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Watching the Mutual Grooming Society - the Landed Gentry of Mac Development™ now with the Ruffled Feathers - can be amusing. For a few minutes. Then you realise you should be paid to even pay it any attention. As in 'hey I got this PhD in abnormal psychology so I could make money, dammit!'

There's no other community anywhere with any such tendencies. Outside of Jonestown that is.

This isn't computer science - this is Branch Davidian Desperation™. This isn't computer science - it's Gross Ineptitude™.

What's most revealing about these idiots - what's the scariest - is realising JUST HOW BAD the situation really is. Clue: IT'S FAR WORSE. Just imagine for a second how bad you think things really are. Then get this: it's still far worse.

It's really scary.

I remember when we met the crew from the ACG and they talked about how users shouldn't navigate outside tilde. We didn't agree as there are close to 100,000 files there and they're there for a reason but at least we could assume the ACG crew knew what was out there.

But the 'UE turds' don't know. THEY LITERALLY DON'T KNOW. And it seems not a one of them knows anything about Unix either. Say to them 'this has a Rock Solid Foundation™ of Unix' and they'll nod knowingly. Now ask them to explain what that means and they'll be lost.

It's worse - FAR WORSE - than the bloke who wrote years back and said 'they're like Richard Attenborough in Jurassic Park - they took some technology and they have no clue what they have'. Something we called the Ian Malcolm Syndrome™. But it's far worse.

Close your eyes again and try to imagine the following: the Internet as you know it no longer exists. There is no mail, there is no surfing, there are no websites, there is no IM, no FTP, no time servers, no ICMP, no nothing. Even TCP/IP doesn't exist yet. There are a few computers of sundry description but no more. Forget Vint Cerf - he's off doing something else. There is no Internet at all.

Now try to imagine Apple (Computer/Inc) putting it all together again. Take what you know and try to make it play. Walk the corridors as they have their meetings and make their plans.

And remember this is the company that gave you AppleTalk, MFS, and HFS.

So how did it go? Are you back online yet?

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