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Grade A Idiots

It's their own fault.

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Don't blame Steve Jobs. Really: don't. He's not to blame. Even if the caricatures show him proffering a pitcher of Kool-Aid. He doesn't drink sugared water. And he wouldn't offer you any either. And he's really not to blame.

Blame the Grade A Idiots instead.

Steve Jobs came back to Cupertino triumphant. Not only did he get to finally run his own company but he came with the world's most fantastic system in his suitcase. A system the Grade A Idiots already ensconced in Cupertino have done their best to destroy.

Not that they mean to destroy it of course: they're trying to make it better. But somewhere between their staggering incompetence and their unparalleled arrogance these graybeards manage to screw up in astronomical proportions time and again.

The QuickBooks disaster is not the first and won't be the last. The 'massive data loss' fiasco before it wasn't the first either. This has been going on for years - ever since OPENSTEP wasn't allowed out the door in early 1997 and the Grade A Idiots decided to hold it back for five years and 'improve' it.

Now they have their improvements and the whole world is laughing at them.

This was the holiday market - and their sales are going to be a disaster. This was their walkover - and they blew it. Miserably. Worse than any other company has ever done.

There's never been an IT company with such an inaccessible head start stumble and fall so bad and totally ruin their chances. The worst of it is a great many people may return to Microsoft - and that's a another disaster of astronomical proportions.

No one can control the Grade A Idiots. Not even Steven P Jobs. And he knows it. But right now he has his work cut out for him. For if he doesn't purge them from the company and get things back on even keel where they were ten years ago he's going under too.

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