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Hello from Finland

A greeting to Sweden found on YouTube.

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Hello from Finland. I have some questions for Swedes: what happened to you?

We always used to admire you, you used to be our 'big brother', you used to be the goal where Finland should try to go. I have many relatives living in Sweden, some of them have been living there since after WW2. They had work IMMEDIATELY when they came there. You did not give them free life. They all are terrified, and their friends as well, and all other 'normal' Swedes.

It all has changed dramatically. Why do you destroy your country? Why are you not proud of Sweden anymore? What bad has happened to Swedish people?

There was a time not only us Finns looked up to Sweden, but most of Europe and even the world..now we all wonder why are you doing this to yourselves?

Why do you get on your hands and knees, not even grease your booty and expect everyone to enter just like that? Is it ok i come there and tell i do not feel safe, give me a life?

You used to have a good country, an example how good things could be. Now you became a laughing stock in the eyes of the world. You became the center of raping, center of people being scared, you became an example of how not to do things. In Finland (and Europe) all the news we get are of people being killed on grenade attacks. Unless they are shot, or sometimes stabbed. Or in the case of women, gang-raped. People cannot understand how is it possible to be so gullible as you Swedes are. The criminals arriving in your country (as well as here in Finland) are not coming there to contribute to the society, they come there ONLY to benefit your world famous social wellfare. They are people who simply have no shame of any sort. They abuse you, the work your parents did, they abuse your fathers, your mothers, your sons, they abuse (literally) your daughters and wives, the question is why do you allow this? No pride at all? Things are too well in Sweden? I doubt not so well anymore.

Yes, i know this whole charade going on in Europe, and here in Finland too. But hopefully the rest of Europe wakes up seeing what happens in Sweden.

Germany of course is just as well lost as Sweden is, thanks to Ms Merkel, but let's not let her (nor the ill Swedes) destroy all of us! Europe, please, take care of yourself. You already let part of the bad in, do not let anymore, please.

 - Gee Meil, YouTube, December 2018

Maj Bärlund

Maj Bärlund
indianastan Stay in your shithole Country and don't stick your nose in sweden. Those refugees are better than you and your entire worthless family. We will keep welcoming refugees. Now Fuck yourself.

Hisham Abbas
Maj Bärlund ya allah i will rape you bitch

Hisham Abbas
Maj Bärlund we will take over your country and rape you christians

@Hisham Abbas i dont know if youre joking or serious but at this point she and all swedes deserve it so go for it

Hisham Abbas
Gokaes yes im serious. Because this bitch clearly wants to get raped by us.

Hisham Abbas
Gokaes im not mad at you im mad at that whore who willingly wants to Bend over for us muslims.

Ady Ady
@Maj Bärlund Let's see how good they are after they rape you!

Eren Kaya
@Maj Bärlund i hope you get beheaded

Maj Bärlund
Hisham Abbas You are a triggered nazi who is pretending to be a 'muslim'. We will keep welcoming more and more refugees forever and ever. Stay triggered. The election results are already out. Nothing you can do about it.

Darrow Au Andromedus
@Maj Bärlund The moment the people Unite, you're done. Don't be so sure of yourself. Be happy they've put up with it this far but the moment, like the DAY that they decide enough is enough; They'll hunt all of you down and hopefully murder all of you.

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