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Palace Square

Time to party.

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Going on 14 years ago. The architecture of open spaces. Must be experienced live to understand.

Palace Square, beside the Hermitage, the Winter Palace, in St Petersburg, in Russia. And there, two days after his birthday, Paul McCartney turned up for a concert.

As documentaries on this and the earlier Red Square concert labour to point out, McCartney and the Beatles were a force in the Soviet Union that couldn't be controlled. People again asserted their control over their own culture.

It's impossible to watch this concert and not be impressed by the innocent goodness of those people. This isn't heavy metal - it's 'fun music'. And the people love it.

Sir Paul said about his Moscow visit that it felt like he was 'coming home'.

Those times should be upon us again. Russians aren't an enemy. Not to anyone. Their country is thriving again today. They're self-sufficient. Those US 'sanctions' don't affect them domestically. They hurt the EU nations, but not Russia.

There's too much mendacity in international relations today. The Russians have been playing a mostly straight game. It's time the beady-eyed greedos in the west were put in their place so we can all party together.

The 2 hour 45 minute concert is available through Amazon and occasionally turns up at YouTube.

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