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Assange/Sweden: Lynch Mob

Spaghetti monsters have an easier time of it. See footnote below.

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DUCKPOND (Radsoft) — There's a lynch mob in Sweden. Working up to a fever pitch. Ready to storm the sheriff's office. Thanks to Anna Ardin and Claes Borgström. What's been done in Sweden is illegal and prosecutable in countries with rule of law. It's not illegal in Sweden because they don't have rule of law in Sweden. Claes Borgström's had full rein to do what he wants. And he's done it.

Claes Borgström's been on television screens incessantly for the past year, goading the lynch mob. A clever move: television stations retain clips for a short time and then they're gone. Without a trace. No remaining evidence outside the duckpond of what he's done. The effect is considerable.

And it'd be illegal and prosecutable almost anywhere but in Sweden.

Pair this with the official admonitions on the same television channels to not think about the Assange case and the way it's been handled and you have a Michelin star recipe for political corruption. For yes, that's the other part of it: when the world media expressed shock at the way Sweden treated Assange, the opinionated Lena Sundström came on Bonnier's TV4 to tell viewers she was trying hard to not think about the Assange case and she recommended the people of Sweden do the same.

  Lena Sundström on Bonnier's TV4. 'The screw-ups in Assange case? I try to not think about it and I encourage Swedes to do the same.'

The feminist/LGBT faction behind the #prataomdet smear campaign against Julian Assange might win a journalistic award in the next few days. It's reminiscent of those elections in dictatorships where people get a ballot with one name: it's all set, it's all fine, it's all dictated. A free society indeed.

The #prataomdet campaign was an exercise in ultimate duplicity. The main engine behind the recruitment of the feminist mafiosi in the media originally wanted to call the campaign #thankyouanna because Anna Ardin had stood up to a mean evil man of power and said 'no'. She'd thereby become a symbol of repressed women everywhere.

Except Anna Ardin never said 'no'. Not to anyone. Poor Assange was pushed into the corner and probably thought of saying 'no'. Ardin deliberately ambushed him so she could bed him and brag about it afterwards. And that's the silliness of it: Anna Ardin leaked to the tabloid Aftonbladet the first weekend of the case back in August 2010 and told their reporters that Julian Assange has a 'skewed view of womanhood and doesn't know how to take 'no' for an answer'. And yet try as one might, one can't find that word used in any of Cuckoo Baby's testimony.

The entire #prataomdet campaign was bullshit from the get-go. They set out to idolise a woman who stood up to a bad man (all men are bad) and said 'no' when she'd done nothing of the sort. The instigator, Finnish immigrant Johanna Koljonen, then went on to cite a case in her own life where she wished she'd said 'no' like Anna Ardin didn't do. But in that particular case, as Koljonen described it, she had in fact said 'no' to something and she did get her way.

So where's the story? What's the point? First you're emulating someone who dares say 'no' but who in fact never said anything of the sort. Then you're regretting incidents where you should have said 'no' but didn't - except you in fact admit you did and everything was OK after that. So where's the story? What's the point?

The lynch mob knows.

This silly type of logic is endemic in the Swedish feminist movement and surprise surprise but none of the feminists in the lynch mob catch on. If Josef Göbbels had seen how easy it all really was, he'd have gone away on permanent holiday. Or he'd have traveled in time and location to the feminist Sweden of today to take lessons from the real pros.

What we've had is a campaign that's 1) not at all about Assange but 2) designed to keep all discussions as close as possible to Assange and 3) accompanied in over 300 articles published nationwide on the same day by an identical sidebar in bright yellow where it's explained that the campaign is indeed about Assange and nothing else.

Back in the day when good guys wore white hats, bad guys wore black hats, and townspeople mostly didn't wear hats at all, and everyone rode a horse or traveled in a horse-drawn buggy, there were lynch mobs - just as there were in the days of DW Griffith's friends in Birth of a Nation. They're seen intermittently even today at the cinema in modern classics such as Grisham's A Time to Kill. They're Klan or they're just part of the stacked deck of the plot - unruly faceless townspeople impatient with the slow turning wheels of justice.

  The silliness of #prataomdet: Johanna Koljonen praises Anna Ardin for doing something she couldn't except she did it and Ardin didn't.

The judge has been called in from the Big City. It'll take a while for him to arrive. The bad guy is kept in the hoosegow. The sheriff guards the bad guy day and night. He sleeps at his desk. No visits to the saloon for a while. The townspeople meet at the sheriff's office late at night, with torches and pitchforks, demanding he release the bad guy into their custody so they can take justice into their own hands, so they can illegally lynch the son of a bitch. Randolph Scott or Spencer Tracy or Glenn Ford stands his ground. They're not getting his prisoner. There's something called rule of law.

There aren't many Swedish cowboys. And Sweden's been considered an exemplary nation, very advanced, cradle to grave security, a humanist's paradise. Then came the subs. Then came the GOP and Karl Rove. Then came the push from Bonnier media. Then came the calls from the US embassy on Strandvägen. Neutral? Sweden? Yeah right.

Sweden was the perfect buffer for NATO in the Cold War. Finland bordered on Russia, Norway was a member of NATO, the Danes were separated by a sound without bridge and they were too continental anyway. Too close to Germany. Sweden's annual war games concentrated on holding the fort for 24 hours until a US naval fleet had arrived. The entire Swedish defence strategy was to keep the bad guys (presumably from the East) at bay for one day. And it was dependent on a close alliance with the US.

The social democracy of Olof Palme's Sweden was a sham. The government secretly tracked people with political views too outlandish for their friends in Washington DC. You could lean to the left but not too far to the left. But of course no one told you about this and the government of Olof Palme - and Olof Palme himself - denied this. And then one Peter Bratt came along and exposed the whole thing. A secret cadre hidden inside the Swedish secret police that essentially reported to the US.

  One of Stockholm's 'Café Américains' in the Old Town. Come on in, take a load off, kick back, grab a bite, talk shop.

It's just an embassy. There are lots of embassies. They're supposed to mind their own business and host lots of cocktail parties. That's why 'emboffs' are often called 'ambulatory alcoholics'. They're supposed to limit themselves to that.

The pay is good. It's all tax-free. They might move every so many years but their moving expenses are paid. They have commissaries where they do all their shopping tax-free. A bottle of whisky there costs the same as a bottle of cheap rotgut from Algeria. Dirt cheap.

They can even buy their Mercs there. At prices no taxed working class auto can ever compete with. All in all it's a great life. See a lot of exotic places, meet a lot of rich, boring, but influential people, and stuff the cash in the Samsonite.

Why blow it? The US embassy in Stockholm is the biggest spy centre in northern Europe. It wasn't always that way. The Soviet embassy was bigger. But the Soviet Union is no more. The US slid into the #1 slot. And Stockholm's always been a spy capital, going back at least to WW2 where spies from both sides used to sit at the same restaurants and nightclubs - like in the movie scenes from Rick's Café Américain.

Sweden was the big thorn in the side of the US, the mouse that roared, the conscience the US couldn't afford, the Pinocchio companion who wouldn't shut up. No matter Sweden had to keep a tightrope balance between neutrality and fealty, both in WW2 and in the Cold War, opinions of the Swedes and their political leaders weren't hard to come by. Swedes found other ways of doing things. They admired the revolution in Russia but they wanted their revolution to be bloodless.

  The US embassy in Stockholm. There's a better chance of meeting Swedish cabinet ministers here than in their own offices.

They invented social democracy instead. They kept the democracy part but gave it a conscience. Eventually all the countries of Scandinavia and most of the countries of Europe did the same. There was no poverty. There were no homeless people. Everyone took care of everyone else - not through charities but through strict legislation: people may not be allowed to fall out of the system. There is a 'safety net' built into the system so that everyone has recourse to ensure not only a minimum standard of living but a reasonable and decent standard of living.

And the rationale was waterproof: a healthy populace provides for the best possible workforce. Social agencies everywhere worked with one goal in mind: keep everyone employed. A free market economy can't have full employment like a communist economy where jobs are simply made up to give people things to do and salaries to earn. But each and every Swedish agency worked to come as close as possible to that goal. No abstract worries about the ultimate meaning of life or 'where do we go from here' - just get people out working!

Swedes don't starve if they're out of work - but they're sure ashamed. Terribly ashamed. Some of them won't go out of doors during the day so their neighbours don't start to suspect they're unemployed. The social pressure on having a job is pervasive. You don't have to be rich and you don't have to be a fat capitalist but you have to have a job. Why? Are people with jobs better than people without them? No. But it's like turning up at school in Levis when everybody else comes in chinos. Peer pressure - yes even for fully grown adults.

And the rest of the world? Those hopeless crazy people in the US? Those desperate frightened people in Russia? Those nutbags in China? Those garlic eaters on the continent? We don't want to know anything about that. We're isolated up here, thank you very much, and we like it like that. We're cut off from the mainland by Öresund and that's the way we want to keep it. Neutrality - as not engaging in warfare for hundreds of years - is something everyone is very proud of. As for the rest of the world - the US with the religious right, the Klan, the idiots in Washington, the sabre rattlers - honestly? The less we hear about them the better. We don't want to know. We don't care. They're idiots. We can't do anything about them. We ignore them.

Good riddance.

And always always always the example of a Sweden with a social infrastructure that actually works, with a freedom of speech the US can never attain to, with human rights beyond what people in the US can even dream of, with a common sense society that actually works - what a pain in the backside for the politicians in Washington! Perhaps not so much for the 'democrats' - their candidate in 1992 was on his way over to study how Sweden works. He never made it over of course. But he made sure they all knew he was thinking about it.

But the GOP - that Grand Old Party, the Republicans: they hated Sweden. With a passion. The politics of Sweden represented everything they'd come to dislike. Yes the Swedish system worked. But at what price? People couldn't grow obscenely wealthy and treat workers any way they pleased? A free medical care system that actually worked? Stamp them out! Condom automats on every major street corner? Sex maniac Swedes - stamp them out! Nudity at their beaches? Stamp them out! Equality between the sexes? Crush them! And they want to have diplomatic ties with Cuba and Palestine - what's this business about them being people too? Don't they understand that goes against our own foreign policy?

The US sent small one-man subs into Swedish territorial waters. In stealth. But not in too much stealth. They were supposed to be detected. But never captured.

The media went wild for years. It was worse than the Loch Ness monster story. Full page tabloid spreads of photos that look like UFO sightings. Where did the subs come from? Russia of course!

And why did the US go to all that trouble for years? Simple.

They wanted to make neutral Sweden paranoid of Russia and swing the general political opinion further to the right - into the arms of the US.

Then they followed up by contracting public relations firms in the country who sent out infiltrators to join and work their way through the hierarchies of the leftist parties - to swing them to the right too. This particular scandal was uncovered and called '#Primegate' in the media as the PR firm doing the dirty was called Prime. And wonder of wonders but it's someone from the US running that Swedish company too.

So much for neutrality. So much for centuries of peace. So much for the ideal welfare state. So much for what legendary prime minister Per Albin called in so many words 'our common home'.

Whether it's envy at something so aggravatingly perfect, or jealousy at all those Swedes getting lucky more often in a week than they do in year, or bitterness that Swedish common sense is a pain in their religious right backsides, making the creation of the perfect society so ridiculously simple, the Republicans knew they had to hate that blasted country. And so they've been working internationally for at least thirty years to do something about it.

  Those were the days: the cabinet of Per Albin Hansson (seated on far left).

It's not first in 2010 that they got involved. The castigated 'Turd Blossom' advised the local conservatives on how to grab victory from the jaws of impending defeat, but his party tutored and coached the conservative leader for years before that, helping him oust his more liberal party comrades from power. The GOP never go in for a half victory. They want it all.

The current Swedish PM might someday be called more a traitor than the previous social democrat PM who finally brought systematic political corruption to Swedish shores. The long-term goal of the current junta is to completely dismantle the social system that's stood as the template for all modern European democracies - anything for world hegemony for the US. And damn the torpedoes.

How the Bush White House openly and brazenly dictated Swedish domestic policy in the years of the original Pirate Bay is well documented. The Swedish cabinet had a check list given them by the US embassy in Stockholm. Either do as the yanks wanted or get screwed. Lose trade advantages, get blacklisted, you name it.

Letters came in from powerful media organisations, sent directly to cabinet ministers. Who dutifully reported back to them and did their bidding. The Pirate Bay broke no laws. But does that matter? Of course not. Might makes right. Everybody knows that. Democracy? Rule of law? That's a chimera. Look behind and you always find a brick wall, as Frank Zappa once said. Brick wall.

Suddenly the Swedes had become the ultimate hypocrites. A neutral country secretly allied with NATO. A lapdog government overly eager to please their masters in the US but very intent the people of Sweden never find out what they're really up to. Such are the things good democracies are built on. Social democrat leader Mona Sahlin pleads at the US embassy for help to win an election - pleading with them for help to win a Swedish election - and promises to lean farther to the right if they help. That's representation alright.

And remember Caesar? Remember what he said about dividing and conquering? No country's ever been as divided as much as Sweden of today. Antisemitism in Europe targeted only a small part of the population. Racism in the US and Australia the same. But a movement that targets a full half of the population? That's a winner if ever.

Maria-Pia Boëthius was a writer for Bonnier's Expressen for over ten years. She's one of the original 'red stockings' of the country. The irony is she was supposed to march side by side with Julian Assange during Afghanistan Week in October 2010. That's irony.

Maria-Pia Boëthius is the daughter of editor Carl Gustaf Boëthius and granddaughter of history professor Bertil Boëthius.

Maria-Pia Boëthius had a fling with someone who would become a national bard: Ulf Lundell. Lundell wrote his first book at Maria-Pia's summer cottage. Maria-Pia noticed that one of the characters in Lundell's novel seemed to be patterned after her, and she didn't like the way Lundell portrayed his fictional character, so in typical red stocking fashion she wrote a book of her own that took pot shots back at the bastard.

At Expressen Maria-Pia Boëthius became increasingly interested in women's rights and hateful of men. Sweden not exactly being an unfair prejudicial country, this was difficult. But you need something to make people angry if you're going to succeed. Boëthius preyed on the naïvety of her readership and gradually assembled enough response letters for a book.

The Swedish government were simultaneously working on a reform of sex crime legislation, the goal being to take the hysteria and melodrama out. A parliamentary subcommittee began work in 1971 and swiftly by Swedish standards were ready with their proposals only five years later. The idea was to look at the real circumstances behind supposedly criminal acts and see them as tragedies rather than something to muster up a lynch mob to take care of.

Then Maria-Pia Boëthius' book came out. Called 'It's Your Fault', the book made a political issue of the claim that criminal victims are never responsible for the way things go south. The circumstances of a crime are to be ignored. If you get involved in a barroom brawl and someone punches you and you punch back, it doesn't matter you were provoked - you punched, and therefore you're a despicable criminal.

The public reaction to Boëthius' book was so intense that the parliamentary subcommittee ripped up their work, disbanded themselves, and let the government appoint a new committee. That committee too took five years to get anything done. And Swedish state feminism was born.

Boëthius once wrote several years later in one of her columns for the Bonnier's Expressen that she'd just like to cut genitals off men and toss them in trash bins. One of her fans, a bit shocked by such rhetoric, wrote to ask her if she really meant that or if it was just a figure of speech. 'Of course I really meant it', was Boëthius' tight-lipped reply.

Pär Ström's excellent book on the disintegration of Swedish culture at the hands of 'state feminism' and the burgeoning feminist media mafia points out how far things have gone: the mandate of the current cabinet officially recognises that men and women are essentially identical at birth with no significant gender traits - that everything we come to know as 'male' and 'female', as 'manly' and 'womanly', is taught. There's no proof for this of course - it's ridiculous and there's ample proof of the opposite for the dimwitted who need to see it - but that doesn't matter: it's part of the actual official policy document of the current Swedish government. Along with a promise that this situation will be fought at every corner, at every turn.

Today there are daycares in Sweden where anything remotely reminiscent of 'heterosexual' is kept off the table, off the bookshelves. Children are given reading books where giraffes are gay, where everybody is gay, where there's not a straight male or female in sight - because this is supposed to be more 'fair'. Because this fights 'stereotyping'. Swedes have rarely before exhibited such shameless stupidity.

Then to hear the likes of Anna Ardin and her flaky friends talk of the 'goddamned hetero norm' and you're ready to beeline to the airport and leave forever.

Former cabinet minister Margareta Winberg, today in exile at the Swedish embassy in Brazil, might still hold the record for the most destructive political career ever. Her list of ill deeds is longer than Slider's johnson.


Winberg was good friends with the schizophrenic Norwegian kook Eva Lundgren who insisted she knew of secret satanic cults no one else had ever seen. Lundgren was graphic in her description of these cults and yet had to admit she'd never actually run into any of them. She was graphic in her description of their secret rituals in the darkness of Sweden's hinterland as well - even though again this was only going on in her diseased mind - cults that kidnapped young girls and bred them in captivity to later be impregnated by the cult leaders so the bad guys could cut the foetuses out and slaughter them in sacrificial rituals.

Lundgren's background is suspect to say the least. She had a history of just such flaky stuff in her home country Norway - a mind much like Sweden's lovely Carina Rydberg who writes bloody novels in the same vein and today complains she can't write anymore because the government will no longer subsidise her psychotropic drugs.

Neurosis, psychosis, and insanity become a norm. So much so that the national association of women's shelters adopts the fantasies of Lundgren as official policy. And it has to be admitted: no fascist ever had a better story. Jews and blacks taking over society? Blah-hah! Satanist cults who cut out and then cut up foetuses, using women they keep in captivity!

And it didn't stop there. This one-woman destructor went on to say the cultists came from all walks of life, particularly the upper classes and those in positions of power. Leading physicians at Sweden's major hospitals. Chiefs of police. Cabinet and government workers. Members of parliament. A slight that the royal family were overlooked.

They bought it. The Swedes bought this line of trash from the crazed woman who should have been locked up in a rubber room. They brought her over from Norway and gave her a position as a researcher in sociology even though she had no qualifications for the job. Her competitor for the position, who was qualified but also a man, protested. And was told 'but she's a woman'. Then the Swedish government gave her an absolutely obscene amount of money to continue her 'research'.

Books came out that debunked the idiot. She and her supporters got the books suppressed. This isn't some scary story of fiction. This is Sweden of today. Wake up to it.

And what did cabinet minister Margareta Winberg say about all of this? She'd met Eva Lundgren a few times and she thought Lundgren was 'pretty cool'. Think about it.


Domestic violence: read Pär Ström's book. Domestic violence in Sweden is only about violence against women. No one cares about violence against men even though statistically there's more of that and even though women surveyed think it's OK to use violence against men, admit they're the ones that start it.

But there are things one can do against domestic violence, even if the chief cause is the women. There are things that have been done in Norway, in Canada, and wow but in the US. Yes the US too.

The chief causes of domestic violence all relate to household pressures, most often household economy. Which can in turn unleash other factors. Unemployment, substance abuse as a form of coping with a pressure situation, and so forth.

Norway, Canada, and the US have taken a positive approach to the situation and developed programmes that help couples (families) in trouble. Counseling is for half a year, the success rate is over 70%. With little recidivism. They get people to take assessment of their situation, take control of their lives again, to never give up, and to always regards themselves as winners.

It works. It works in Norway, in Canada, and the US. Over 70% success rate. No significant recidivism. Hey great - so let's everybody use that system, right?

  Elis Envall came to talk about Canada's cure for domestic violence. Lundgren and Winberg had him muzzled and forced out of his job.

A Swedish government worker was sent to Canada to study the miracle system there. He came back laden with boxes and boxes of paper documents, studies, reports, the works. Swedes were going to get the same system. So he thought.

Eva Lundgren got involved. She turned up at the big governmental conference, had the heads of the women's shelter organisation there as support, and got the ear of Margareta Winberg.

Lundgren's position was that it didn't matter if Norway, Canada, and the US succeeded in dramatically reducing domestic violence. Women aren't violent - they're only victims, no matter what the statistics say. And men are evil to the core. From birth. No matter what the statistics or common sense say. And we are not going to compromise on that. Because even if the programme would decidedly reduce domestic violence, it's a tacit admission that women are also to blame and men are not necessarily the offspring of the Prince of Darkness - and we can't have that!

The government worker was manoeuvred out of the picture. He wasn't given an opportunity to speak or present his material, tell the assembly of his findings, of the success stories from Norway, Canada, and the US. A few months later he resigned his position and left government work for all time.

And what did Margareta Winberg have to say about that? That was her conference. Several years later she couldn't even remember the incident.


A cornerstone of Eva Lundgren's political philosophy is the 'Emmanuel Goldstein' idea of an 'invisible male power structure' permeating all of society. It is this power structure - which no one can see but Lundgren knows it's there - that keeps women oppressed (especially in Sweden where the sexes are more equal than in any other country). And under an invisible undetected cloak of conspiracy, the men of the world know they have to keep oppressing women to preserve their supremacy.

And the acknowledged best way to keep women oppressed is to rape the shit out of them. So the best way to fight this invisible injustice is to file rape charges back. And it doesn't matter if there's any substance to the charges - the idea is to overwhelm that invisible power structure with a flood of complaints to completely neutralise the system.

And from this follow the official precepts of Swedish state feminism, a climate everyone, even men, have to live under.

  1. Women should preferably not engage in heterosexual sex. They should go lesbian instead. The very fact that a man's genitalia have to penetrate the women's body for copulation is an act of unforgivable aggression. It's to be frowned on at all costs.
  2. Women in marriages and relationships with men should immediately stop having sex with them. For to have sex with them is to betray the feminist cause. Women who have sex with men are traitors.
  3. Sex with a man is rape. Always. No matter the circumstances. It is always rape. Period. And it's always rape because the power structure no one can see is always there, repressing everyone. So a woman doesn't really have freedom of choice as long as it's hanging there in the air. Invisible but for all to see.
  4. But that's still not good enough. For Margareta Winberg then got involved in the administration of the country's universities. And pushed through a statute that stated that all research in higher education must acknowledge the presence of the spaghetti monster invisible male power structure, all research studies must take this invisible power structure into account, and the ultimate: all research results much be in accordance with the acceptance of the male power structure. That's invisible.

This immediately meant that all professors, lecturers, professor's assistants - everybody - had to be reassessed and vetted according to the new official doctrine. Those that didn't have the required pedigree or were not prepared to accept the new reality were simply 'let go' - fired, sacked. And a new order took over at all Sweden's institutions of higher learning.

The country's seen some amazing things as a result. One such was the realisation that certain forms of music - and certain musical instruments - were prejudicial against women. They were too 'masculine'. They had to be discouraged and ultimately banned. Musical instruments. Banned for being anti-feminist.

Given all that, Karl Rove and the GOP have an easy time of it. They've not only divided the formerly admired country of Sweden right down the middle in effective civil war - they've driven the entire population plumb crazy. Best of all possible worlds.

  Superfeminist Gudrun Schyman tries to explain the invisible power structure with a diagram resembling IIS control flow - 'only in Sweden'.

The Centers for Disease Control report an estimated 56% of all abusers - physical, mental, and sexual - are women. So it's natural to assume that men are suffering. Which they are. And it's just as natural to assume women are enjoying their position of repressive privilege. But they're not.

One need look only to the characters in the current Assange melodrama. Both Anna Ardin and Sofia Wilén are basket cases. Feminist writer Carina Rydberg, who wrote that it was an insult to all women that Julian Assange not be held in Wandsworth prison over last year's holiday break, is frustrated she can't get any more state grants to live on and can't get any more drugs to keep her from going even more bat shit insane than she already is. Elin Grelson, one of the principal architects of the smear campaign #prataomdet, wrote recently:

'How come I have to devote the entire month of January to crying already when I get up in the morning, lie in a foetal position and shiver from mental torment and then wait all day in the waiting room for the mental hospital's ER?'

Yes why is that, Elin? And these are the people who would accuse a cerebral Australian cultural hero of wrongdoing. The same ones who sing songs at their militant meetings about literally castrating all men, cutting off their genitals as Maria-Pia Boëthius once suggested - they obviously point the way to a better and healthier society, right?

Turd Blossom never had it so easy. The US of Bush and Obama won't have to worry about Sweden for a long time to come.

And Julian Assange? He'll get a fair trial. By a lynch mob. A country OK with instituting national propaganda doctrine for what scientific research must prove to be true, a country today founded on the principles of a totally insane woman who believes she knows so much about things she admits she's never seen, a country deep in class warfare like no country ever in modern times - of course they'll treat Julian well. Won't they? After all, he's not the enemy or something like that, is he?

Feminist Helene Bergman reports that parents in normal families in Sweden today are warning their sons to always take cellphones to trysts with members of the opposite sex. And to film everything from beginning to end. Girls who get pissed after the fact or who are pissed during the act can walk into a police station anywhere (or heck just ring them up) and file a rape complaint. And the next you know, the Keystone Kops are out en masse hunting the perp down.

It's not just Julian Assange. It's everybody. The difference with Julian Assange is he's an international celebrity. So people outside the duckpond finally got a glimpse at what's going on today inside the most mentally unhealthy country in the world.


The paragraph above beginning 'the acknowledged best way to keep women oppressed' is taken out of the Eva Lundgren/Anna Ardin playbook. That's what they believe. No one else believes that nonsense. Only Lundgren and Ardin and their ilk.

That nonsense is found throughout Swedish state feminist literature.

But a few lowlifes - evidently financed and supported by one 'Anal Taylor' - have attempted to take this out of context to suggest that this site - and by association Julian Assange himself - believe in such nonsense. It's a cheap trick and most people know it.

For those who don't: reread that section again.

Anal Taylor and his cohorts are in the business of hate. Anal hated Gary McKinnon and ranted about him for years. His new pet hate object has become Julian Assange. Unfortunately he's collected a few equally dimwitted haters to join his flock. No one with any knowledge of the case of Julian Assange takes them seriously. And you shouldn't either - and you won't, as long as you too do the research.

Thank you.

I'm so sick of it all. Will it never end? At any rate I want to say the other girl's just as much to blame.
 - Anna Ardin

Apparently Swedish laws are unique. If you have a penis you're half a rapist before you even get through customs.
 - Scott Adams

If I am able to reveal what I know, everyone will realise this is all a charade. If I could tell the British courts, I suspect it would make extradition a moot point.
 - Björn Hurtig

I can tell you that the Swedish prosecution still hasn't provided copies of those SMS texts that have been referred to. Those texts are some of the most powerful exculpatory evidence. In Australia prosecutors have a very grave duty to disclose such evidence to courts when seeking the grave exercise of a court's power against an individual. Yet in Sweden in this case, in the first hearings to obtain an arrest warrant, those texts were not submitted to the Swedish court, which is highly improper.
 - James Catlin

The prosecutor could achieve this broadening of the law during Assange's trial so he can be convicted of a crime that didn't exist at the time he allegedly committed it. She would need to. There is no precedent for this. The Swedes are making it up as they go along.
 - James Catlin

Julian Assange will surely learn that considering what WikiLeaks has published, he's got a few enemies in the Pentagon, the CIA, and the White House. Sweden began an investigation into rape which was later dismissed. Assange was even denied residence in Sweden. One can only speculate to what extent the security agencies of the US were involved. And considering the obvious interest of the US to silence WikiLeaks, is it likely Assange will have an accident of the 'Boston brakes' kind in the coming years? Or will he be snared with compromising information of the 'honey trap' kind?
 - 'Drozd' at Flashback 23 October 2010

The truth will out, the truth wins out. Let no journalist ever again speculate into what the protocols say. Six months of digging and the people at Flashback have the actual documents. The sleaze printed by rags such as the Daily Mail, Sweden's Aftonbladet and Expressen, and perhaps above all the toxic Nick Davies of the Guardian, can stand no more. Yet more: these documents are an indictment of the 'news organisations' who've printed deliberate inaccuracies all along or even worse: refused to print anything at all. Nick Davies' account of the protocols was maliciously skewed; both Aftonbladet and Expressen had copies early on and printed nothing. Bloggers had copies but arrogantly kept the information to their Smeagol selves.
 - The Assange Police Protocol: Translator's Note

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