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Sweden's Dangerous Minds

Pfeiffer wouldn't know what hit her.

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THE DUCKPOND (Rixstep) — It's the biggest and most sacred holiday of the year in Sweden. The Swedish Institute uploaded a clip to YouTube which brags it's only the second biggest, but they're bending their PC-truthiness as per usual. This is midsommar.

The streets of the city are empty. The silence on otherwise heavily trafficked roads must be deafening. Everyone who is in the country is out on the countryside. Others, like national treasure Kat Janouch, have fled the country for various reasons.

(Such as visiting her mother who can no longer get proper medical care, despite the incessant claim that things are hunky-dory.)


Some readers might remember SCUM - the Society for Cutting Up Men - inspired by Valerie Solanas, the psycho-beast who tried to murder Andy Warhol. Solanas and SCUM have been big in Sweden.

SCUM and Solanas have been repeatedly supported by the infamous 'ROKS' ('all men are animals, don't you agree?') and Gudrun Schyman's Fi political party - who will again, in 2018, make a bid to get into Sweden's Riksdagen (parliament).

Anyone with a penchant for maturity, common sense, and decency should do all they can to see they fail again. Venomous charlatans like Fi have no place in a democracy: they're not only batshit minds, they're dangerous minds.

Pippi's Ice Cream Truck

Last evening at dinner time, computer wiz and respected parliamentarian Hanif Bali picked up on a tweet by someone called 'Pippi's Ice Cream Truck' (@pippiglassbil). And it was a doozy - it included a screenshot of someone else's troubles.

This is so good it needs a full translation.

I have a problem and need a bit of input. My wonderful daughter has become very aware of and almost obsessed with clothes. These clothes should preferably be pink, be dresses, and generally 'girl-coded'. It might be wrong to use the word 'obsessed' but I use it anyway because it's so frustrating for me, and so I see it as an obsession.
A bit of background: as she grew up, I have deliberately purchased/inherited gender-neutral clothes and toys for her, or both. I have never told her that she is a girl or boy. She is my child. I have however let especially nan buy a lot
I have during this time thought of a number of more or less less radical 'solutions'. For example:
1. Burn all her clothes/gowns (give them away of course to Fretex but I've seriously thought of burning the shit)
2. Forbid her to wear the clothes when she is not playing costume games/or on weekdays.

'Pippi's Ice Cream Truck' makes the astute observation 'just imagine - the girl wants dresses, despite her gender-neutral upbringing'.

Hanif now picks up, commenting 'scientists can find differences between preferences of the sexes in children only one day old - but at the same time, this taxpayer-funded madness continues'.

And Hanif is right. This was pointed out by Pär Ström in his excellent Six Feminist Myths (translated by this site) which goes into detail on the work of Simon Baron-Cohen (yes he's related) of the University of Cambridge.

Norway stopped funding that 'state-sponsored madness' years ago, once their exposé 'Brainwash' aired on national television. But the Swedish 'Gender-Industrial Complex' dug in their heels and refused to air the Norwegian series, despite repeated offers.

Pär Ström was intimidated into silence by brute force.


Pär was accosted on the town (in a pub) by a mob led by an infamous 'Stasi' lady whose lackeys (including a member of Sweden's secret police) gave him this cute sketch at the end of their 'confrontation'.

Shortly after, Pär traveled all the way from Enebyberg north of Stockholm on the east coast to public service studios on the west coast to be on Belinda Olsson's 'Debatt' television show for only five minutes in which he made the public declaration (or call it a 'promise') that he was leaving the 'gender debate' once and for all.

Shortly after that, Oscar Swartz withdrew his excellent book 'Swedish Sex' from Amazon. Several people have since contacted Oscar, trying to get copies of the book. Oscar promises copies, but then drops off the map.

Oscar's book wasn't any more controversial than Pär's, or the work of Simon Baron-Cohen: it was merely (!) a meticulous collection of newspaper clippings dating back to the 1960s, showing how Sweden had changed.

But this - the truth, in other words - was considered too dangerous for Sweden's 'dangerous minds'.


Sweden is a huge disaster today. The chief of police, a political appointee, just went on national television and pleaded with ordinary citizens to help.

The situation is out of control. An increasing number of bright concerned citizens are speaking out. They need to hurry.

And in the midst of this, the party of Gudrun Schyman won't stop.

Sweden needs a serious debate for the 2018 elections. The important question to be asked of all party leaders is:

'Please show us your plan for repairing our beautiful country.'

One thing's certain: charlatans who approve of silencing freedom of speech, and openly celebrate violence and even murder, have no place in that debate.

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