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Fake News for Monday 28 November 2016

Sleep is one way out.

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PLANET EARTH (Rixstep) — This is now official. The 3rd rock is headed for hell in a hand-basket. Suck it up.

Dr Jill Stein has announced that she will support presidential election vote recounts in three states. Whilst there's little doubt of Jill's innate honesty, the move wasn't managed well, and so full pandemonium has broken out.

Fidel Castro passed away, and his death was mourned, as any should be mourned. But supposed freedom fighters are rejoicing, which is downright sick. Perhaps these astute individuals would care to research who was in charge of Cuba before Fidel took over. Perhaps they'd like to get onto Netflix to review Godfather II for a not completely inaccurate account of what the 'casino and brothel country' was like. Perhaps they'd like to review Cuba's stellar healthcare record and unparalleled contributions in that regard to neighbouring countries. Perhaps they'd like to listen to a bit of the stylings of one Ry Cooder. Just a suggestion.

It's not often that a Swede will want to retreat to within the confines of the Duckpond, but this is such an occasion. A nation grown into world dominance through the labours of one of the greatest statesmen ever has now become so corrupt, that over 800 military bases corrupt the scheme of things in over three quarters of the nations on this planet, and they can't even keep the peace at home! One would have thought - yea hoped - that things would calm down after the election Tuesday, but they've only got worse.

And yet in this very same duckpond, one finds the den mother of the Flashback forum idly chatting about how 'Russia invaded Crimea' in 2014. The certainty in the face and act of utter stupidity is staggering.

And on a final note. An Assange support account on Twitter reminds us that Ecuador will go to the polls in February 2017 and the head of WikiLeaks risks getting booted out of the Knightsbridge embassy if Mashi loses. This is no idle scare. Correa did not quash the free media, but keeps a close eye on it. Ecuador media are run by powerful interests who have the complete support of the US.

And now back to sleep. A week should never begin with such depressing news, fake or otherwise.

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