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Assange is Right: Sweden's the Saudi Arabia of Feminism

Another eloquent broadside by legendary Swedish radio personality Helene Bergman.

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The original free feminism always took the side of the underdog regardless of sex against the powers that be. The state-sponsored feminism now rearing its ugly head in Sweden can't be called feminism.

Not when men in our country have been seriously talking about putting their sex lives on the shelf out of fear of being accused of rape. Not when fathers today advise their sons to film their sexual encounters with their cellphones so they don't get busted. Not when the international media are reporting that sexual liberation is being bombed back to the middle ages by the Swedish judicial system.

I draw the above conclusions after having read through the 207 comments on my previous article with over 14,000 views and with the title 'Feminists in Assange Case Doing Harm to Feminism'.

That title is more accurate than anyone could have believed. Feminism is not about hating men or using individual men as targets and victims or making men impotent. Or about using female seduction as a weapon against men. We original feminists fought for our sexual liberation so we could enjoy sex, not so we could use it as a weapon of power with the help of the Swedish government.

To be a feminist is to expose and fight against the power structures that oppress people. Sexual liberation came along with the demand that women be able to provide for themselves and not be economically dependent on men. Things started out so well under Olof Palme's time as prime minister with lower taxation for partners, parental insurance with paid time off for fathers, the massive expansion of the daycare system, and free abortions.

But it could have stopped there. For the social democrats in control of the government kidnapped feminism, disarmed it, renamed it 'equality', and made it part of their power apparatus. That's a smart way to kill off the free feminism. 'Equality' was exalted to a governmental norm that became a rung on career ladders not in the least in politics, the bureaucracy, and the judicial system. The hitch was it wasn't rooted in the 'movement'. Just remember the notorious felon Göran Lindberg, former police chief in Uppsala and today an intern of the state, with close contacts within the elite of the social democrat party. Göran Lindberg made a career out of being a prophet for 'equality' at the same time he abused women and raped underage girls.

Even former social democrat prime minister Göran Persson called himself a feminist, a profanity and blasphemy both. Not because he's a man but because he represented the powers that be. Many of the original feminists went into hiding in the universities and became elite ministers and transformed the struggle into one of science and intellect. 'Sex' became 'gender' and the target was no longer the state power apparatus but instead swung over against men as a sex and sexual beings. What's now happened is that we have acquired a 'feminist' nomenclature that sets the agenda - even under the current bourgeois government.

The latest example is the typically Swedish law proposal for a 'sex contract' most likely inspired by the US. A law proposal called SOU 2010:71 which will mean that when we get turned on sexually we're supposed to TALK with one another first to arrive at a consensus, and thereafter both sign a written contract (it will be available for download online) and then we're supposed to make love. If there's any desire remaining? Have these legislators no fantasy? What do they think this is going to lead to? The Swedish state-sponsored feminism has gone too far when the government penetrates our bedrooms!

Yes Julian Assange didn't grasp what country he'd stumbled on and now is possibly to be extradited to. He calls Sweden the Saudi Arabia of feminism. He was the only one who dared call it for what it is and I as a real feminist agree with him. Despite the fact that it's enormously politically incorrect to criticise feminism in Sweden. But the very lack of a free and open debate has left us in an absurd situation where the government want to legislate our most fragile and beautiful moments and turn them into criminal acts.

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