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Morality Police & Gossip-Mongers

Translated from the original by Kaziva Sadafi.

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Good evening, my dear readers!

I've been away a really long time, and more and more of you have written and wondered what's going on. Our baby arrives in June, and we're doing our best to get ready. We're really looking forward to it. I'm now on holiday and I'm only translating a little, mostly per telephone. I'll be put on pregnancy subsidy in a few weeks, as my regular job is quite demanding.

Despite being off work now and spending most of my time with Bamse, I've not been updating my blog. It's not only because I get tired really quickly. I've chosen to be silent for a while because I can't handle all the pressure and stress of keeping up the blog. I believe in evil eyes, mostly from other immigrants. A lot of them talk shit about me because I'm pregnant but not married. My thoughts go back to the time right after my divorce when I was filmed by those immigrant boys who knew my Ex.

Even if I, thank goodness, don't live in an immigrant suburb, and even if I've done all in my power to distance myself from my culture and other cultures in the Middle East, I'm still affected. And it's absolutely not just the men who are the problem. Many women are just as guilty of all that honour and morality shit. And so they can themselves come off as clever, they work full time at being gossip-mongers.

My personal feeling connects to tonight's episode of Kalla Fakta ('Cold Facts') which dealt with morality police and the difficulties women have in Swedish suburbs. Problems that the Sweden Democrats, the alternate media, and immigrants themselves have been trying for years to bring to our attention. What's no longer 'racist' to report on has changed quickly in Sweden. Two years ago, tonight's episode of Kalla Fakta would have been condemned as pure racism, just like all the reports on issues caused by shit-cultures and islam.

And even if I'm familiar with all the issues covered in the programme, I still get just as angry when I witness the harassment and oppression of women in Sweden's suburbs. How parts of Sweden have been transformed into islamic enclaves, where the rules are harsher and more women wear veils than in many muslim countries.

Just remember that that problems with immigrant cultures and islam are not limited to the suburbs. Pressure is on women everywhere in Swedish society today - it's just that it's well hidden. It's not as obvious and as visible as in a suburb where the kids are hanging out in public, yelling 'whore', but the morality police and gossip-mongers are everywhere.

Sweden's been ignoring and lying about these issues for years, all in the name of 'multiculti' and 'anti-racism'. It's going to take years to reverse this trend, if it's not already too late. There has been a lot of talk about 'vigourous efforts', and all the things that are now 'unacceptable', by Swedish politicians today - but it's the 'same old same old'. All talk...

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