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Dear Steve Jobs

Gone too far.

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The 'country of Sweden' (as it's portrayed on the famous label) is currently beseeching Steve Jobs for a gracious gesture. The state-owned media company SVT have contracted with Gothenburg PR firm Forsman & Bodenfors to help push through their 'SVT Play' iPhone app.

SVT Play is already a service similar to those available from the BBC and ITV making it possible to view television transmissions online. The trial of The Pirate Bay was made available through SVT Play, both as a transmission streamed live and as a 'playback'.

SVT have now created an iPhone version of their online service. They're waiting for App Store approval.


We have tried to simplify the approval process as much as possible for you. Just press the green button below and record a video of yourself saying 'JA' (that's 'yes' in Swedish, pronounced 'yah').

Come on, Steve, Sweden is waiting. Say JA!

SVT Sweden

Things have gone too far when nations lick Apple boots to get third party software onto their constricted iPhone platform. Enough has been written already about this platform so anyone with good sense should - at least now - refuse to cooperate with such a totalitarian scheme.

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