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These things are cyclical. From the forum.

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Put that in Info.plist and cast your fate to the wind.

The idea is to get Darth Mode™ without linking to 10.14. But that's what the above does. Dimbulbs think they're getting only a change in colours but they're getting so much more.

Multithreading as of Mojave is ripe with dangers. For the first and only time in the history of this operating system. Will no one ask why? Will no one ask what's going on under the bonnet?

A defaults system trashed and worthless (for which we had to retool Tracker). Caches and buffers all over the place (look for 0, C, T in 'folders'). In-process notifications suddenly do not work, and inter-process notifications are even worse.

One can reasonably ask WTF they're doing. They're not shooting their own software in the foot - but everyone else's? That's what's so remarkable about Apple:

They don't give a shit.

This is actually war, for the whole thing goes further. The only reasonable way to pass information through a notification is with a so-called 'dictionary' (NSDictionary). A relic of NeXTSTEP when code was still good and brilliant.

But Apple now have their consummately ridiculous 'sandbox'. (Peek inside ~/Library/Containers to see how ridiculous this is - they call this a 'solution'? Ken, DMR, BWK and all the rest at Bell Labs - not to speak of Avie and his crew in Redwood City - would barf.)

And now the new rules say that sandboxed apps can't use dictionaries in notifications. No one knows why of course. But can they at least ask what notifications are still good for? One's reminded of the old story of Jesus cleaning out the den of thieves - draining the swamp, if you will.

Perhaps it's only California? But computer science is on its way to 'hell in a hand basket'. Pear-shaped. It can't survive like this. Mojave is a fucking mess. And Apple's systems are out of control.

Anyone trying to fix or work around Apple Code™ is confronted with an Xcode that crashes all over the place.

But Apple have money and market cap. They can hire on more useless n00bs to try to fix legacy code that suddenly breaks. Yet the Apple Train is racing down the track, no governance, no overall vision, out of control. All they have is not a collection of much-needed bug fixes (the bugs must be in the tens of millions by now) but Darth Mode™. Sooner or later the complexities of their folly will catch up to them. Good boy Tim has NFC what he's doing - he's got a framed portrait of Steve on his bedside table and thinks everything is great.

Apple crashed and burned twenty years ago. These things are cyclical.

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