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'Welcome to Sweden, Leave as Soon as You Can'

You really don't want to know what lies beneath.

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Scott Adams warned that anyone with a penis is half guilty of rape before entering the country of Sweden. He doesn't know how right he is.

Julian Assange simply wanted to release some embarrassing information, have hot sex with a Swedish babe then have hot sex with an acquaintance of that same babe one day later. That's just one example of why the Swedish language has 400 words that all mean 'and your cute friend is next'.

But things didn't turn out as Assange hoped. The unintended consequence of his actions is that he managed to make Sweden look like a country that's governed by congenital idiots and populated with nothing but crazy sluts and lawyers. And don't get me started about the quality of their condoms.

Apparently Swedish laws are unique. If you have a penis, you're half a rapist before you even get through customs. And if your condom breaks, that's jail time. What I'm saying is that the Club Med in Sweden is a nervous place.

But getting your penis chopped off or being put in solitary because your man love muscle happened to touch the body of the Swedish woman you just made love with is only scratching the surface.

Perhaps it's best you turn around without entering the country. You're not safe there - not even if you never meet or stop to chat with a single soul.


ROKS is Sweden's feminist 'Children of God'/Jamestown movement. ROKS stands for 'Riksorganisationen för kvinnojourer i Sverige', in other words 'The National Organisation for Women's Shelters in Sweden'. It was founded in 1984. ROKS maintains some 130 shelters, of which 86 offer protected living for women and girls who are victims of violence perpetrated by men and boys as well as other women from lesbian relationships. ROKS is funded by taxpayer money: SEK 11,700,000 in 2003 and SEK 11,400,000 in 2004, the latest years statistics are available.

The founder of ROKS is Ireen von Wachenfeldt. She's pictured below along with two of her friends. She was roundly criticised after the airing of a two-part two-hour documentary on Swedish national television called 'The Sex War'. In the process of this documentary it was revealed that:

  • Ireen von Wachenfeldt and her fellow feminists are convinced there is rampant 'satanism' up into the Swedish national government and the boards of directors of Sweden's most powerful corporations.
  • Ireen von Wachenfeldt knows for a fact that these 'satanists' regularly hold secret rituals in secret locations where they make human sacrifices of small children.
  • Ireen von Wachenfeldt even knows exactly how these 'satanists' dress up for their rituals even though she's never seen any of them.
  • Ireen von Wachenfeldt's women's shelters more closely resemble 'Children of God' or Jim Jones camps where 'detainees' are submitted to brutal brainwashing - 'you simply must believe what we teach you' and so forth.
  • Amongst other things, Ireen von Wachenfeldt holds that:
    • 'All men are animals.'
    • 'All men are emotional parasites.'
    • 'The male of the species is a biological disaster.'
    • 'To call a man an animal is to pay him a compliment.'

 From the SVT documentary 'The Sex War': ROKS founder and chairman Ireen von Wachenfeldt; two of the ROKS 'inmates'.

The Sex War

'The Sex War' is a two-hour documentary produced by Evin Rubar and aired by Swedish national television in 2005. The documentary is still available online at YouTube but it's broken down into six clips per part.

The link to the entire collection plus additional coverage is here.


The entire thing is in Swedish which can make it difficult to follow. Here's what you'll find in the introductory clip.

  • 'There are grim rituals where fosters are cut out of wombs, cut into pieces, and sacrificed', a feminist member of an audience tells viewers on a television debate show. 'This happens in adult environments, in decadent and affluent circles. Highly influential individuals are involved, people with highly respectable professions.' The person spouting this is Anna Ardin's professor Eva Lundgren.
  • Södertälje 1993: police are digging in a forest for buried children's bodies. A young girl claims a 'satanist' cult has performed ritual abuse of children and murdered them. But the police don't find any buried bodies.
  • The claims come in wave of similar stories. Children start drawing pictures of adults eating the internal organs of children at home and in school. The media go nuts.
  • People have forgotten most of it all in few years. Suspects have been released in preliminary investigations. Not a single body of a single alleged child victim has ever been found.
  • Criminologist Mikael Rying followed the story and admits he's aware children are murdered - and sometimes under gruesome circumstances - but he's not aware of a single case of ritual murder in Sweden.
  • But there's still a movement where the belief in powerful 'satanist' sects that ritually murder children still lives on and flourishes: ROKS.
  • 'It can be certain rituals that men can have', says ROKS founder and chairman Ireen von Wachenfeldt. 'And in these rituals they can maybe have a child to assault.'
  • In ROKS, Sweden's most influential feminist organisation, people believe in satanic paedophile networks as a widespread phenomenon in Swedish society.
  • 'It can be a group of men who are dressed in a special way who use some sort of ritual stuff and they might drug their victims, it can be young people or children or women', says Ireen von Wachenfeldt.
  • But this movement that organises more than 150 shelters across Sweden have also been given the chief responsibility for taking care of raped and abused women.
  • 'Caroline' knows what can happen when that assignment comes into conflict with the conviction that 'satanists' have infiltrated the Swedish national government, the police department, the entire Swedish social infrastructure.
  • 'I just wanted to die', says Caroline. 'Get away from everything.'
  • What was supposed to be a summer camp for abused girls turned into an escape - an 'escape' from the powerful paedophile network.
  • 'The two leaders kept saying all the time that people had to believe that', says Tove Smaadahl. 'You have to believe it.'
  • 'We're a large active women's movement', says Ireen von Wachenfeldt. 'We are the biggest militant organisation in Sweden today with approximately 7,000 members. And one can easily say that represents a lot of power. So we're really a militant organisation and we're opinion makers and we're a feminist movement and we're not going to be silent.'

Think About It

Think about it. Check the clips. You don't want to nail them anyway. Try Denmark or Germany. Have a nice holiday.

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