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Re: Reggie Releases

On development of the new Tracker. From the Rixstep forum.

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OK a few caveats and heads-ups.

1. You can now remove all stamps from any sheet on any window, and any other sheets on any other windows, as well as their toolbars, will follow along.

2. The 'scans and skips' was hairy. Took nearly two weeks. SRSLY. The algorithm - wow. Combination of what's used in the Stamps code and also in Xfile, but so much more. Getting that code right was a real brain-frazzle.

3. Unspeakable confrontations with Apple's opinion of what constitutes 'good software'. Time and again we see how narrow-minded and sheltered those dweebs are. Things are great, according to them, if they work the way they want - fuck legacy, fuck everyone else.

4. This reaches new absurd heights when you see they are deprecating MACRO DEFINITIONS. Yes! Changing 'DEFAULTREPLY' to 'DEFAULTRETURN' or the equivalent. It takes one line in a header file FFS! But this all points to something pathological going on over there, some sort of 'computer political correctness'. It's bullshit.

Developer tools suffer. Gone are the days of NeXT when those brilliant dudes made things that not only worked in flexible ways, but lent a bit of understanding to how things worked. Today it's just 'do it this way, there is no alternative way, don't ask, just do it', and their people of course learn this. But you have to wonder how much they understand. Approximately zero.

Current Tracker is built on 10.13 for 10.13. It could be targeted for an earlier version, but I don't know if that helps anyone. It cannot be targeted too far back in time, for sometime in the past few years their compiler really took a nosedive. We have an article online somewhere about that.

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