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Be Cloning 2023-02-21
It's coming along well.

Orientations & Associations 2023-01-16
Things keep getting confusinger?

Still Here 2022-07-07
We never bought into the bullshit.

Too Much 2022-07-07
Will it always be this way?

Key 2022-07-07
Some might call it a secret.

Postgrad Twits 2022-06-12
How it all ends no one can know.

One Byte 2022-01-18
That's all you'll need.

Shark-Infested Waters 2022-01-06
And what you can do about it. A ray of hope.

Detach Audit 2021-06-27
Frankly, what Apple did forever forfeited your trust.

100+ services run on an idling Apple computer 2021-05-15
This is how it always begins.

Has anyone else begun with code-signing like Apple? Let's hope not. 2021-05-10
Are you comfortable with that?

It ain't worth it. 2021-04-22
Even if it's possible.

'This change was made as an optimisation' 2021-04-15
Children with matches. Apple with operating systems.

Apple Users to the Slaughter 2021-03-08
As if this isn't predictable.

Guarding Fort Knox 2021-03-05
Before Houdini.

Obscene 2020-09-26
Watch where you tread, boy.

Notes Crashed 2020-11-17
We told you so.

Obscene 2020-09-26
Watch where you tread, boy.

Align, Bkgnd, Font, Frame, Spell 2020-09-19
Extrapolating Redwood City. Extrapolating into the future.

BSD and Linux Thirty Years On 2020-08-30
All is well - right?

Planned Obsolescence is Evil 2020-07-01
You know which wires you can cut, which boxes you can remove.

Containers 2020-03-28
When will it end?

Apple's NSDocumentController Taking Liberties 2020-03-11
Apple did it again.

Clean caches 2020-01-23
You are in a little maze of twisting passages, all alike.

Leaks Like a Sieve 2020-01-21
Was Woz right? After all, memory management is simple - isn't it?

OS X RIP 2019-12-23
And Catalina only makes it worse. From the forum.

Tuesday Ten 2019-12-02
'It'll be good for something.'

Dock Leaks 10.14.6 2019-11-11
It's not better. It's worse. No one's paying attention?

Uncle Unix 2019-11-01
The quintessential example.

APFS: Don't Create Before... 2019-10-12
Spooky stuff no matter what.

Hack Your Mac 2019-09-02
Can they do it? Of course. Apple left the door open. And that's only the tip of the iceberg.

That Option Key 2019-08-30
Things blow back.

Sometimes light bulbs take a long time to turn on 2019-07-17
From the forum.

More on Codesign 2019-06-24
From the forum. 2009-02-18 02:18 AM.

_Hoax 2019-06-17

Karma's right around the corner 2019-06-11
A Catalina wish-list. Knock knock.

All About the Eve 2019-06-02
Apple's WWDC is right around the corner.

$429 Million 2019-06-01
Arno revisited. The glory of Pascal.

PATH_MAX? 2019-05-11
Following the Pied Piper down to the docks. From the forum.

Subject: UTF-8 History 2019-05-09
Designed on a placemat.

No Code Editor 2019 2019-05-06
Has anything changed?

Dock Leaks 10.14.4 2019-03-29
Something is wrong here?

Tracking the Apple macOS Mojave 10.14.4 Update 2019-03-25
82 K items updated.

Why We Don't Like Swift 2019-03-14
There's nothing wrong with excellence.

Adobe: photoshop:DocumentAncestors 2019-02-12
It's in the bag.

Hard Links: 3662262 Revisited 2019-02-11
Speaking friend still won't get you in.

Application Scripts 2019-02-01

A Walk on the Wild Side 2019-01-29
'This little piece of geniality...'

_getdirentries_is_not_available... 2018-12-17
Timmie playing peekaboo.

Visually, in 2019 2018-12-05
A matter of taste?

The House that Apple Built 2018-11-27
Somebody feeling comfortably numb? Anyone check the foundation?

Inside the Mac: What Would Steve Say Today? 2018-11-21
What do you think he would say?

NSRequiresCompetentGovernance 2018-08-21
Doesn't take long.

The Search for Extravagance on macOS 2018-08-21
Doesn't take long.

SOSM: The State of Social Media 2018-08-03
You never had it so good.

Moving on from Xcassets 2018-07-05
Simple is insanely great.

You Can't Beat the Pyramids 2018-06-17
A sidebar on toolbars for the coming ACP interim release.

The Search for Elegance on macOS 2018-06-12
Aka: 'Tracker Reloaded'. Finally it's time.

Two Indispensables 2018-06-08
One is current, one is past, both are open source, both can still be indispensable.

Re: Reggie Releases 2018-06-06
On development of the new Tracker. From the Rixstep forum.

Ten Things for 10.14 2018-05-26
Simple stuff, actually. That's what elegance is all about.

Twitter's Holy Bug Story (2) 2018-05-05
Quite the story. Lots of holes. Hit the road, Jack.

'macOS' Defaults Broken 2018-05-03
A tale in pictures.

.HFS+ Private Directory Data? 2018-04-14
You'd think they'd give it up.

'Does anyone else feel that file management still sucks on macOS?' 2018-03-14
Apple have never and will never 'get' filesystems.

Thar Be Tygars 2018-02-19
Back to the old days.

CLIX Untappable 2018-01-09
Details on a coming update, and a little bit of history.

Long Live HFS? 2017-12-20
It's a new file system, yes, but...

.DocumentRevisions-V100 2017-12-18
Keep track of what's going on.

Outlaw the Unix™! 2017-12-17
If it's to come to this, then so be it.

Through a Dark Glass with Tim 2017-12-17
The climb up the High Sierra is treacherous.

Apple: The Kerning 2017-12-03
When something wicked this way comes.

High Sierra: Applications & System 2017-10-28
And Xcode. Cosy on an MBA SSD.

APFS: #2 2017-10-24
A look at High Sierra disk activity and what happens in '~/Library'.

APFS: #1 2017-10-21
A first look at the new Apple file system. One report of many.

Three Tiny Twitter Bugs 2017-08-14
So be it.

Documents, Movies, Music, and Pictures 2017-08-07
Rixtag pretty much covers it all.

10.12.4 (16E195) 2017-04-19
34450 items.

Anatomy of a Makeover 2017-03-25
Safe is when the user is in control. OS X / macOS users are not in control.

To: Trey 2017-01-04
Just get the machines!

#torstrike 2016-08-21
Shut it down. Stop working on it. 1 September UTC+2.

Tor 6.0.4 2016-08-17
Happenstance, coincidence, enemy action?

Tor 6.0.2 2016-07-17

The Rush to Be Obsolete 2016-07-02
Plugging leaks is not impossible, neither is fixing VM code or finding better frontend people.

Tinkerer's Sunset 2016-03-19
By Mark Pilgrim. Reprinted as it's offline and still very important.

Disastrous Design Decisions 2015-09-10
Everybody makes them. The wiser know to back up.

More on Services 2015-07-18
That thing from NeXT. Aka system services. Aka Cocoa services. Through the glass giddily.

Yosemite Woes & 10.10.2 2015-01-29
What's Tim cooking now?

ACP 10.10 2014-12-10
New times need new solutions.

Taking a Page from the Daryl Zero Handbook 2014-08-07
Do things right side up.

Another #EpicFail for Twitter UI Code 2014-06-26
Twitter management must do something radical.

Safari Leaking Good! 2013-11-06
Maxing out again? Thank Apple's crack programmers.

Inessentially Yours 2013-11-01
The art of living in a walled garden.

Sheets & Mavericks 2013-04-07
Add it to the list.

Core Rot: LAST_ACK 2013-03-05
Safari 6 and teh Googels sure make strange bedfellows.

Core Rot: cfprefsd 2013-02-25
More inexplicable expected behaviour. By Joel Bruner.

Bug Reports & Core Rot 2013-02-19
When systemic crashes become expected behaviour.

'This Resource Fork' 2013-02-03
82 of them. All identical. Why?

Apple's Core Rot 2013-01-31
The trends are there for all to see.

Apple's iCake 2012-12-29
Trying to forget what we can't help remembering.

Xcode's Crooked Path 2012-10-02
Oblivious of legacy? Obstinacy for its own sake?

One Year with Lion 2012-07-11
A review of OS X 10.7 in six parts.

Save As Brilliance 2012-07-04
Further strides for OS X Lion 10.7.4 Vista.

Fireworks in Apple's /usr/bin/clang 2012-07-04
Most festive.

Apple Rooting Their Own Systems? 2012-07-02
And this has been undetected for a year?

Xcode 4.3.3 FileMerge 2012-06-28
See what Jim Allchin has to say.

Not Just Another YouTube Blooper 2012-01-12
Highlights two important issues.

Fresh Boot 2011-10-14
There is a future. It's just not here yet.

Xfile: Inspecting a Mail Server 2011-10-06
121,300 files. Over 200,000 cells per second.

Apple: When Closed Systems Don't Work 2011-09-19
It's not like everyone didn't tell them so.

The ABCs of XYZ 2011-09-05
Who's the idiot? Who's the creep?

The Jabberwocky of DDB 2011-08-18
Hack! Schnell!

desktop.splang 2011-08-02
cat desktop.splang | grep '\"en\" :' >out.rtx.

Safari the Pig 2011-06-18
It's pretty - but who engineered that shit?

The PBS Hack 2011-05-29
As told by LulzSec.

'ACL bug, root cause' 2011-03-27
Laugh? Cry? Buy another iPad? Tap tap tap?

Cosmetic Bugs Persist in 10.6 NSToolbar 2010-08-12
They're not going away soon.

Fasoldt 2010-08-09
It takes all kinds. Some aren't that great.

Mail.app Orphans Redux 2010-07-18
No fix in over five years.

Objective-C, Objectively 2010-07-09
Not for them - for you.

10.6.4/Build 5: 'No Known Issues' 2010-05-27
Wake up, Amerika.

The First Begotten 2010-05-19
Is long forgotten.

Xfuck 3.2.2 2010-04-22
Those Apple coders get better and better.

_determineDropCandidateForDragInfo 2010-04-08
An evil bug in 10.6.

The Evolution of Style 2010-04-03
Things aren't always for the best.

061-7784 2010-03-12
The Safari 4.0.5 update - in time for Pwn2Own 2010.

It Wasn't Good Then, It's No Better Now 2010-01-22
NSOutlineView is of limited use and in some circumstances can cause fatal errors.

猎鸭 (Duck Shoot) 2010-01-16
Windows lusers are the ducks. You can be the hunter. Quack quack, bang bang.

The Longest Screed 2010-01-03
Time to dig in again.

Index Sets 2009-12-30
The sky falls when the obvious becomes remote.

_CFStringAppendFormatAndArgumentsAux 2009-11-16

Managing Code 2009-11-01
It's an uphill battle but there's a payoff.

CHRISTMA EXEC 2009-08-25
CHRISTMA EXEC was written in REXX.

Stevenf Extends Finger 2009-07-31
'A tiny tadpole flapping his tail helplessly at the ocean.'

Those Damned Milliseconds 2009-07-26
They all add up.

What Open Source Can Learn From Apple 2009-07-09
Both the good and (sometimes) the bad.

The Great Brick Wall of the Apple App Store 2009-06-15
Travel all the way to the City by the Bay only to get the middle finger?

Self-Defence 2009-04-26
Don't take chances. Don't trust the next guy to be as careful as you.

Learning to Crawl 2009-04-07
Perhaps this is one of the reasons modern production code is so uniformly crappy?

TFF & Its 'List View' 2009-03-29
Do the research first. And never play with matches.

Re: Hacking C0d3 S1gN 2009-02-18
Rabbit hole? And where's the protection? From the forum.

Hacking C0d3 S1gN 2009-02-18
Rabbit hole? And where's the protection? From the forum.

Trojans Forever 2009-01-26
The Apple Installer.app exploit seems here to stay.

Trojans for Nothing 2009-01-24
Boy it sure is easy to screw over 20,000 stupid Maccie fanboys.

So You Wanna Be a Programmer 2009-01-19
It's easy. Just buy a few books.

The Goal of All Good Design 2009-01-12
FOSS can get really ugly. When it comes to ugly and unusable FOSS are head and shoulders above everyone. And they wonder why their platforms and applications never achieve widespread popularity?

Clipification! 2009-01-11
Clipothèque and Spotify.

Apple Year in Review 2008-12-31
From a programmer's perspective.

Simple Toolbar 2008-12-26
Looking at sample code.

#3 Killer App 2008-12-24
They continue to amaze.

NSDefensiveCoding 2008-12-16
There used to be no other way.

Windows Windows Everywhere 2008-10-23
The Moz people make a port but they don't really understand the platform.

Oh Where Oh Where Did My Disk Free Space Go 2008-10-16
Security Update 2008-007.

The Alfred E Neuman of File Managers 2008-10-06
One thing is clear.

Login Help 2008-10-02
An oldie but goodie.

NSTableView Revisited 2008-09-28
There's something really wrong with this control.

Xcode 3.1.1 2008-09-27
It swallows iTunes8 whole.

Those Shoes Are Too Big 2008-09-12
The continuing saga.

Red Pill 2008-08-09
Certain things should never be seen and certain things should never be released.

Apple's UI Hall of Shame 2008-07-08
Five choice gumdrops to start you off.

Clipothèque's 'Smart Drop' 2008-07-07
Some call it revolutionary but it's only a hack.

Read a Book, Take a Course 2008-06-25
New technologies can be tricky. Sometimes you have to take a step back and let things come to you.

Three Reasons 3/3 2008-06-16
Apple's 'Leopard' OS remains a system punters can and will adopt but Apple are not within reach of the more important professional market.

Three Reasons 2/3 2008-06-06
Apple's 'Leopard' OS remains a system punters can and will adopt but Apple are not within reach of the more important professional market.

Three Reasons 1/3 2008-06-04
Apple's 'Leopard' OS remains a system punters can and will adopt but Apple are not within reach of the more important professional market.

Clipothèque G3 2008-05-15
A few tricks.

Perfect Pixel Demo Reel Jan 2007 2008-05-11
Courtesy Jeff Han Brightcove and Clipothèque. Not just easy. Too easy.

Infinite Wisdom 2008-05-11
Or 'Clipothèque: Another 48 Hours'.

Paperback Cliché 2008-05-09
Courtesy Stylo Rouge and Clipothèque.

No Easter Bunny 2008-04-21
It seems he's been delayed.

48 Hours: The Clipothèque™ Beta 2008-04-12
There is none.

isEqualToString Doesn't Compare 2008-04-03
Not always at any rate.

The Text Encoding Quagmire 2008-03-20
Why leave it simple when you can successfully complicate it? And how complicated is it really?

NSTableView 2008-03-14
It's obsequious.

Finder Leading the Lame 2008-02-17
Leopard's attempt to increase 'user friendliness' threatens to undermine the security of the OS X file system.

??? 2008-01-29
How to migrate to a new platform.

Pizza Delivery Man 2008-01-27
Reflections on Dewar/Schonberg.

The Fourth Rule 2008-01-25
It may be mostly unwritten but it's more pervasive than the others.

Reflections on Trusting Trust 2008-01-14
From the CACM August 1984 by Ken Thompson. Courtesy the Wayback Machine.

EWD498 2008-01-11
Dijkstra quotes.

Designers Gone Wild 2007-12-12
5 + 95 > 95 + 5.

/home & /net 2007-12-11
Two new root level directories on Leopard.

Clearly Legal 2007-12-07
Putting any object on a pasteboard is fully legal. Even if it's an empty string. Now someone has to get someone else in Cupertino to understand this.

Y.G.B.K. 2007-12-05

Cocoa Bloat: How You Get Rid of It 2007-11-14
Dissecting the Trimmit script. It helps understanding what you're doing.

performFileOperation: 2007-11-06
Apple Cocoa file system APIs fail...

Deploying Frameworks 2007-10-22
If Arnold knew he'd be royally pissed.

The Story of Mel 2007-10-15
Posted by Ed Nather (<nather@astro.as.utexas.edu> / utastro!nather) to Usenet 21 May 1983.

Real Programmers Don't Use Pascal 2007-10-15
Submitted to Datamation volume 29 number 7 July 1983 by Ed Post of Tektronix Wilsonville Oregon US.

The Fatal Trap 2007-10-08
There is no escape.

Yo Yer Paths II 2007-10-06
The promised followup to the original article.

Document Specific Extended Attributes 2007-09-29
User friendlier at no cost to anyone.

Not a Good Starting Point 2007-09-29
Apple's Tiger combo boxes don't know when to butt out.

trim-app 2007-09-21
If you can't keep a tidy house hire professional cleaners.

Oh Where Oh Where Did My Resource Fork Go? 2007-09-09
Oh where can my Finder info be?

Getting Around HFS+ Private Data 2007-09-03
Passion is the enemy of precision.

GDE Screenshots 2007-09-03
The art is in the whys: the ability to read between the crumbs, not to mix metaphors.

GDE-FAQ 2007-09-02
A few words on looking for things.

cracklib-small 2007-08-24
CrackLib is an open source password checking library. All Unix systems have this library. You don't.

The Hackers Handbook — Afterword 2007-08-24
It was easy to write a nasty worm for OS X. Last of many parts.

The Hackers Handbook — Penetration 2007-08-17
It's easy to write a nasty worm for OS X. Here's how. Third of many parts.

The Hackers Handbook — Propagation 2007-08-15
It's easy to write a nasty worm for OS X. Here's how. Second of many parts.

Wash Yer Face. Book. 2007-08-12
A twenty minute scrub does wonders.

The Hackers Handbook — Foreword 2007-08-10
It's easy to write a nasty worm for OS X. Here's how. First of many parts.

Opening the iPhone 2007-08-05
NerveGas has the spirit.

Hello iPhone 2007-07-30
Put it all together, stir into a project, serve immediately. Finish off with an apple.

HFS: The Good & The Bad 2007-07-18
Is it something to keep?

Yo Yer Paths 2007-07-14
A system's gotta know its limitations.

Messaging and Middlemen 2007-07-11
Objective-C's a quantum leap - not a fetish.

iPhone Ramdisk 2007-07-10
A archeological look at a few key modules.

iPhone OS X System Architecture 2007-07-07
A first look.

Apple Mail for Leopard: Any Better? 2007-06-02
Did you do this, Arno?

OO's a Tool - Not a Fetish 2007-05-31
You use what's right in any one given situation - right for the customer that is.

Coding So You Don't Look a Tosser 2007-05-26
Programming is not a wannabe art - it's a science.

Building and Packaging OS X Applications 2007-05-26
The reason for this article should be obvious: too many OS X third party developers do an absolutely terrible job of building and packaging their software.

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