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Those Unproductive Mac Blogs

A colossal waste of time.

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The fanboy blog has replaced the weekly magazine. The 'fanzine'. If you liked Ferraris then you picked up a glossy mag about Ferraris (Ferrari World) at the newsstand. News? What's news? More important - what's information? What's important information, useful information?

Mac OS X Hints has useful information. Mac OS X Hints is all about useful information. This site has a lot of useful information too. And the testimonials are testimony to it, so to speak.

But what about the rest? What about the rest at this site? The opinion pieces (of which there are myriad). What are they for? Some have a practical purpose, true; but what about the rest?

What about Gruber? And Dilger? And Thurrott? And Dvorak? And all of those - bloggers? What good do they do?

How much time is wasted reading speculative articles of no practical import whatsoever? How much more time is wasted commenting on them?

At least Gruber has the good sense (as this site) to not allow comments - to force people, as it were, to get back to work. But how about all the rest?

How about the Ars forums? The Ubuntu forums? The MacRumors forums?

There are times (few and far between) when a topic at MacRumors can be important and useful. But MacRumors? The name gives the game away. The site is about 'Mac rumours' - about spreading them and talking about them. Do people have nothing better to do?

And Gruber's predictions about what will be revealed at a WWDC or Apple expo - what difference does it make? It's said he's often wrong but that he's right more often than he's wrong - who cares? It makes no difference at all.

How about Think Secret? Mr Nick de Plume? What was that all about?

None of those projects increases anyone's domestic national product. Almost never will anyone pick up something beneficial. It's all chitchat and a glorious waste of time.

Just sayin'.


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