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Swedes told to carry on as usual?

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STOCKHOLM (Rixstep) — It's important we carry on as usual. That we don't spread a false view of Sweden. That we pretend that everything's OK. Those who think differently are made into victims of character assassination by the good red-green elite. As an immigrant myself, I can say that my views are not welcome if I don't have the correct 'value base' and the correct political affiliation. I'm allowed to enrich Swedes with my culture - only as long as I am obedient and carry on living as usual.

By voice coach Bianca Muratagic for Katerina Magasin.

I often think of the words of our prime minister Stefan Löfven who, after the terror attack on Drottninggatan in Stockholm, said:

'It's important we carry on with our lives as much as we can.'

It's important to carry on leading a normal life when your neighbours are jihadists returning from the middle east? When they get help finding a place to live? Help with rehabilitation? With their finances? So they can go out and commit new crimes? And with thousands of jihadists having gone to ground in Sweden? And new threats of terror hanging over our heads on a daily basis?

It's also important to lead a normal life and not spread a false view of Sweden?

Sweden ranks #2 on the Europe Crime Index for 2017.

Murder, homicide, attempted murder, and attempted homicide with weapons: an increase by 84% since 2007, according to public service news. We have rape victims who are pitted against murder victims because the police don't have time to investigate, because they're to prioritise lethal violence which has increased dramatically in Sweden. With thirteen rape investigations aborted every day in Sweden, criminals who can make it back to Sweden despite being deported, criminals who lie about their age to avoid full sentencing and deportation for serious crimes such as raping children, staff at youth centres who warn that 'the boys are actually grown men, and in many cases are already convicted of serious crimes', one woman in three who feels unsafe in her own neighbourhood and has had to change her routines, sex crime reports have risen by four percent and reports of rape by fourteen percent - I wonder if Swedish citizens are being treated in a respectful manner, and are able to carry on their lives as usual, for refusing to give into criminals and terrorists.

At the digital conference in Tallinn, which focused on stopping 'hatred' on the Internet, Löfven said that the EU should 'regulate away threats and hatred on the Internet'. This isn't something unusual or new - the manipulative game of the politicians to distract the hypnotised masses who suffer from aggravated denial of reality, where the biggest issue, the greatest threat to democracy, is 'how the Sweden Democrats are paving the way for Nazism'.

The task of the politicians is to distract attention from real issues by redirecting focus to, and demonising, a political party who are growing in popularity at an incredible rate, precisely for that reason. Freedom of speech, thinking differently, and social criticism are all branded as 'threats and hatred', and must therefore be exterminated. No, I don't deny the fact that real hate and threats occur online, as I'm a victim myself. What I wonder about is why ordinary citizens and whistleblowers, who dare speak out against corruption and injustice, are hung out and targeted for persecution by the Thought Police, when simultaneously the media pixellate the faces of the criminals, and hide the identities of pædophiles? And this by journalists and editors who claim to be impartial and support equal rights? Why can't the police distribute descriptions of the criminals? Is this because they don't want to increase polarisation, and want to regulate away 'hate'? As things are now, Sweden has become a country where whistleblowers are frightened into silence.

Thought Police from different organisations, media and Facebook groups who call themselves 'fellow human beings', patrol the web, on assignment from the politicians, following discussion threads. They hunt down threats and hate where they don't exist, and scold and lecture people on 'keeping a good tone'. They call those, who debate them objectively and challenge their dictatorial methods, conspiring trolls out to spread lies and whip up hatred. That people lose their jobs, their financial security, their friends and families because of the efforts of these groups: that's something they continually dismiss, trivialise, and deny. The ruling politicians are good at encouraging and rewarding these same organisations for their 'courage' and for their 'hard work' combatting 'Internet hate' (critical thinking).

As an immigrant myself, I can assure you that my views are not welcome if I don't have the 'correct value base' and the 'correct' political affiliation. I'm a fantastic immigrant! And I can enrichen Swedes with my culture, as long as I am obedient and carry on with my life as usual. But if I happen to raise my voice and criticise, challenge, and oppose the policies of the government? Then their tone quickly changes.

Am I objective? Am I fair? Do I listen? Do I read carefully? These are questions I ask myself very often when discussing things with my opponents. Something that leaves me puzzled and speechless each time is the double standard, the prejudices, and the lack of insight in any discussion with the leftist elite, who are unbelievably protective of freedom of speech and freedom of opinion, tolerance, and equal rights when it comes to their own selves, but who turn and stand for the diametric opposite as soon as someone expresses an opinion contrary to their own.

Why is it that those who are the least open and tolerant always brag about their 'goodness' and place their 'antiracism' on a pedestal? Why is it that those who support equal rights see differences between people and people, hate and hate, bullying and bullying, threats and threats, discrimination and discrimination, racism and racism, persecution and persecution, dictatorship and dictatorship - and so forth?

On a daily basis, we see journalists, authors, and political commentators who spite, criticise, and challenge the establishment. They're the real heroes, they're the ones who dare speak truth to power! They dare challenge power!

But in Sweden, where the red-green heart of the media, activists, and the cultural elite beats for 'the people', 'justice', 'goodness', and 'humanism', those who happen to have different opinions are punished severely through being hung out, with character assassinations, through racism, discrimination, censorship, organised mass complaints and bans from Facebook, peer pressure, bullying, hatred, and personal attacks. But they say the victims have to be OK with that? That one has to accept their 'satire' and bullying, no matter one is a known journalist or an ordinary citizen. It's all about 'correcting', silencing, undermining, and casting suspicion on those who have 'incorrect' opinions and value bases. Best of all if the uncomfortable individuals in question lose their livelihood, their social network, and are booted out into the cold.

All in the name of humanity.

'Sweden creeps me out.'
 - Tim Pool

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