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From Stockholm to Prague

Where is Per Albin? Where is Tage? Where is OLOF?

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This is a report on Czech healthcare. But more: it's a report on Swedish healthcare, the system that once put the welfare state on the map, a system that today, thanks to the new greedy political class who've systematically plundered the system their forerunners worked so selflessly to build, stands not only on the brink of ruin, but beyond it.

Katerina Janouch asks us all to try a simple Google search - and then to look at the search results. It's all out there - except you wouldn't know it was there unless you knew how to look for it.

Obsessed with being some sort of humanitarian superpower, successive Swedish governments - from both sides of the political aisle - have turned a blind eye to the suffering of their own people, deliberately hidden the truth from their own people, selling out the government's lucrative corporate interests to their friends in private enterprise, and of course raising their own salaries in the process.

There are two famous paths to wealth and power. One is to work hard and ruthlessly in the world of business. The other is to devote one's life to politics. No need for an ordinary job like everyone else - just build up a network of cronies and fellow crooks, and lie and betray your way up.

It's the same old story, one might say, and certainly it is. Politicians are never to be trusted. Not ever. But Sweden was different.

It's all down to immigration, said a lesser-known crown governor. But we can't blame the immigrants, can we? We're a nation of immigrants ourselves! We're Germans, who used to bring our foodstuffs north for storage through the cold winters. Our king is literally French! Plucked from the army of Napoleon Bonaparte! We have Finns galore! And Belgians! We have people from all over, like the family of Kat Janouch, who emigrated first to Denmark, then to Sweden, after the fall of Dubcek in the spring of 1968. It can't be immigration!

What we're seeing right now is not immigration. The United Nations found that only 2.65% of the 'refugees' arriving in recent years on the shores of Italy were in fact real refugees. The rest were con artists. Only 2.65%. So who are the rest?

The rest get turned away almost immediately. Why they risk their lives in flimsy boats to cross the Med isn't known, but the smugglers getting rich off the scam aren't telling the truth. They hand out life vests padded with newspapers - the people rich enough to purchase the services of these criminals are being duped by them.

The civil war in Syria is the cause of it all, we're told. Except there is no civil war in Syria - it's a bloody invasion. The CIA's had their beady eyes on the country since the early 1980s - around when the GOP in the US first heard about Fredrik Reinfeldt and began coaching him to take over the youth league of Sweden's Conservative Party. (The tentacles of the US reach far and wide.)

This isn't a plea for help or understanding. Most people are too obsessed with LGBT issues, student riots, and Yvette Felarca's damn BAMN, and who knows what else. Most people are obsessed with the latest terrorist attack in Manchester. Or Nice. Or at Charlie Hebdo. Or on London Bridge. Or...

Terrorism can be defeated - if the powers that be want. The 'civil war' in Syria - the supposed cause of the fake refugee crisis - wouldn't even exist if the US got their greasy mitts out. The crises on campuses across North America wouldn't be ongoing but for the social erosion engendered by decades of decay. Are we witnessing the fall of western civilisation? One would hope not. There's nothing wrong with the peoples. There's everything wrong with an awesomely reckless political class.

Katerina's in Prague for midsummer. She flew there with her son, one of her five children. Her mother and father, life-long servants of the Swedish state and the Royal Academy of Sciences, are both interned at a great hospital. The country is not yet suffering from mismanagement, at least not on the scale of Sweden: they've blocked off the current refugee crisis. As with a few countries in Eastern Europe, they're immune to a lot of the chaos and confusion brought on by the EU. One wishes Kat and her family well. Kat's father was one of the 'Dubcek' people, from the famous spring of 1968, a brave attempt to loosen the political landscape and bring the east closer to the west (and bring our beautiful planet farther away from the brink of war). But the tanks rolled in. The leaders in the Kremlin couldn't stand it any longer. Kat's family stayed on a few years, then finally gave up.

Kat was born in 1964. She arrived in Sweden at the age of 11. She remembers. She knows what it was like, back in the 'good old days'. She remembers her first trip to PUB, the famous department store where Greta Garbo was discovered. She and her family had been given vouchers for an item of clothing each, courtesy their new home community. They got a nice flat, the sun poured down on Sweden, life was unbelievable. And Kat found Margareta, the woman who drilled Swedish grammar into her until she became the fantastic writer she is today, with 140 titles in print, total domination of the bestseller lists, a national treasure.

Kat harbours a fury today. A fury at how her country - and she's more Swedish than Swedes themselves - took millions from her parents with the implicit promise that healthcare and care for the elderly would work. Only to find that it didn't.

The system did in fact work. Once upon a time. But then the carpetbaggers arrived... They weren't born in poverty - they were born in splendour. They had no ambitions to build up the country into the most famous utopia in the world. They were selfish. They only wanted to know 'what's in it for me?'

The consensus is Sweden's decline really began with prime minister Göran Persson. Persson was Sweden's first outright crooked PM. Persson greased palms on both sides of the aisle. His corruption and arrogance cost him the election in 2006. Then Fredrik 'Sleepbrain' Reinfeldt took over. Reinfeldt got invited to Bilderberg of course. Karl Rove was his chief campaign adviser.

Bilderberg 2017 didn't invite Sweden's current PM. The reluctant PM. The PM who was not a professional politician. Only a union worker and party worker. Behind the scenes. He'd been tasked with finding a suitable candidate for the PM post but came up with nothing. (Let that sink in.) His superiors in the party asked him to take the position himself. He refused. They insisted. He finally relented. And thanks to the abysmal fail of the GOP's Sleepbrain, and the sudden return of Sweden's darling from Brussels who now stood beside this unprofessional party leader, he won.

This was back in 2014. Sweden used to have elections every three years. Good system. Three years isn't enough time to wreak havoc on a country. But four is, so they changed the law.

Remember: this is the country with two major political blocs and an even (350) number of seats in their parliament who could not consider the possibility of an election deadlock. Until it happened. (Now they have 349. Is 349 divisible by 3?)

The crook running the old farmer's party - on the right - said right from the outset that her party, despite their defeat in the elections, would not work 'across the aisle' with the new government if the leftists (former communists until a raging alcoholic started ruining things) were given cabinet positions.

So the Reluctant PM excluded the second biggest party in his bloc from cabinet negotiations. The leader of the leftists was met by the media outside on the street after receiving that dismal news, and he understood nothing. He'd campaigned with the Reluctant PM, and he certainly got more votes than the ridiculous greens!

But now the government was going to be a minority government, with little more than a 35% mandate, and only because the bloc on the other side had even less! So they made up something called the 'December Agreement'.

The December Agreement is a bit of political legerdemain which basically says that a minority government will enjoy a majority even though there is no majority. No, it makes no sense. But the good Swedish people can't remember when last their politicians made any sense, so who cares?

The Reluctant PM - who some say looks like an animated sack of potatoes - has an ADVISER. A latter-day Wormtongue. The PM's impressed - because Wormtongue's published a book!

Katerina Janouch has published 140 (one hundred forty) books. Yet her version of today's reality in Sweden isn't valid, says the PM. Only Wormtongue's is.

Wormtongue's made a career out of conjuring up a need and then suggesting he has the Solution. Wormtongue doesn't even have a degree. (Can you imagine what fun Jonathan Swift would have if he were in Sweden today?)

Grandstanding. That's what Sweden's politicians do today. Everything they do is for the camera. The 'founding fathers' didn't have those cameras. They were judged on results. Nobody gives a shit about results anymore. To quote one Barack Obama, in a similar context: 'but that was only a campaign promise!

Sweden led the way into the modern welfare state. The welfare state is superior to the 'socialist state', where the only promise is 'minimum standard of living'. The welfare state - in a law passed not by the left bloc but by the right, led at the time by a leader of the farmer's party who had oozes more integrity than the current crook, a law called Socialtjänstlagen - guarantees a decent standard of living. (On the bottom rung is the 'positivistic state', exemplified by backwaters like the US.)

The modern welfare state is still correct - it's the only way to go. It's for a nation where people stick together. Where those 'welfare laws' are only a kind of national insurance that everyone's going to be OK. Cradle to grave security.

The problem with Sweden isn't left or right in politics. The problem is corruption. The same party leaders who want to overthrow the current government are the ones who four years ago sold their country down the river. To the lowest bidders. To their friends on the 'outside'.

They're the ones who ruined Sweden's exemplary apothecary system. For profit. Who ruined Sweden's unmatchable educational system. For profit. Who gutted healthcare and care for the elderly. For profit. So today the institutions entrusted with people like Katerina's parents have their head offices in the Cayman Islands.

There's only one politician Swedes like anymore. And he's liked because he represents the opposition. Opposed to both the crooks on the right and the crooks on the left. Both of them. He's a patient man. Swedes can't be sure if they really like him, but what choice do they have? The country's overrun with the culture of a thoroughbred political class - by people who've never held down an honest job in all their lives (Sleepbrain's never had one, as an example) and they're sick and tired of the same old shit.

Where is Per Albin? Where is Tage? Where is OLOF?

Katerina, at any rate, is in Prague. Taking care of her parents. Who are finally getting quality healthcare.

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