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We Want Back Our Sensible Sweden

By Katerina Janouch. Translated by this site.

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Tone and polarisation in Sweden are again growing harsh. Those who want to see themselves as 'good', and who can be described as politically correct (whatever that is) and who still sit at many important posts in our society: they're increasingly trying to smear their critics, whose number grows.

Now, most recently, Jeanette Höglund and her important movement At Your Side, who struggle to give the poor elderly a dignified old age, are being smeared by a pack of ideologically blinded and hateful individuals, who tried to claim that Höglund's movement is racist.

Which of course is rubbish: it's not 'racist' to care about the sick and elderly.

But it's because Sweden has groups of individuals who've completely lost their way in terms of values and decency. It's about gently twisting reality until one's completely lost the plot.

So what do we really want, we who criticise Sweden's current policy? Are we opposed to all immigration and all non-christian religions? Are we opposed to diversity? Do we hate pizzas, and kebab, and spring rolls? Do we just want to dress in our traditional costumes, eat hot dogs, and spend time alone? And spend it only with blond blue-eyed Swedes who descend in direct lineage from Gustaf Vasa?

No, of course not. Quite he contrary. Our movement, so critical of Sweden's policies right now, has many immigrants who've come to Sweden to escape totalitarian ideologies, dictatorships and religious oppression. (My own family falls in that category.) Many immigrants have also come here only for work. And until recently, Sweden has been a good, safe, reasonable, equitable, fair, and free country where different people have been able to live side by side and work together for a well-functioning society where people thrive and feel good.

But that is sadly no longer the case. Today's Sweden is shaken by gang criminality, by a weak police force, by a corrupt judiciary, by an activist migration authority, by greedy and incompetent politicians, by left-wing extremists, by feudal liberals, by anti-Semites, by imported racists and clan fathers, by violent religious extremists - and, on top of it all, a school system in decay. And, on top of even that, our plummeting currency. And add to that our devious media outlets that indoctrinate our people, an oppressive system more at home in North Korea, with our galloping repression of free speech, and you have a nasty witches brew that can bring down the most enduring of institutions.

More and more of us are waking up to this cold reality. More and more who can't turn a blind eye anymore. More and more are protesting. More and more see that Sweden has changed.

A Sweden that used to work. A Sweden that was a quiet and stable country to live in. A Sweden with high taxes, this is true, but a Sweden that gave its people what they needed, what they had paid for: healthcare, education, childcare, police, fire brigades, judicial system, insurance funds, employment agencies, state and municipal councils, and so forth.

A Sweden with our wonderful 'allemansrätten' which means that we together protect Mother Nature and help keep our country clean and tidy. A country where we generously took in people who'd fled war and conflict, and we offered protection and the opportunity to build up a new life. But of course! Sweden was prosperous and generous, and you shared that prosperity. Of course there were issues, as all societies have, but our issues were manageable. They weren't at a level where people talked of 'war'!

But then this goodwill got out of control, that's how I would describe it. Perhaps our politicians were hit by hubris. Of course, our resources were running out, but the politicians lied and hid that. They continued to open the door to guests even though those guests began taking liberties and hurting their hosts. Things went too far with this misguided benevolence. They reckoned wrong. They didn't dare to draw the line, to say 'no'. And so most of our social infrastructure imploded. All that we had built up, all we'd poured our efforts into. Caring for others. Sweden, a people's home. Where everyone would benefit, and everyone was equal. Where one would give to those who had nothing and care about the abandoned. Where one should be helped, where one could be of goodwill, be kind. Diplomatic. Magnanimous.

Picture a restaurant. A restaurant with 40 seats, and food prepared for that many guests. But suddenly there are 400 guests there, ten times as many. They're all crowding in, they all want to eat. There are neither tables nor chairs for them all, but people begin pushing and shoving, clamouring for more and more food, eating up everything in sight. They're screaming, stomping, very dissatisfied. They complain about the food, demanding it be free. They elbow each other to get closer, demand more space for themselves, even though the restaurant is already overcrowded and sweaty. And then the fights break out...

That's what things are like in many areas of Sweden today.

So what do our politicians do? Instead of admitting they've mismanaged things on an epic scale, that they've taken in more than they can handle, they invite in even more! Maybe the food will be enough if they just close their eyes and wish hard enough?


We who are critical of our irresponsible migration policy do not at all oppose immigration. What we oppose is the current mindless way things are done, where everyone ends up hurt. We don't like the deep injustice that arises when people commit crimes, taking advantage of a naively generous system.

We are critical of not them stopping those who would destroy, who don't want to contribute, who don't want to be one of us, who want to spread prejudice and hatred, who want oppress women and sexual minorities, who want to harm children, the elderly, and house pets; those who refuse to obey our laws, those who come here as our guests but who, instead of showing gratitude, want only to humiliate and abuse their host people.

We who protest and raise our voices want common sense.

We just want back our sensible Sweden.

A Sweden we recently had, but which at a furious pace is getting more and more lost.

A Sweden where tax money is used responsibly and fairly.

A Sweden where old people who've worked their entire lives will have a dignified old age without starvation and homelessness.

A Sweden where children selling flowers are not afraid of being robbed.

A Sweden where healthcare professionals don't have to worry about being physically assaulted while caring for the sick and injured.

A Sweden where teachers are respected, not raped.

A Sweden where we don't need armed guards at our libraries and bathhouses.

A Sweden where girls are able to go to school without being raped.

A Sweden that protects women, not a country that's at the top of the list of countries with the most sexual abuse.

A Sweden where animals and house pets are protected, not tortured to death.

A Sweden where we don't have bombings and grenade attacks as part of everyday life.

A Sweden where police officers have control of the violence - not the criminal gangs.

A Sweden where we know our politicians are working for us, not against us, we who pay their wages.

A Sweden where girls and boys have the same rights, regardless of which country and culture they come from.

A Sweden where we stand for democracy and everyone's right to a life without religious oppression.

A Sweden where the victims come first - not the criminals.

A Sweden where the security and safety of the citizenry is the top priority of our politicians.

A Sweden where the judicial system works so that those who commit serious crimes receive fair punishment.

A Sweden where we are free to express our thoughts without worrying about losing our jobs because we dared to say what we think, or because we criticise politicians when they don't do their job.

A Sweden where Swedish law prevails everywhere - not sharia or clan rule, because those areas are no longer Swedish.

A Sweden where people can go outdoors without risking assault, robbery, sexual crime, or any kind of violence.

A Sweden where ethnic Swedes aren't mocked and harassed for their skin colour and race.

A Sweden where we can trust each other - not a country where suspicion, fear, and terror grow.

Is this an unreasonable wish? Are the above wishes really xenophobic or racist? Of course not. For me, these wishes and demands are the very foundation of a functional society where both native and immigrant citizens benefit. However, as we are now, we are in a trend that doesn't bode well for any of us. We, who raise our voices, do it because we love our country. We struggle to save what can. We struggle on, no matter the headwinds, because that's the only option we have. No matter the price we have to pay.

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