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Snowden: What Price Truth?

We need to know everything. Now.

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Things are rapidly going over the top in the Snowden saga. What started as the arguably most important revelation of our times has morphed into a show of global cowardice as the United States, that Land of the Free and Home of the Brave, turns more and more into the schoolyard bully who will do anything to dominate.

Snowden's revelations caught the US and all the top names, not the least of which is Peace Prize laureate (what a laugh) Barack Obama, with their pants down. The level of intrusion into people's private lives is unparalleled and unconscionable. And if history teaches us anything, it's that we all have a right to privacy and no one has a right to access our private lives. As Snowden pointed out, it is not like the gleeful Google CEO said, namely that if you've done nothing wrong, you have nothing to fear. Such a deliberately misleading statement shouldn't even be dignified with a rebuttal. Our lives are our lives, and no one - least of all a global bully like the US with naval fleets patrolling every coast and with 800 military bases in over 150 countries - has a right to that information. The bully must be taken down and those records of our data must be destroyed and laws must be enacted to prevent anything of the sort ever happening again.

Edward Snowden is currently in a political no man's land together with WikiLeaks associate Sarah Harrison. They're cooped up in or near the international airport in Moscow. Nearly everyone's abandoned them at this point - due in no small part to the continued bullying of the US.

A flurry of asylum requests were sent out by Snowden yesterday evening. Many countries have already responded in the negative, mostly with the excuse that Snowden would have to be on their soil to apply. Thanks to their less than stellar record these days in standing up for human rights, the Swedes weren't even asked.

It's a dismal day for the world when the husks occupying the White House, stripped bare naked to expose their immoral hypocrisy, can go on anyway, now resorting to outright bullying. Whether it be tacit threats of economic sanctions as used in forcing Sweden to harass The Pirate Bay or whether it be something more substantial that only a member of the US government can whisper down a secure phone line, it's there. The US junta were caught with their pants down doing something of global import, something very much a crime in every sense, and so now they're not going to cite their being a great country with high ideals anymore - no, that's been dashed to smithereens by the truth. Thanks to Edward Snowden. So now they're simply going to bully the world instead.

What Price Truth?

The ultimate insult came today with an unsigned op-ed in WaPo arguing for the return of Snowden and a stop to the leaks everyone likes. One has to wonder what those in the know are privy to that we are not. WaPo has 41 slides from Snowden but released only a handful. But now Snowden is in the care of WikiLeaks and odds are a lot more slides - a lot more shocking information - are going to be released.

That must be very damning information if the bully is so panicky.

Thus the op-ed today in WaPo, a news organisation which, lest we forget or perhaps never knew, used to be a major partner of the CIA in disseminating false information. What do these lackeys want today? They're just spouting what they're told to spout, but still and all. They want Snowden to return to the US. Good idea.

The costs of the Edward Snowden affair continue to mount for the Obama administration

Good. This should cost a lot. Spy on people like they've done and you deserve to pay dearly.

Secretary of State John F Kerry

He's no longer John Kerry, he's John F Kerry. Officiousness in the extreme. But 'President Obama' is still only 'President Obama', not 'President Barack H Obama'.

The revelation could complicate the incipient US-EU free trade talks and further sour Europeans' once-soaring regard for Mr Obama

It's been years since Europeans felt positive about Obama. Their eyes were opened a long time ago. He's hated more than Bush today. Bush was an idiot, but Obama pretended to be something else.

As for souring relations: that's not Snowden's fault - that's the fault of the treasonous Obama junta who treat their friends in the EU to this regimen of spying and intrusion. But they seem to think that things will be alright again if they can shut Snowden up? Hardly. The sheeple have notoriously short memory, but that's really stretching it. It's more like they know the Snowden revelations so far are but the tip of a monster iceberg bigger than all of Bluffdale.

Governments and their intelligence services, aware that allies often spy on each other, may be less perturbed.

Ha. If that were the case, then why the worry? Time to call 'bullshit' on WaPo.

The administration appears to be making little headway in its efforts to gain custody of the fugitive contractor.

No they're not making headway. And that's a good thing. And he's not a fugitive and he's not a contractor. And he's certainly not a 'fugitive from justice' - more like a 'fugitive from injustice', from the biggest and most terrible bully in human history.

However, rulers ranging from Russia's Vladimir Putin to the Chavista socialists of Latin America appear to be holding Mr Snowden at arm's length, lest his unpredictable behaviour and mounting toxicity contaminate their relations with Washington.

What a mouthful. Hugo Chavez was a good leader. He stood up to the bully. There's nothing unpredictable about Snowden - on the contrary. Snowden isn't the issue anyway. The issue is what the NSA and Obama are doing to our world. And there is certainly nothing toxic about Snowden either - not anymore than with the rest of the world who are really sick and tired of those 'fucking yanks' and their incessant wars and lies. Lest we forget, in other words. All wars today start with lies, as another famed whistleblower said, and the bad people in the US have mastered the art of the lie to make war after war after war. When will the world collectively decide that enough is enough? Is it now? Hopefully now?

The first US priority should be to prevent Mr Snowden from leaking information that harms efforts to fight terrorism and conduct legitimate intelligence operations

'To quote that silly Google CEO Eric Schmidt again: what do they have to fear if they've done nothing wrong?'

Sounds like Woodstein's WaPo are advocating the assassination of Snowden much as Jonah Goldberg did regarding someone else back in 2010. Just as every fetid sick right winger in the US did back in 2010. Somebody gets in the way of our global hegemony, get rid of them. Send in a drone. Just kill them. How dare they defy us. This is the attitude of the US right from the gilded corridors of the capital all the way into the hick mountains and surfer beaches in the west. Everybody believes it, nobody has respect for others.

But Mr Snowden is reported to have stolen many more documents, encrypted copies of which may have been given to allies such as the WikiLeaks organisation.

Oh noes!!1! And in case you don't catch the significance: that is a good thing. We have already seen how many bad things have been perpetrated with taxpayer funding, and we have every reason to believe it's much much worse. To quote that silly Google CEO Eric Schmidt again: what do they have to fear if they've done nothing wrong?

It is not clear whether Russia or China have obtained the material, though US officials would have to assume that Mr Snowden would be obliged to hand over whatever he has to win asylum in Moscow.

It's amazing how sick the minds in the US can be. Amazing - but never surprising. Those minds are as far from the rest of us and reality on this planet as anyone can be. They need to be curbed by yesterday. They do not have a place in our world.

The best solution for both Mr Snowden and the Obama administration would be his surrender to US authorities followed by a plea negotiation.

Oh yeah that's close. The fallout from PRISM revelations is considerable and only beginning. The promise is an end to this era of the big US bully. That's got to continue. We all need it. The way to correcting what's FUBAR with this world today is taking the US out of the picture.

It's hard to believe that the results would leave the 30 year old contractor worse off than living in permanent exile in an unfree country.

You can live pretty good today in Russia, you morons. There's a people already on location. They're called Russians. And they're pretty OK. To even intimate that your country is free, what with the little we know so far about PRISM, is the ultimate hypocrisy.

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