, nothing to see here, go home to your families and your dinners. Live long and prosper and may the Force be with you.

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