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Paperback Cliché

Courtesy Stylo Rouge and Clipothèque.

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London born Tara Blaise (Tara Egan-Langley) got her start with John Hughes, musical coordinator of Alan Parker's movie The Commitments and later manager of the Corrs. He brought her in to help with his own solo recording and had her sit down on the spot and write lyrics for a number of songs she was also to sing on. Hughes was so impressed he immediately signed Blaise to his new startup label and sent her to LA and Olle Romo.

Paperback Cliché became a huge hit in Ireland and the rest of the UK and Blaise became the most played artist in all the country.

London based Stylo Rouge is one of the world's leading marketing and production companies. They produced the QuickTime movie the following Clipothèque stills come from. It's included in the Clipothèque download.

The original clip - not the one found at YouTube but the original from Stylo Rouge - is not in the format shown below. But what's fun with Clipothèque - what makes these stills possible - is that media clips of all types can be resized dynamically - to for example in this case fit snugly on a Rixstep web page.

Not just easy. Too easy.

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