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RADICALISED: Radical Times Require Radicalised Voices

Radicalised is the new normal. A manifesto by Katerina Janouch.

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STOCKHOLM (Rixstep) — This all started only a few days ago, when Sweden's increasingly desperate media could think of nothing better than to call the country's fiercest thinkers 'radicalised' - as if it'd somehow help calling Jordan Peterson, for example, 'radicalised'. Yes, they're desperate.

But their increasingly impotent slings can still annoy. So here's Katerina Janouch with not only a manifesto of sorts, but some words of clarity about precisely what's going on in our increasingly topsy-turvy world.

Katerina's piece, published at 16:50 UTC today, is a bit of a manifesto for these times - these 'radicalised' times. Thus this rush translation - Katerina's words may be good to read, no matter where or who you are.

See the end of this page for links to Katerina and others.

Radical Times Require Radicalised Voices

To be called 'radicalised' today: that's a compliment. I wear that badge with pride! I look at myself in the mirror and stretch out. I congratulate myself. My voice reached them, it made an impression. Of course I've been radicalised - as the situation in our society has changed for the worse.

I'm radically opposed to the abuse of power and how the dismantling of Sweden is allowed to continue. I think radicalised times require a radicalised struggle. And I'd like to be further radicalised. The resistance towards us who dare to see reality without closing our eyes: it makes me only stronger.

Those who still don't understand that our society is in a crisis think that I, and others like me who are 'radicalised' and openly say what they think, are a threat to their dishonest worldview. That means I'm doing the right thing. Their attacks and attempts at character assassination are proof that my - our! - struggle is much needed. Just like the suffragettes who burned their bras were a threat to a decrepit patriarchy, just like Rosa Parks was a thorn in the side of the racists, just like the partisans who fought against Hitler were radical and radicalised and hated by those who represented his dictatorship, just like the brave women in Iran who tore off their veils and challenged the mullahs who despise their freedom.

Oh how I love being on that side, the side of the people, the people who've had enough! It's really a beautiful thing, being radicalised! Standing up for the weak, for those who lack a voice. For the poor pensioners, for the battered, the raped, the oppressed. For the frightened. This shows that we refuse to accept abuse and oppression. This is a sign that we raise our voices in protest against the abuse currently taking place against our country.

I am radicalised because I, like so many others, abhor imported criminality and am going to oppose the irresponsible policies that let it grow stronger. I am radicalised when I think that outdoor rapes and gang violence, which 90% of the time are carried out by men of foreign origin, are a serious threat to our society. I'm radicalised when I speak out and don't back down: there are cultures where women are considered of lesser value. From these cultures, with their sick values, a lot of men have been brought to Sweden. And the criminal elements in their midst humiliate Sweden's girls and women, and threaten our security. I'd like to radicalise when I refuse to clown around and say 'all men rape'. Because they don't. All men do not rape. On the contrary, you irresponsible politicians imported the violence and devastation that now harms us on such a grand scale and to such an extent that we all have to try to protect ourselves in any which way we can.

I'm radicalised. Absolutely! This radical deterioration of our country requires radical measures. The methods that used to work don't work any longer today. Our judiciary has abdicated. The police are on their knees. I'm calling for more radicalised and radical politicians! I'm calling for courage and action! Being radicalised is the reaction when nothing else remains. The laziness and lies of the establishment brought us here. It's you who have lied, have hidden, have allowed the decay. It's you who are guilty.

Those who once were real radicals, the 'left': they've fallen asleep. They're now sitting and clowning in dingy mainstream rhetoric, anxiously looking in different directions, always keen to please. The loft-left, the caviar and champagne communists - yes, we can call them anything we want: those sluggish brake blocks who unfortunately infiltrated our municipalities, our county councils and administrations, and who destroyed generations of young people with their twisted ideas: their parents used to march with placards, fought against oppression, protested loudly on the streets, protested against a bit of everything. They even occupied buildings.

They assembled. They forged plans. And maybe what they did wasn't always right, but at least they were active. And their energy was admirable, as was their courage. But their children split their jeans. They got fatter and fatter. And timid. Cowards! They refused to take in what was happening. They were blinded by their middle class comforts. Perhaps you're not even left-wing? Perhaps you're just a bunch of cowards who don't understand what's going on, and think your words still have some kind of relevance?

Time: is both radicalised and radicalising. Our society will soon be at something that can be called a tipping point. Murder after murder. Rape after rape. Our school system in free fall, the vandalisation of everything we respect going on at full speed and getting worse. We're running out of policemen, of adults who can stand up and roll up their sleeves and try to make things better.

Radicalised is the new normal. It's a response to the insanity, to the abuse of power, to the propaganda, to the strangulation of our freedom of speech, to our despair, to their nonchalance, to the derailing of our society, to the fact that Swedish society today looks like a nuclear meltdown in slow motion.

To go on living in denial: doesn't work anymore. So how y'all doin'. You guys still don't get it?

Butter my toast and I'll go
Button up a coat and let's go
Off to the coast we must go
 - Donovan Leitch
Nothing gonna stop them as the day follows the night
Right becomes wrong, the left becomes the right
 - Mark Knopfler
The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again;
but already it was impossible to say which was which.
 - George Orwell

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