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It takes all kinds. Some aren't that great.

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I'm a technology columnist in Syracuse, New York, USA. I'd like to review your Mac file manager for my weekly column. Can we arrange this?

Technology Writer, The Post Standard Syracuse, NY USA


Of course. Anyone can write anything they want. Freedom of speech, right?

I have no idea what you mean. Can you arrange a non-expiring, non-limited review copy? I've been reviewing software for the newspaper here since 1983 - the longest stretch of newspaper reviews in the country. i can't recall getting a response like yours. Can you explain?

You asked if you could review our software. I answered that.

You didn't ask for a non-expiring non-limited review copy. You asked if you could review our software. That's what you asked. Now it seems you were 'beating around the bush'.

We don't give away free copies. You can try our Test Drive like everyone else. Or purchase. I am very sorry but that's policy I don't determine. The policy is based on getting burned too many times by 'journalists' who just want a free copy and have no intentions of ever writing anything.

I hope you have a better day tomorrow. You obviously weren't having a good one when I wrote to you.

And I hope you learn something by then.

I don't review limited software. Never have, never will. It's unfair to my readers to review something that's not the standard software they get when they buy it. It makes no difference to me whether you want to provide it. Not my loss. Yours.

We don't lose anything. We're not soliciting a review from you. We don't need one. We don't want one.

Frankly we find it rather pompous that you should think you can waltz into any company and speak like that - and as if you think you're entitled to things.

You don't have to review limited software anyway. If you like it well enough from the Test Drive, then you can *buy* it like everyone else.

You knew exactly what I meant when I wrote to you but you decided that sarcasm worked better as a reply than an honest note.

No. You were not being direct. But when your words come across direct, they don't sound so good, do they?

Again, I hope things work out better for you in the future.

If you don't mind, I'd like to quote you in my blog. It's not often that I receive such a hostile reaction from someone in your position.

Oh you're such an ass. And as long as you're on the topic, know that we shall post the entire exchange at our site.

You're despicable - and you can print that as well.

Note: Rixstep software is regularly reviewed (see below) but reviews are never solicited. Rixstep software is regularly featured in 'cover CDs' and other collections. No review was ever based on a free 'non-expiring, non-limited' copy. And there's no reason for a 'non-expiring' copy if the 'journalist' is sincere. Some 'journalists' try to elicit free copies of software without ever having an intention to review. Some of their long-winded stories about why they never get around to completing their reviews make entertaining reading.

Some software vendors (Opera being a prime example) have in the past harassed and bullied websites to not write about their products without prior approval, wherefore it's important to clarify that not all vendors condone such policy.

Good journalists write in a different language. A request for a free copy in a legitimate way from a legitimate business will explain why such a review is beneficial to the business - along with statistics about readership, demographics, and so forth. Good journalists don't behave like Fasoldt. They have no reason or desire to. Software developers take note.

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