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Sweden's Low-Key Civil War

Sweden is a failed state.

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Whilst the privileged journalist elite quibble over formulations, automatic weapons are used in drive-by shootings, cars are burning, women are raped. Sweden's become a country that today is characterised by fear and insecurity, and it doesn't matter how good they say the economy is. Sweden is a failed state.

Low-key civil war is when you think you're at peace, because your politicians tell you so, and your media tell you so, and they do all in their power to ridicule, deny, and silence the truth and reality of those no-go zones where the state lost its sovereignty.

Sweden. A country where criminal gangs rule the streets and urban areas. A country where killings, bombs, acts of terror, grenade attacks, assaults, gang-rapes, torture-rapes are all on the rise, where women and even children are dehumanised because the justice system drags its feet, rewards criminals with petty sentences, where citizens are systematically demoralised as criminality has escalated so much that the state can no longer protect people, can no longer guarantee their safety.

Low-key civil war is when a religion supersedes democracy, forcing others to adapt, at the same time one calls religious repression and religious fundamentalism some sort of religious freedom.

Low-key civil war is when you've proselytised for decades about integration so we shall have segregated districts and a parallel clan society.

Low-key civil war is when brutal violence continues for such a long long time, and gradually becomes normalised and accepted, so that people submit to those conditions and rationalise their situation, and dismiss the issues because they've been systematically and strategically indoctrinated and distracted with propaganda and lies from the corrupt elite.

Low-key civil war is when facts are seen as threats, when the truth is seen as a lie.

Low-key civil war is when shootings, rapes, attacks all terrorise and scare citizens who don't dare go outdoors in the evenings, and are themselves victims of this violence, all the while the politicians and cabinet ministers tell them that their situation is no worse than it was twenty years ago.

Low-key civil war is when you open your borders, let in hundreds of thousands of undocumented men that you know nothing about, who you thereafter reward with residence permits, when you let IS-jihadis reside in your country, letting them be 'deradicalised', despite their having committed deranged and bestial crimes, at the same time children and women lack protection and housing, and women who've fled from IS are deported back to their home countries where IS is still a threat.

Low-key civil war is is when you flee a war in one country, only to experience the same threats, persecution and violence, insecurity, fear, and terror in your new country, where you again fear for your life, because your new country is also lawless, with war criminals and rapists pitted against defenceless citizens, those groups who are weakest, because most of those war criminals and rapists are not going to be deported.

Low-key civil war is when the police tell you that you must now change your lifestyle, your choice of clothing, must move or at least be comfortable with less mobility, because they simply don't have the time or resources to help and protect you, as they have to prioritise even more serious crimes.

Low-key civil war is when different groups with different ethnicity, background, and religions threaten, assault, and harass each other in the streets, where women in the suburbs are persecuted, controlled, and threatened by islamists.

Low-key civil war is when the police can't possibly process their rape cases because they're told to prioritise the gangland murders which are also on the rise.

Low-key civil war is when the media, the churches, your politicians, and sects ridicule the victims of crime at the same time they lavish praise on the criminals, on the fraudsters, on the rapists. Low-key civil war is when your political leaders shake hands with and pose for pictures with convicted sex criminals and get away with it.

Low-key civil war is when the media stop scrutinising the power elite, when the state finances groups and movements that censor, persecute, smear and destroy the lives of the whistleblowers for daring to tell the truth about the abuses of power, the injustices, the betrayals, the destruction, the incompetence, the lies.

Low-key civil war is when you see the very man who raped you or murdered someone in your family strolling on the other side of the street and you know no one can do anything about it.

Low-key civil war is when groups of men kidnap, torture, abuse, and rape a woman for hours, but get no more than three years in prison, even as those who gleefully filmed and watched the entire incident are released so they can go on to threaten and ridicule the victims and other terrified women.

Low-key civil war is when your leading politicians commingle with, embrace, shake hands with, encourage, and pose for pictures with convicted sex criminals who in addition are rewarded with asylum, despite their lying both about their true identity and their true age.

Low-key civil war is when your power elite get away with treason, with lies, with destructive policies that led to polarisation, destabilisation, segregation, new categories of crime, terror attacks in the country, at the same time they hide behind faux 'humanism' and pretend to be concerned about the safety of women and children.

Low-key civil war is when your freedom of speech is threatened and strangled, when your politicians put themselves above the law, do not respect the law, spit on the people, and ignore the will of the people.

Low-key civil war is when you see small fanatical parties actually running the government, making decisions about our future, and jeopardising the safety of our children.

Low-key civil war is when victims of honour culture and war are forced to continually move in and around and, yes, even *from* Sweden, because Sweden too closely resembles the areas they fled.

Bianca Muratagic, author of the above piece, is an entrepreneur, author, opera singer, songwriter, voice teacher and voice coach, concert and music producer. She is founder of Sweden's Singing Academy and once fled warfare in Yugoslavia.

Swedes go to the polls on 9 September, less than three months from now. The ruling Social Democrats, the party of the legendary Olof Palme, are unrecognisable today, and are predicted to suffer an unprecedented defeat, the worst in their history.

Together with the 'Greens', who have less than 4% backing, they currently 'rule' the country with a 25% mandate.

Sweden is a failed state.

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