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Xcode 4.3.3 FileMerge

See what Jim Allchin has to say.

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We've all had our opinions about some of Apple's most notorious brain-dead design decisions. But it's rare to find such confounded programming stupidity. To wit: FileMerge.

And how did this come about? Simple.

The fabulous Xcode 4.3.3 cannot find external frameworks when building for 10.7. Period. Unless they're Apple's own. And is this yet another stupid design decision or yet another stupid bug? Frankly who cares.

Compare the project files 'before' and 'after' and discover a number of fabulous things. Such as Xcode saving relative paths - such as ../../../. Right there you know they deserve an award. You move your project to another location and your frameworks can't be found.

Genius. Pure genius.

Now next step (no pun intended). Fire up trusty FileMerge and compare 'before' and 'after'. As the text lines run long, maximise the FileMerge window. This isn't shown in the graphic above - what happens is only the one side of the two pane display remains.

Again: utter genius.

So you restore the window to be able to see both panes again. And the graphic above is the result.

This deserves a writeup online. Somebody ring Jim Allchin and see if he has any advice.

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