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'Let Them Play Bach'

Leo would like it.

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DANDERYD SWEDEN (Rixstep) — JAN ELIASSON is a former deputy general secretary of the United Nations. On Saturday he tweeted.

After listening to my wife Kerstin play Bach, our dog Leo rested on the rug and said:

'Let's hope Sweden's new budget doesn't have cuts for the cultural sector - or, for that matter, any cuts for environment or immigration. And my masters don't need lower taxes.'

Was Leo the dog talking about their municipality Danderyd? Danderyd is one of the municipalities in Sweden that's accepted the fewest immigrants. In 2007, they had a voluntary agreement with the Migration Agency to take in 25 migrants per year. In 2015, they took on 38 migrants. They blamed this low figure on lack of housing. When the government changed things, they took 128.

Danderyd is a bit north of Stockholm and is officially the wealthiest of the country's burbs. And right in there, in the area known as Stocksund, is Social Democrat Jan Eliasson.

Eliasson's been working at the UN since the 1980s. He's been deputy general secretary and the chairman of the general assembly. He's also been Sweden's minister for foreign affairs.

In his own bio, he describes himself as a lowly working class boy from Gothenburg. As for his income for his years at the UN: he refuses to tell. What can be known is that top positions at the UN have salaries of USD 170,000 - 200,000.

And in Sweden, that's all tax-free.

The exclusive Danderyd is at the top both with net income and number of millionaires. According to older figures from the Central Bureau of Statistics, the median income in Danderyd is $36,000.

Approximately 41% are millionaires, and 51% of those at least 18 years old are millionaires. A standard villa in Danderyd costs $1.2 million.

Let them eat cake.
 - Marie Antoinette
Let them play Bach.
 - Jan Eliasson

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