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Artwork by Dali

Of Easter eggs and red pill blue pill ruminations.

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The ACP icons have been undergoing a makeover of late and it's about time. Things started when Tokyo resident Dali Rău of Bucharest noticed his peripheral vision wasn't registering differences by colour in the Xfile System icons. Dali set about making new icons, each with a different basic shape.

Things stagnated there for a while and then Dali got a second wind and really went to it. Using an esoteric Japanese software title and GIMP he set about 'rendering' what he wanted. Each image took from a few to over thirty hours to render on four Apple computers hooked up together. A single line of 512 pixels took as much as three minutes to compute for each of the innumerable designs he submitted.

All artwork copyright © Dali Rău and Rixstep. All rights reserved.

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