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How to migrate to a new platform.

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It is sad that programming is becoming yet another wannabe art and is rather ceasing to be an art altogether.
 - MN Karthik

When migrating to a new platform:

  1. Migrate - your puter and your brain both.
  2. Study.
  3. Study more.

Then - and only then - try writing code.

How can I retrieve the control's message?

FROM : ???
DATE : Tue Jan 29 02:58:48 2008

I'm a Windows programmer, and have been written program for Linux some times, now, I try to learn programming under Mac.

But, as you know, in Windows, there are many System-Defined custom messages, such like WM_KEYDOWN, or, WM_NOTIFY, with these I can retrieve many information or actions occurred on controls, such like the TreeView.

But in Mac, in cocoa, I can't find anything like them, I even don't know how to hook the action when user input some text into the TextBox or when user have select some node in TreeView, who can tell me, how to do this?

Thanks again.

'Thanks again'?

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