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Sweden's justice system stands accused

And the international verdict won't be kind. From 酩酊老翁.

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If and when in the near future Julian Assange is extradited to Stockholm, he'll be immediately detained in a remand prison and kept isolated and behind bars for at least the duration of the 'closed door' secret judicial process. This will be of immense joy for the state feminists who were horrified that he was able to celebrate the holidays on a country estate instead of being being left to rot in a cell as is done in Sweden.

The feminist state could possibly make an exception for Assange so as to preserve the illusion of being more humane than is really the case, or the Swedish regime can perhaps dismiss the case after a preliminary interrogation with Assange, all in order to avoid the coming fiasco and inevitable global humiliation.

Otherwise it's not so much a judgement of Julian Assange that awaits as it's a judgement of Sweden in the eyes of the world. Swedish state feminism is being inspected under a microscope, as are Sweden's strange court cases and verdicts based solely on the narratives of the supposed victims, as are the racist and sexist social structures manifested in the tragedies of Billy Butt and others.

[Billy Butt was convicted of rape by lay judges who found it incomprehensible blonde blue-eyed Swedish girls would willingly go to bed with a 'nigger'. Their verdict didn't dare refer directly to his skin colour but cited his 'distinctive appearance' as 'decisive evidence'. Ed.]

The international media will study the Swedish judicial system closely; study everything from how Sweden uses politically appointed lay judges who'd rather convict than acquit in the lower courts; study how the Swedish police abuse suspects; study the unique level of suicides in remand prisons, part of the exclusively Swedish phenomenon they excuse as 'sudden death upon arrest'; and they'll study the unreasonable and routine detention policies that leave no opportunity for bail.

Accomplished international journalists will turn over every stone in outing the cronyism in the system, in this case where there's a red thread between the social democratic brotherhood and the socialist prosecutors at the epicentre of power, old rotten social democratic cell structures that somehow survive, actors such as Claes Borgström from the Thomas Quick scandal and now legal counsel for the two christian groupies who claim they've engaged in voluntary and completely consensual rape, and so forth.

And finally the international media will turn the lives of these two 'women' in and out, as well as the Swedish state feminist media who with their traditional support of the current regime will do all in their power to smear and defame Julian Assange. That's namely the other side of the coin: one cannot drag people through the mud without finding one's motives called into question.

And the Swedish government, with consummate clumsiness, will be held responsible for the media pressure put on the two women for this long a time. For the Swedish government have not followed accepted practices when they exploited a European Arrest Warrant to investigate suspicions in a case of minor criminality, and they have not responded to a request for such an interrogation with Julian Assange in London.

The verdict on Swedish rigidity and lack of cooperation will drop like an anvil once this case is over.

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