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Lauren De Long's No PC

Nor is she necessarily your typical Windows luser. Lauren De Long's an actress.

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Lauren De Long's a PC except she isn't. She's a professional actress. She's moving from strength to strength. She's now going to star in a series of adverts shown in-house at 7-Eleven stores. She says it's absolutely perfect because she just loves junk food.

Lauren can't tell us anything about her virus-infected HP computer because Microsoft strapped a muzzle on her face - an NDA. So we can only guess how many viruses she has by now.

Lauren De Long's Windows PC Infected with Viruses

Considering she's bound to have turned the sorry thing on at least once and tried to connect to her AOL and Hotmail accounts, she's also bound to have at least half a dozen viruses she's unaware of. Along with a handful of keystroke loggers and the usual assortment of Windows frivolities.

A good guess is one new virus per day. Of course the world may never know because Bill and Microsoft made absolutely sure she can't tell anyone. Of course they did.

So they can't really deny anything either. By walkover the educated guess becomes the truth.

It's funny to see Microsoft's products' reputations on a par with Pizza Hut's. The Mojave Experiment would be like Pizza Hut's pasta campaign if Pizza Hut got a bunch of people together, ate the pasta in front of them, then told them how good it tasted. Then told them it was from Pizza Hut. Of course it's not all that surprising Microsoft didn't want them to use V*sta. And that alone says more about the operating system than anything anyone says in those videos.
 - Dan Pourhadi

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