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For The Ones That Get Left Behind

There's an overriding issue that's far greater and far more important.

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Midsummer day. The biggest holiday of the year in Sweden. Expressen's editor in chief Thomas Mattsson said it would be a 'wet' weekend in many ways, a Swedish allusion to the endemic custom of getting sick drunk to celebrate the summer solstice.

Speaking of drunks, Expressen contacted Claes Borgström again. Borgström is of course trying to make a bit of a 'comeback' after being found out for his involvement in the Thomas Quick scandal, one of the biggest legal scandals in the history of the country.

As Thomas Quick is now being exonerated for all the crimes Claes Borgström helped him get convicted of, and as the whole world by now knows the entire process was a sham, Borgström is doing all he can to disparage Quick: he knows what will happen to him if the truth gets out any farther. Such are the morals of this social democrat and friend of Anna Ardin.

Thomas Mattsson, lapdog of the Bonnier Group, hates WikiLeaks for what it stands for. Today Mattsson approved two articles about Julian Assange for the midsummer edition of his tabloid, one for the printed version and one for online. They're very different. One is for the ignorant, truth-starved unwashed Swedish masses, and the other is for portraying Sweden as a 'nice country' to those outside the Duckpond.

Both articles deal with Julian Assange's counsel switch. Heretofore he's had the able assistance of his friend Mark Stephens and the highly skilled Jennifer Robinson who once worked for Geoffrey Robertson. But for reasons not explained by the WikiLeaks camp, things are now changing and Gareth Peirce has been called on to manage Julian's high court appeal.

The doyens of Flashback revere Peirce. She was portrayed by Emma Thompson on the silver screen. She's very low key but the legal community in the UK fear her. She has a propensity for digging down into facts, facts, facts and getting everyone to listen. Good enough so far.

Enter former celebrity hippie Tom Hayden, erstwhile squeeze of Jane Fonda, who guests Sweden to give a speech at the social democrats' ABF-huset, the same venue Julian Assange was to visit until he learned Marianne Ny was planning to ambush him in true 'LA Confidential' style with reporters and photographers gathered for the sensational bust.

It's not known what Hayden's role in the big picture is, if in fact he has any role. Hayden is today a politician in California, radical as ever, with a certain alignment with the feminist left. He's pushed through a law in that state to make 'wolf whistles' illegal. That's the kind of person Tom Hayden is.

Hayden spoke about Julian Assange and WikiLeaks. He intimated that all would be peachy if the various dramatis personae in the current debacle could just 'kiss and make up'. The story was picked up by the Nation who in turn tried to imply that Gareth Peirce will take a less 'combative' approach to defending Assange. Not many people outside Sweden will care how she goes about it, as long as she gets Julian off, extricates him from what he rightfully calls 'this ridiculous nonsense'. But sentiments inside Sweden are entirely different.

Of course one has Sweden's corrupt 'media elite' - the same people who orchestrated the 'grass roots' campaign 'talk about it' to further disparage Assange and try to influence his earlier hearings. Fortunately the scheme was exposed and it didn't seem to have an effect on the proceedings. Good enough.

But hints that Assange's legal counsel are in some way going to appease the 'rabid feminists' in Sweden is not good news if true. The Assange case has gutted the belly of a formidable Shelob - the cronyism and legal corruption in what used to be regarded as an ideal society. The revelations of the past months are testimony enough to that. And the freedom fighters in Sweden, long silenced by the fascist elite, finally got the ear of the world and got their message out there.

Getting Assange out of a legal spiral where he has to be submitted to Torture Swedish Style is of course good. But any attempt to put a lid on what is going on in that Lilliput country to the north is bad. The Assange case represents a chance for the good people of Sweden - the vast majority - to get out from under the yoke of the corrupt media elite who have for far too long held everyone in a vise-like grip.

Corruption is not incidental in Sweden - it permeates every aspect of the Swedish judicial and daily life. Sweden has no bail system. Sweden does not have trial by jury. Three of four court magistrates have no legal background and are chosen because of political affiliations. They do not understand rule of law, they do not understand 'presumed innocent', they do not understand what 'evidence' is - they regularly convict with no evidence or hearsay at best - it's a system of fools. But worse: it's a system of corrupt fools.

Swedes are taught from an early age to not question the system. One particularly egregious segment on national television actually instructed the Swedes to not think about the Assange case. Read that again: they were told to not think about it. And guess what? They obeyed.

Or look at Irmeli Krans. Talk about a loose cannon. Would her outrageous behaviour be tolerated in any civilised country? Of course not. But all that happens to her is her superior, on the board of directors of the national police, tells her on her Facebook page to watch what she says. And Irmeli in turn, by word and action, tells him to fuck off. And that's the end of it.

Sweden is not a country with rule of law or any legal rights for people accused of crimes. The list of uncovered cases of corruption where the rabid feminists are often involved is endless. There is no legal security for the people of Sweden. Scott Adams joked that anyone with a penis was half guilty of rape by merely entering the country. But he didn't know how right he was, how much worse the situation actually is.

No man is safe in Sweden - ever. Helene Bergman reports parents now telling their sons to film their sex acts with their cellphones to protect them against these whimsical feminist actions. The very foundation of this rabid feminism - as espoused by Anna Ardin amongst others - is to bring as many false charges of rape as possible to 'undermine the invisible male patriarchy power structure'. The whole idea is to make things up - to rattle and harass the system until the men come toppling down.

For the men are the enemy - worse than animals. That's what they say. They say men should be happy to be called animals, as that's actually a compliment. They will not consider social reforms or programmes shown to work in other countries because men are just bad, they're a genetic catastrophe, and the rabid feminists want them gone.

One such feminist at Julian Assange's crayfish party stood up and proclaimed 'OK we have men here today - but next year: NO MEN!' And that was enough to get Donald Boström and Johannes Wahlström to choke on their claws.

Those are not innocent isolated incidents. Those people may not be in the majority, but they shout the loudest and they have near 100% control of the media and public opinion. Look at the way their 'talk about it' campaign was organised - for it was meticulously organised. They know the media game. They knew what day to 'accidentally and spontaneously' start submitting their articles to several hundred websites all at once.

They had people on hand to help stragglers with media contacts so their articles got published. They were taught to have several versions of their articles at the ready, each in a format and length the media could find useful. Some grassroots movement. And of course it was all spontaneous. But the point is: they control Sweden. They control it to this day. And they have to go if Sweden is to ever be a great country again.

Flashbackers waxed nostalgic the other week, harkening back to the second week of August last year. Swedes had The Pirate Bay and the Pirate Party and were justifiably proud of both. But to have Sweden as the Swiss banking version of whistle-blowing - to be the bastion and beacon of truth and justice - this understandably filled their hearts. And then TPTB moved in and the dream was crushed. Will Sweden ever be able to attain that greatness? Will Sweden ever be able to recover? They're not optimistic at Flashback.

The past year has also shown the duplicity of Swedish governments in posturing themselves as a neutral country even as they became the lapdogs of the US embassy. Thomas Bodström - partner of the universally reviled Claes Borgström - was behind the extradition (to torture) of the two Egyptians on behalf of the CIA. And he had the audacity to try to blame it on the deceased Anna Lindh after she was murdered, when she could no longer defend herself.

WikiLeaks embassy cables revealed what Rick Falkvinge and MEP Christian Engström had long suspected: that the repressive 'Big Brother' legislation that devastated the country in recent years was actually dictated in detail by the US embassy at Strandvägen 101 in Stockholm. Successive cabinets were given a 'check list' of laws to pass so as to not be spanked by their superiors Bush and Obama.

That same Thomas Bodström is the one who gave Marianne Ny her current position as Wicked Witch of the West. The same Ny who is ready to run ram-shod over the few rules of legal protection provided in Swedish law to get things the way she wants. The same Ny who says outright that she believes she should always incarcerate men (without bail) no matter how stupid and transparent the charges. The same Ny who once wrote that it was imperative to interrogate the suspect as soon as possible but who then refused to talk to Assange's counsel for several weeks.

Björn Hurtig kept ringing her office, leaving messages, but to no avail. 'Do you want to question my client? Can I please have an answer? Please?' The same Ny who timed everything so very meticulously so that when she finally gave the go-ahead for Julian to leave, his possessions were stolen from him at the Stockholm airport and a 'bust' was planned for his return a fortnight after that.

And that Bodström was also the engineer behind the legal farce with The Pirate Bay. The same Bodström who visited his good buddies in the Bush White House to hear what they wanted him to do with the file sharing site. And he came home and started barking orders around. This is of course illegal in Sweden where cabinet ministers are not allowed to comment on or interfere in everyday proceedings. But Bodström didn't care. He told prosecutor Håkan Roswall - who'd already researched TPB and concluded the site was not guilty of legal transgression - to drop all other cases and to work on a case against TPB, a case he'd already told them had no legal merit.

That same Bodström who responded to supreme court justice Göran Lambertz' study of travesties of justice by ordering him to 'stop investigating the system and disparaging it!'

That same Bodström who partnered with the disgraced Borgström in 2007 when they were ousted from power because of the corruption of Göran Persson. Only to be replaced by Karl Rove's protegé Fredrik Reinfeldt who's been cultivated by the US extreme right for the past thirty years and who has been coached through his entire policital career by them.

That same Borgström who picked up $500,000 for not being the public defender of Thomas Quick. That same Borgström who was contacted by a panicky Anna Ardin on Sunday 22 August when she realised her 7-step plan for revenge was going to blow up in her face. That same Borgström who has the gall and audacity to speak out again today to a media elite he and the others already have on their side and in their back pockets.

Sweden is not a normal country of normal people anymore. It's like the Twilight Zone. Tourists should be very wary of venturing anywhere north of Germany on their excursions. Anyone can be put behind bars with no proof for as long as they want, with no legal recourse, to rot away if need be. Some innocents spend over a year that way before the authorities finally give up and let them go. So for heaven sakes, don't be stupid - stay away from Sweden.

The 'feminism' as they call it isn't real feminism anyway. It's a fascist movement where the early comers get the biggest pieces of the pie. It's built on a myth of secret satanic rituals carried out by members of the Swedish government, a cadre of high ranking medical experts, the Swedish judiciary, the Swedish police - by everyone. Except it doesn't exist. And they've paid a nutbag from Norway hundreds of millions to find it. And any books debunking it are burned. Yes you read that right: feminists are back to burning books again.

  • One of Sweden's foremost champions of women's rights turned out to be running brothels with underage girls.
  • One of Sweden's supreme court justices was arrested and convicted of soliciting the homosexual services of a minor, was given a 'slap on the wrist', and is allowed to remain on the bench.
  • The da Costa case threatens to unravel, a case where the rabid feminists ruined the careers of innocent men only to further their cause.
  • The Thomas Quick scandal is already unraveling, thanks to the prosecutor who absolved Julian Assange of guilt before the social democrats could get their pet Marianne Ny involved, a case which hopefully should end the career of one of Sweden's most corrupt jurists ever.
  • The 'social infrastructure' of Sweden is run by women today. Men play a very minor role with less than 20% of the crucial positions. Men are ignored, women can do no wrong.
  • Swedes don't understand what 'hard evidence' is, even if they have a term for it ('bindande bevis'). Magistrates think you can always convict - but if you don't have any evidence and all you have is your hunch the suspect is guilty, then you can still mete out a fine!
  • Sweden's lower court magistrates were subject to a legal exam by Stockholm University on fundamental legal concepts and got 63% of their answers wrong.

It's hard to imagine an appeal by Julian Assange's counsel not focusing on the ghastly level of stupidity and corruption in Sweden. But for the ones that get left behind, the issue isn't just about Julian Assange getting a fair trail. There shouldn't be a trial in the first place, not with those ridiculous charges, and everyone knows it. No - the overriding issue is far greater and far more important for the people of Sweden themselves - for the ones that get left behind.

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