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Time to Move On?

Apple have had it. Posted to the forum.

Get It

Try It

There's a lot to be said for Ubuntu. There's a lot to be said against Ubuntu.

But what's increasingly difficult is to justify Apple's ridiculous prices which get only ridiculouser and ridiculouser, at the same time their OS and its underlying infrastructure get more and more out of control.

We chose Apple 15 years ago for a number of reasons.

  • Windows is beyond repair.
  • Wintel hardware is crap and often overpriced. It fails lots.
  • Apple's OS X was NeXTSTEP and NeXTSTEP is GOOD.
  • NeXTSTEP had Interface Builder.
  • And Project Builder. Which makes Xcode look like a kiddie toy slowly turning into a nightmare.
  • NeXTSTEP had Objective-C. The only OO approach that works. Directly related to Alan Kay's Smalltalk.
  • Apple hardware was SLICK.


  • Fanboys refuse to eat shit and die.
  • Jag-wire was OK but everything went downhill after 10.2.7.

With Apple you have only one source of systemware and hardware. If they fuck up, you're SOL. With FOSS, you get to choose - across the board - for both.

And it's cheaper. And probably easier to cope with.

They like open standards and don't fuck with things that already work.

I'll add to this later. It's a big move, but seriously: I think Apple have had it, and the more I think about it, the more I see that we've hung on way too long. Essentially for the sake of a programming language and little more.

Cheers for now.

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