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Life Without Walls

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If Microsoft Windows is the most insidious virus on the Internet as claimed then the second most insidious has to be this new Microsoft ad campaign.

The new campaign features a lot of Seinfeld clones claiming 'I'm a PC' over and over again. Until you want to vomit.

Even Bill Gates has a cameo in the ads. It's obvious Bill's got his eyes on Hollywood.

And he's got bloody web domains set up for this pathetic campaign.

The basic idea seems to be to sidestep discussion of Bill Gates' unforgivable cavalier attitude about interminable woes inflicted on customers and instead focus on the conceit that if 1.35 billion idiots are using it (primarily because they're not well enough informed to know better) then it's got to be a good thing, then you got lots of equally stupid friends everywhere.

You keep paying through the nose, you keep suffering, and the all-time biggest crook in computer history can go away happy. Therefore you are going to be happy too - understand?

But it's hard to tell if Bill is just the bastard everyone knows him to be or if he's really irretrievably stupid. After all he did apologise to the world at large in 2002 for all the 'pain misery and suffering' his software caused. Yes it was a lot of hype - something to spin into a new monopoly on digital media - but he did say it.

So he must have been aware some people somewhere were complaining. Actually a lot of people. Actually about one quarter of the entire population on the planet.

For 'life without walls' - that really sums up life with Microsoft, doesn't it? There are no walls when surfing the Internet with Microsoft. Defences are nonexistent. Any kind of crap gets in anywhere. Break the outer perimeter and the kingdom is yours. Install keystroke loggers, fight off the trojan competition, apply for membership in one of the world famous botnets, start doing your part to send out virus laden spam - it's all there for the taking. Welcome to the feast.

Life without walls indeed. And that's precisely the trouble, Bill. Your software is standalone junk that was never meant to be or capable of being put on the Internet.

You know it, we know it, and anyone who's ever studied computer science knows it.

So it's probably time you issued another apology to the world, Bill. This time try to make it more sincere.

Give people a safe way to surf online or close down Microsoft Corporation once and for all.

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