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George Carlin

Two tragedies.

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He was supposed to live forever. God promised us he would. And yet word has reached foreign shores around the globe that George Carlin is no longer with us. And whilst this is to be lamented a far greater crisis is figuring out who is to replace him.

For as things stand right now there is none other in English speaking culture to come close. Right now that culture has no thinkers at all - only cowards.

Carlin is often described as a comedian. But he's so much more. He was the one brave enough to lash out. To call things by their proper names. To not fear anyone. And today's world doesn't have people of this caliber.

This is something we should have given thought to a long time ago. What kind of a planet is it when of six billion people you have only one thinker? Not much.

But the tragedy is not only that our planet has no one to lead us. It's that we loved George Carlin and will miss him.

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