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Never forget, never forgive.

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There was a letter from Robin waiting in our inbox that morning.

'Well at least we got our people out on time.'

We wrote back, asked WTF he was going on about. His reply:

'Turn on the television!'

We lived with nightmares for years. But we were also in the Belly of the Beast, and we saw what was going on. CNN, Fox... The United Nations Security Council. Reports by Hans Blix and ElBaradei. And a resounding speech by de Villepin.

We saw Colin Powell nervously lying his socks off. We saw the Idiot Prince standing on the White House lawn with that shit-eating grin of his, saying 'oh he's got them alright'.

It was bullshit, it was all bullshit, and everyone knew it. Save for a precious group of fucktards who probably believe in reptilians walking a flat earth.

It was so shameful. Watching the groveling US media go at it, commenting on the UN sessions as only they can. They're not from the same planet as the rest of us. Most of the world's problems would be long gone, but for the existence of one country.

They're going into Afghanistan? Why? The outpouring of goodwill towards the US was rapidly evaporating. A portly lady from Texas explained they had to kill Saddam, and when the reporter questioned why, she said it didn't matter: Bush had to kill all them 'ragheads'.

Vanessa Redgrave was on tour in the US, spoke out against what was coming, got mutilated in the media.

The biggest demonstrations worldwide in world history. Their 'Coalition of the Willing' wasn't getting anywhere, and wasn't making the UNGA all warm and fuzzy. But they pushed on. They wanted world consensus but made it clear they were going to invade Iraq anyway.

Joe Wilson traveled to Africa on a wild goose chase, reported back, then they lied about what he didn't find; when he got furious and wrote for the New York Times about it, they outed his wife. Fair Game.

Keller of the NY Times pushed Judith Miller to shill; Carl Bildt got paid to shill; and so forth.

Herbert Walker had the help of Thatcher and Major, and he told the media he could sell his war to the people. It was only later, through WikiLeaks cables, that we learned he'd been bullshitting too.

Thatcher and Major had at least a semblance of integrity; their successor had none. Never before had anyone seen a PM suck up so to a POTUS. No wonder Richard Curtis scripted Hugh Grant as he did. Britain lost all integrity, had become a country of shame.

Things started to unravel more and more. We segued from the Age of Connectivity to the Age of Transparency, the Age of Accountability, the Age of WikiLeaks.

And we wonder why Hague plotted to storm an embassy for a broken condom. Or why people today paint graffiti on the facades of tenement houses in Berlin.

What was remarkable about the premiere of Fahrenheit 911 in our university town was that most of the audience were retiree couples - they were pissed at what had happened to their planet. And they cursed the Idiot Prince for making them look stupid and for dragging the world into another genocidal war.

And they cursed the Puppet PM as well.

A lot of people have personal stories of their own about those years; this is but one. Others will be written better.

Never forget, never forgive.

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